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  1. Fel Orc Camp at the top

    Fel Orc Camp at the top

  2. Orc Camp.png

    Orc Camp.png

    Orc Camp
  3. New Camp Units Preview

    New Camp Units Preview

    Gothic 1 RTS mod (SC: BW). The appearance of the heavy mercenary will probablly change, as he has a less representative, less common facial variant here. He will probablly become and upgrade of the medium mercenary, with the same face, as medium/heavy mercenaries are very similar in Gothic 1.
  4. Old Camp Units Preview

    Old Camp Units Preview

    Gothic 1 RTS mod (SC: BW). Ore Barons will be a 'regular' unit of the Old Camp faction (based on Arto's appearence, as he is the most generic of the Ore Barons). Of course, Gomez will be a seperate hero unit.
  5. Nameless Hero (Chapter 4)

    Nameless Hero (Chapter 4)

    The Nameless Hero from Gothic 1 is available as a hero unit in my Gothic 1 RTS project (SC1 Broodwar Mod). He will be available in different stages. In this screenshot, it's the hero from chapter 4. I figured it's most likely he's a heavy mercenary in chapter 4, as choosing Old Camp leads there too.
  6. hugonh

    [Variety] Map

    I would like to know if its possible and suggest to add some neutral units, like a camp with some hero lvl 15 with massive heigh. Its boring always same units in neutrals, maybe randomize camps! Thanks!
  7. deepstrasz

    Making Neutral Melee Assets Viable for Ladder+Others

    There are many tutorials and guides on how to make a proper melee map. Not many emphasize the importance of neutral buildings and units regarding melee gameplay balance. However, we've seen in many ladder maps that many of the game's neutral features are either rarely used or not at all. I...
  8. One of Gordork's sons' camps.

    One of Gordork's sons' camps.

    A camp you can enter if you ally yourself with it by completing a given task. It offers items and alternative utilities to extract gold and lumber. A screenshot of the map Divided Lands.