1. Cushq

    Cant open any maps

    I've been designing an Arena map on and off for over a year now but all of a sudden I am unable to open any maps on my world edit including mine or just a simple base warcraft 3 map. it just started after i closed out world edit and re-opened it and when I went to load my map I't would get to...
  2. Daniel Cuomo

    [Trigger] Open/Close Gate Bug

    Hi Everyone, I just got back into Warcraft 3 after like 8 years. I've been playing around with the editor making my own maps and such. I have this issue where once a unit triggers the gate to open it wont close. I have it set so that once the gate is destroyed the open and close triggers no...
  3. UmbraUnda

    [Solved] Open/Close Gate Ability + Trigger

    I'm having trouble getting this gate to open + close via abilities and triggers. The abilities don't work as intended in that they don't play animations from Art - Animation Names. I'm using a copied trimmed down 'war stomp' with morph and morph alternate tags to open and close the gate...