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  1. Cheshire

    [General] make neutral unit attack without stopping

    hey all, need help with a trigger I'm trying to build - if any hero picks up item X make unit Y chase and attack him. i succeeded in making a basic trigger for this, but the unit stops attacking soon after, and if the hero is far enough - will just turn around before getting there. how can I...
  2. Peach Schnapps

    Desperately need help incorporating an item/carry weight system into Witcher's Multiboard MUI Inv.

    My original thread - Add item/carry weight restriction to The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0? The system I'd like to build off of - The_Witcher's MUI Multiboard Inventory/Equipment System v.6.0 The information and steps to complete the system given to me by Dr Super...