creep spawner

  1. Basti

    [Trigger] Creep Spawn System. Problem: Units fleeing from the Lane

    Hey everybody, I had some time to experiment with lanes etc and I used the tutorial of DoOs_101 and played around with it a bit. here is the Link: Multiple Creep Spawn System I only did the code for one lane to test it and will do the others afterwards. Basically it should become a castle...
  2. Meeris

    [Trigger] Revolving Unit Spawner is leaking

    Hey, I started to poke around with Worldedit few weeks ago and wanted to create "revolving" creep spawns. I can't come up with any better name for it. So I created 6 regions where creeps spawn in next region after I kill them with condition that creeps in next spawn are dead. All good. Problem...