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carrion beetle

  1. J2Krauser

    [Solved] Ordering a computer controlled unit to use custom Carrion Beetles

    Hi. Basically title. I know it doesn't work, the computer unit will refuse to use the ability. I also saw this exact bug referenced in a thread from 2009, so I guess it survived all the way till 2020. I tried standard GUI, also IssueImmediateOrder(unit, "carrionscarabsinstant") which is the...
  2. RayzerCalitri

    [Spell] Carrion Beetle ability using a unit with Reincarnation as the summon

    Hello HIVE folks, I'm working on a custom ability for a Necromancer unit (not Hero ability even tho it's based on one) which creates a single permanent undead unit until slain, the thing is it has a Reincarnation ability, and with it, I can create an unlimited amount of these Undead units from...