1. Sister Pentiss from the Legends of Arkain

    Sister Pentiss from the Legends of Arkain

    Fan art of A somewhat undead character from the Legends of Arkain.
  2. Sellenisko

    War Project - Dwarves versus Drows - terrainer needed

    Greetings, I am in need of a terrain maker :) I am making a special map - War project, the battle between Dwarves and Drows. It should be combination of RTS and RPG - 2 opposite players will play as a race leaders and armies and other players will be playing heroes coresponding the race -...
  3. DE Army Units V0.3

    DE Army Units V0.3

    1. Builder; 2. General Unit; 3. Melee Unit; 4. Ranged Unit; 5. Special Unit; 6. Advanced Melee Unit; 7. Support Spellcaster; 8. Offense Spellcaster; 9. Siege Unit; 10. Large Land Unit; 11. Air Support Unit; 12. Air Offense Unit; 13. Ultimate Flying Unit.
  4. DE Army V0.3

    DE Army V0.3

    Agile fighters, artful spellcasters and the most baleful beasts - this is the army of the Dark Elven Kingdoms.
  5. Heinvers

    Texturing Contest #25 - Dark Elves/Drow

    Dark Elves/Drow Contestants are to create a skin representing a dark elf(drow as they are otherwise known) person/being or any construct related to it using the vanilla models or the custom ones found on the site. In order to enter the contest and be eligible to win a prize, contestants must...