azeroth wars

  1. W

    Some fancy crazy yet do-able tbh maps discussion let'ssss go! Rock n' roll! Rolling! Rolling!

    Are there Aiur Wars, StarCraft Legacies, Diablo Legacies, Overwatch Legacies, 100 players Azeroth Battles (as if Blizzard makes changes again, change the name since Azeroth Wars is Lordsebas's) aside from WarCraft Legacies, the Azeroth Wars - Legacy Reborn's then-sequel compared to the Azeroth...
  2. Hellborne

    [Strategy / Risk] Battle for Azeroth (WIP)

    Introducing Battle for Azeroth (WIP): A strategy map inspired by Azeroth Wars / Warcraft Legacies, Lordaeron the Foremath & Aftermath and other strategy maps. Introduction: The map is set during the fourth war between the Horde and Alliance. Geographically the map covers most of Azeroth...
  3. DeathKing24712

    Looking for lost Amazing Map

    It had the entirety of Azeroth actually, (or just northrend, lordaeron, I don't remember clearly..) And basically it had Arthas as the Lich King (Custom Model) Naxxramas the floating Citadel, then the Scarlet crusade was also present with the Ashbringer, Alexander Morgraine, and some other...
  4. The World Of Azeroth Reb...Resurrection

    The World Of Azeroth Reb...Resurrection

    The return of the great map.
  5. Woodenplank

    Optimizing Performance and Reducing Game Lag

    Hello Hive This is going to be rather an extensive thread, because I need lots of help with lots of things. Any and all advice would be hugely appreciated - if you're looking for +rep, I guess this is the thread ;) I'm working on a map. A really big map. A huge map for 10 players (hard to get...