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  1. Serenity1.JPG


    First Layer of the Map, It has Neutral shops and camps ready, next is setting the pathing and how the map is going to be played
  2. Dark Elf Camp

    Dark Elf Camp

  3. hakonwarcraft

    Seed and Ash

  4. trebla ratilla

    Fix this model

    why this model were crush when use it as destructible? :goblin_cry: please someone gonna help me :goblin_boom::goblin_boom:
  5. RobertMKD

    'Ashenvale Rain' is not visible when particles are set to Low

    One of my custom spells causes a rain, so I use the Weather Effect 'Ashenvale Rain', but it is not visible for the players which particles are set to Low, so they can't see whether the spell is cast.. How do I make every player see the rain?