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  1. Assassin - Garona (Testing) Female Orc

    Assassin - Garona (Testing) Female Orc

    In reality this model would become a semi orc - garona (assassin)
  2. Garona Reforged SevLlanto

    Garona Reforged SevLlanto

  3. Female Orc Assassin Reforged

    Female Orc Assassin Reforged

  4. Female Orc Reforged "Assassin" Sevllanto 005

    Female Orc Reforged "Assassin" Sevllanto 005

  5. BrothForMyPeople

    Adding one model's head to another model's body

    Hi there I'm totally newbie in model editing. I love Blizzard's Assassin Model, looks so gothic, but I always hated that cloak, those shoulder-wings(?), and bugged head, so I cut them all off (see attached file). My question is how to add a head to this model, a head of, for example, night elf...
  6. Genn, The King Of Darkfor

    Genn, The King Of Darkfor

    Filename: Genn.mdx Filesize: 118.5 kb Included Textures: 0 In-Game Textures: 8 Animations: 11 Polygons: 592 Particle Emitters: 1 Filename: Genn_Portrait.mdx Filesize: 28.5 kb Included Textures: 0 In-Game Textures: 4 Animations: 4 Polygons: 276 Particle Emitters: 0