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ai player

  1. Nevanii

    [General] AI not gathering gold and can't build on blight

    So I've encountered two weird problems. I don't know when it happened cuz I wasn't checking it regularly. So the first issue is that AI won't enter a mine to gather gold for some reason. No matter how far or close I'll place it to the town hall or if I change the race - it won't work, they will...
  2. fllwr9141

    [Solved] How to disable auto-cast for AI dummy unit?

    How to disable auto-cast for AI dummy unit? I tried the following and fails: (tested with Player=Neutral Hostile, skill=Bloodlust or InnerFire, both with Locust and without Locust) 1. Put the skill in unit skills, but not in default active skills. However, AI auto casts the skill. 2. Add skill...
  3. Lordliw

    Need help with JASS AI - Workers not harvesting lumber

    Hello, I am basically new to JASS scripting. I have recently made a very standard AI, and everything seems to be going great so far! But the problem with my AI is that when the workers are trained they harvest gold, not lumber as I want them to (not the starting workers, the newly trained ones)...
  4. master Gul'dan

    [Script] AI

    Hi friends Please make an ai for this map March of the Scourge, for player 2 human. thanks.
  5. InsaneMonster

    Custom AI Script (JASS) Share

    Hi all fellow coders! I want to share an AI script (JASS) which I made for my current project, which you can find on my signature. The script is used on the second map for the Alliance Naval Base forces. Why could it be interesting? I add a behaviour to command the AI to stop producing a...
  6. antontama

    [Altered Melee] Warcraft II: Reforged - 2v2v2v2 FFA with A.I. Allies

    Brings you back to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, even if you don't have friends. Demo: youtube.com/watch?v=u4j7IQyamXs Core features: Full-fledged gaming experience of Warcraft II lan battles. Unmodefied Blizzard sound and video assets of Warcraft III: Reforged A.I. allies providing basic...
  7. The3X

    Warcraft 3 AI cannot learn Hero spells (fix!)

    Hey all. Since one of the latest patches, the AI in Warcraft 3 cannot choose Hero spells for their heroes. In any melee or custom map, it fails the standard AI script and somehow they don't know how to learn a hero spell. However, if the spell is learnt, they can use it like in the old days...