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2 player campaign

  1. Dreacon

    2P Campaign for Warcraft III: Reforged!

    Hi TheSpoon, McQvaBlood, Gismo359 and Turnro, Really love your work. I was curious to as what are your thoughts regarding Warcraft III: Reforged? Blizzard has promised that old custom maps will work with remastered version of the game too. So, in principle, it should be possible to play your...
  2. Cuby

    Anyone want to play 2p campaigns with me ? :')

    Hello, i'd like to play 2p campaign maybe we can schedule a game My discord is: Cuby#0462 My Steam is: Steam Community :: Cubyz Feel free to add me boïs
  3. Zerstörer

    2 player campaign connection problem

    A friend and I wanted to play the 2 player campaign so we both downloaded the newest version of Frozen Throne. We tried to connect over LAN and WIFI but it only works for about a minute and then on of us gets kicked out of the map0. The thing is that the connection works absolutely fine for...