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damage event

  1. FloristCutler49

    Damage Engine Health-Based Damage Stutter

    Hello, I'm new in using the Damage Engine. I tried making a basic attack that deals based off the Health of the target. The damage works but it stutters upon execution. Any help will be appreciated. :ogre_haosis: Sample: Events Game - DamageEvent becomes Equal to 1.00 Conditions...
  2. TheFireMage

    [Trigger] Detected but No Cast

    Hello everyone, I made a trigger that creates a unit whenever a specific tower strikes a unit, it will create 3 thunder clap in 3 random areas where the dummy will spawn, cast Channel-based thunder clap to triggers another trigger. The second trigger creates another dummy that stuns the enemy...
  3. Yui Moe


    Hello everyone, I read the 1.31 patch update log, and it said now in world editor we can detect if any unit is damaged! However, I tried quite hard and cannot find relevant available event in trigger editor. Could anyone help me with this? Thank you! :) BTW, in specific unit event, it...