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capture the flag

  1. nightmarebg12

    i need help with Capture the flag map

    so i made items which are the flags but i don't know how to make winning condition "Specific unit owns specific item = win" or "spesific player owns specific item = win" if you can please tell me how to do at least one of these or some alternetive ideas
  2. aSpaghettiMan

    [Capture the Flag] CTF/KOTH/Mod melee - Project has no name yet

    This post has been edited multiple times. Hello, and thank you for your interest in this post. TYPE OF MAP: CTF/KOTH/modified melee 4v4 NAME: TBD (don't let the lack of a name fool you) (currently called "banana bread" for no particular reason) Preface: This is an incomplete map with bugs...
  3. DestinNotDustin

    [Trigger] Capture the Flag - Making the flag a unit that can be placed in Heroe's inventory

    There are two teams with three players on each, six players total. The players on each team control a single Hero. I've set up a Trigger called 'Red Team steals Blue Flag' where the Red Team picks up the Blue Team's flag and places it in their inventory. I've read on other topics that making...