1. Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Brewmaster skin for Dota map

    Based on Black_stan's Pandaren skin: I do not have permission to share this skin, sorry... But you can find icon for it here:
  2. Kemayo

    Storm, Earth and Fire units

    Hi there! I would need someone to make unit models of the Storm, Earth and Fire Reforged models, both the lvl6 and lvl8 ones. Meaning to remove their hero glow and add death animations. Many thanks in advance!
  3. Kakorin(KvS)

    Simple Request - Earth Panda Hat

    Hi :), i was playing warcraft iii, and i looked into the earth panda ( brewmaster ultimate ) icon, this panda has a hat!. please a hat for this panda :(. I don't think somebody can help me in this, but thanks for reading this. :)