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  1. ravellani

    Looking for an Item modeler

    I am creating a zombie survival arcade game, and I would like to replace all the chest item pick ups with models of the item icon. After scouring the model section of this forum, I still need models. I plan to add more models in the future so I am looking for a modeler that would take my...
  2. Glorn2

    The Cave - RPG

    The Cave - RPG By Glorn TL;DR: A MASSIVE classic WC3 style, progression based RPG where heroes evolve as they level, loot is randomly generated, there are plenty of quests, lots of content, and dungeon mechanics; all while your kingdom is under siege, and you are on a quest to figure out why...
  3. CrazyDwarfRace v1.30

    CrazyDwarfRace v1.30

    song - Ethan Meixsell (Battleground, Angel of Mercy.)
  4. deepstrasz

    StarCraft II maps you like list(s)

    So, these are maps I've played and liked, mostly in play order. There are some I've played way back but do not remember their names. I will update the post as I remember and/or play more. Any map I post gameplay videos to can be found in the StarCraft II's Custom Games/Arcade menu. Note that...
  5. deepstrasz

    WcIII Hiveworkshop maps you like list(s)

    Here are some maps from the Hiveworkshop community that I've enjoyed the most. In no particular but mostly recently played order (incomplete material not included): https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/curse-of-the-blood-elves-revamp.341003/...
  6. Coyc

    Banshee Strike

    This map is remake of first level of Urban Strike game on Sega Mega Drive 16 bit console. You manage a tactical hovercraft Banshee, with an opportunity to get into Medivac. In game you have to settle couple of tasks, such are: destroy object, kill unit, save hostage, cargo shipping, evacuation...