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4 player

  1. deflinok2

    [Strategy / Risk] DreadLord's Fall 2v2P(WIP)

    2vs2 player Undead Campaign : Dreadlord's Fall At that same moment, back in the Plaguelands, Sylvanas and her loyal minions plan their next surgical strike against the dreadlords' power. Version: 0.1a Map Info Did you want when the thread during the campaign to take the place of your enemy...
  2. psychodablo

    [Altered Melee] Human Conflict (4 Player MP)

    Human Conflict 4 Player Multiplayer map HC - River Divided Concept Human Conflict is an idea I had for a long time where 3 empires are at war in a different universe. The concept revolves around each having their own way of living, economy, military, way of thinking. They all believe their own...