custom ai

  1. Blahblah_Blagar

    Using Meele AI in a campaign level?

    I've had this idea for a level in my campaign in which you would start off with a complete base and a nice set of units and would have to survive for a set amount of time, facing a few meele enemy players (thus you would have to use skirmish hit and run tactics, hero spells created with...
  2. R_Reaper

    Custom races applied for all maps (modding)

    I play with the thought to finalize the custom races which are half done by Blizzard and never implemented fully because of balance reasons, so they appear only in the campaigns/ in certain custom maps. So the goal is to implement (make playable) the following races to all maps (melee...
  3. EpicMyzik

    Create AI For Custom Hero Arena Map

    Hello guys, I am seeking some pro to do an AI system like the one in "Dota AI" for my hero arena map. I am willing to pay for a great AI system, really clever bots; buying stuff using items/skills and intelligent strategies etc. Let me know, Thanks!
  4. tytarjunior20

    Conquest Revolution

    Hey all, Today, I showcase the map I've been making and playing since I started making custom maps. This custom game mixes elements of dota & league of legends while being its own unique gaming experience. Supports: 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 1vAI Coop 2vAI 2v1 (balanced) 3v1 (balanced) 4v1 (balanced)...
  5. SgtWinter

    Custom AI - Undead doesn't send Acolytes to expansion?

    Alright, so I've been making this small li'l fun custom map where the player has to gather a certain amount of gold in a place with lots of Mines all the while the enemy Undead has to disrupt the player. Kinda similar to the Terrazine Harvesting mission in SC2 Co-op and Wings of Liberty. So I...
  6. sarumanthecursed

    Creating an Ai for a Custom race

    Hey all >:D As the title suggest I would like to know how to create a fully working custom ai for my Nerubian race (I know this endeavor would be done over night), However I have absolutely no idea on where to start I've checked out the Ai editor but my race's training system is unique so i'm...
  7. Nowow

    Creating AI workflow

    Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Read AI This tutorial serves one primary purpose: teaching you how to learn ai by yourself. In order to achieve that we'll go through two steps: First, we'll read through an ai script from one of blizzard's campaign maps and use it to understand how ai...