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  1. Peach Schnapps

    Freeze / Shatter, Combo Abilities, Stat Checks

    Hellllllo again. I'm trying to figure out a way to implement "stat checks", and "spell combos", to start I figure I want to take the standard Warcraft 3 spell Breath of Frost and make it "check" the unit it is damaging stats (by stats I mean Hero Attributes), to see if they pass a "stat check"...
  2. Madison

    If you could only choose one class per race and faction as representant

    Hello. I'm kind of investigating a bit and would like to know what would be the representant in each race/class combo, if applicable. This is not about class efficiency (i.e. which tank is better or so), it's merely for lore purposes. The rule is simple: only one race per class; two counting...
  3. blancostarz

    [vJASS] Combo system level based. Need help with efficiency

    Hi guys, I'm messing around with a combo system to learn JASS. Yeah, I know, I'm late to the party haha. So, I currently have a script that makes a combo with Q and W skills. More skills will be added as finishers and things like that but basically when you use Q or W, you get the next skills in...
  4. Darfi

    [Solved] Creating a spell

    Hi! I'm new on this forum but i'm modding in warcraft editor since few years. Now to point: I want to create some spells forcing unit to do something: jump to a place, deal combo damage to a unit etc. But I have to know how to make player lose control on hero during time of this spell. I saw it...