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auto cast

  1. ravellani

    [Solved] Mass repair

    I would like to modify the human repair ability to heal all structures of a type that are next to each other. How do I trigger this? I also want it to auto-cast like the repair ability, so no spam clicking if possible. I thought of selecting all units of the repaired type and increase health...
  2. Tukkel

    [Trigger] Unable to turn off auto-cast for custom auto-cast spell

    The script language is in Lua so it may look a bit different from what you are used to. This trigger is able to turn off auto-cast for a normal auto-cast spell like heal, but I can't get it to turn off my custom faeriefire. It detects the custom auto-cast ability being turned on fine. Toggle...
  3. Niels

    Make spell auto cast

    Hello hive in this topic i need help you to make spell autocast. The name of spell is feedback and i want can you make this spell like searing arrow or cold arrow or make spell active and deactive ? Please :(
  4. Emin

    How to trigger a unit that's yet on the map?

    Unit takes a damage, then it is ordered to cast polymorph to the source of the damage. No problem there it works just fine. But, only one unit does that and that unit is on the map. What about units that are yet to be produced? I can't work it around. Anyone help me?
  5. Tutko

    Auto-cast Cleave ability

    Hi, I'm trying to make auto-castable "cleave" ability that costs 5 mana. I've tried many solutions but none of them work 100%. Closest I've come to achieving it is using flaming arrows as dummy ability and then when it's autocast is turned on I add cleave to hero. Here's trigger for it...
  6. Doctor Hobo

    Auto Cast Help

    I am trying to make a orc raider auto cast ensnare when NEAR any enemy flying unit. I was following this tutorial... Making any Spell Autocasting ,but i am still unable to make my orc raider auto cast. Any ideas you guys come up with do not have to follow the tutorial i linked. anything will...
  7. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Autocast ability attachment

    Hi Can I create an attachment on a unit´s right hand when autocast for a spell (like frost arrows) is on? Also removing it when the autocast is off :p