battle arena

  1. DestinNotDustin

    [Trigger] Capture the Flag - Making the flag a unit that can be placed in Heroe's inventory

    There are two teams with three players on each, six players total. The players on each team control a single Hero. I've set up a Trigger called 'Red Team steals Blue Flag' where the Red Team picks up the Blue Team's flag and places it in their inventory. I've read on other topics that making...
  2. Gabriel Velazquez

    Battle Tanks Online

    I'm looking to play battle tanks online with people. Where can I go to find online players to play with?
  3. DwarfBoy

    [Hero Arena] Custom Hero Battle Arena!

    Welcome heroes of various backgrounds to the Custom Hero Battle Arena! Get through the waves and earn fame and fortune! Pick your hero and their ability and try to survive through the waves of monsters! --How Waves Work-- Each wave is divided into 5 rounds. Each round has you battle a certain...