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aoe spell

  1. TehSDragon

    Tried to make a triggered AoE slow but it's not working - what am I doing wrong/why is it not working properly

    So I made a spell based on Fan of Knives (I like the animation) and added a trigger (see below) 'cuz I wanted to throw an AoE slow on top of it. Problem is, the slow seems to only activate on one enemy each time I cast the ability instead of all nearby enemies, and I'm not sure where the issue...
  2. Kadel

    [Solved] Making HolyBolt AoE

    I am working with ObjectEditor and just want to make standard HolyBolt of Paladin AoE. I created a custom ability based on HolyBolt. What field should I modify to make Holybolt AoE with choosing an area like in Flamestrike? Or is it only possible with triggers?
  3. u wot m8_

    [Spell] Dummy Bash ability not working

    So i've been trying to make an AoE version of Storm Bolt for a hero unit, and used a dummy from another map of mine. I gave the dummy a bash ability with 100% chance to stun enemy units. The dummy is based on a demolisher and it's attack does AoE damage. I am guessing that bash doesn't apply to...
  4. Ras

    Destroy doodads/destructibles in area

    I wanted to make a spell to remove all doodads and destructibles from a area (like blizzard, but without effect and nothing, only destroys trees), i saw a lot of "only tree" but i don't need that. I want to destroy both, destructibles and doodads...
  5. Cheshire

    [Solved] AOE exp gain spell/GUI/MUI/updating WE

    MoR Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Monologue of Righteousness Actions Set caster = (Casting unit) Set AoeTargets = (Units within 500.00 of (Position of caster) matching ((Owner of...