1. Cheezeman

    C++ library for converting w3x files to structs

    Hi people, I started working on w3x_t this autumn. It's meant to be a C++ library for converting W3X files into easily navigable data structs, and vice versa, very much like how WC3MapTranslator converts W3X files to JSON. I wanted it to be easy to integrate with StormLib so everyone could use...
  2. CampScouter

    [C++, C and Java] Need some tutorials and help

    I need some tutorials and help from these 3 programming languages but I wanna learn C++ first because I need it for my future. xD Robotics needs this language specially ARDUINO. Please help me dudes :)
  3. S

    Need C++ knowledge

    If this is the wrong forum to post this then put it somewhere else. I want to make a game (Even went so far to want to make my own console) and need some C++ learning. I will start from scratch and need some assistance to build the game up to retail. (Or at-least beta) Please tell me where to...