1. Luashine

    Resources have a different CSS style, breaking WYSIWYG editor

    I expected the Resource page to look exactly like in the editor, but it looks awful instead because the headings are not as bold as they should be, deviating from the editor preview.
  2. Luashine

    Incorrect line break mode for Resources tags

    "Open Source should be either split upon the space character" or with a dash or not at all (personal preference). EDIT: Fixed in 🛠 Ralle's Development Updates 🛠
  3. xXMephistoXx

    Vimium-links overlapping

    A minor issue, as I assume not very many people use Vimium (https://vimium.github.io/). Expected behaviour: Using Vimium "F"-shortcut should clearly show shortcuts for each link on the page. Current behaviour: The site has links so closely nested that Vimium's shortcuts overlap eachother...