custom value

  1. bruunk

    [Solved] Need help with tweaked respawn system

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with my tweaked respawn system, it needs to be specifically made to maintain what I already had implemented before recently made changes (due to adding bribe's unit indexer into the level and no longer being able to use "Set custom value [+1]"). The reason I...
  2. DoomBlade

    [Solved] Drop items if they have same custom value [Reforged]

    I have searched the forum for a good 60 minutes now. Didn't find the answers I wanted. What I want to do is drop the item if the hero is already carrying an item with same custom value. Now it always drops the item == meaning the hero can never carry an item with custom value of 1. Weapon...
  3. Yours Truly

    [Trigger] Every unit has 0 custom value?

    Hello there So I've been wondering why my triggers don't work. Then I checked my triggering units' custom value using the Display Text trigger. Surprise surprise, they all have 0 custom value. All of them. I was thinking that maybe it's because of them being pre-placed in the editor. Help would...
  4. Iqsion

    Custom Value & Point Value help

    Hello, I am new here,i just wanted to ask about a point value. I make an action ( set units custom value ). And now , is that the same thing as point value? Because i put units custom value to 2,and i create another trigger in which i put condition check units point value and that...