destroyer form

  1. TheFireMage

    [Spell] Melee to Range and Vice Versa

    I made 2 heroes, they're the same hero but one of them is range and another is melee. When he casts an ability based on Destroyer Form, he turns into melee or range depends on his weapon type. The problem is when hero switches from one weapon type to another, he loses his mana upon casting the...
  2. Bearnado

    Hipporiders and destroyer with ai-editor

    Is there a possibility to make ais doing hipporider or destroyer with the ai-editor? Everytime i try to make such an ai they just stop and don't go on with their build order.
  3. nicolas97p

    Destroyer form payment bug

    I have an issue with a bug regarding the payment for an ability based on "Destroyer Form" (which transforms a unit at the cost of resources). The spell costs 50 gold in my map, and works just fine if you have for example 200 gold and upgrade 1-4 units. BUT; if you upgrade more units than you can...