1. AtivEnergy

    [General] How to Convert 1.33 to 1.26?

    Is there a Simple way to Convert a open map from 1.33 to 1.26? I want to try the map on gameranger with a friend in order to make him to buy reforged. The last version of the map on 1.26 is too old. is not up to date. That's why i want to convert the map, to have all patches.
  2. PiesOfNorth

    Best way to modify .SLK files in .MPQ files (pre-1.29)

    I remember on 1.31 you could use Local Files to modify the game without changing the CASC files themselves, so I thought I'd try getting similar things working on 1.26 and 1.28.5. I tried changing some numbers in UnitBalance.slk (using LibreOffice Calc, choosing "keep existing format" when it...
  3. HerlySQR

    [Crash] My map has bugs

    I made a map in the 1.26, but I played it in a 1.27 server and has bugs and the disconects, I don't know if its for desyncs or is for the version, because I also tested it in the 1.26 and the game just crashes and they happen randomly and not in a moment that I know I used "GetLocalPlayer", what...
  4. Ev3nt

    Warcraft III - MultiRace Template

    Warcraft 3 will die sooner or later, so I decided to publish the sources of my code that can add new races. I pulled this code from my other project and optimized it. Replays and multiplayer work. Anyone have an idea how to add a scroll to the race selection menu? GitHub

    Potential fix for playing on the free WC3 version with GameRanger

    Hi ! I started playing the map with a couple of friends. Firstly, I have to say: very impressive work, absolutely amazing ! I've just been playing with Dalaran, Forsaken and Nightborne so far. Nightborne lacks an OP unit but then again, I've just played with it like twice or thrice so maybe I...
  6. Marcraft22

    Warcraft 3 Legacy Installer (1.21b - 1.27a)

    Hi people, This year is being a very special one since Blizzard has shown renewed interest for the Warcraft 3 community, making up new game updates as well as giving continuous support for both the core game and the editor. Unfortunately, Blizzard does no longer distribute old versions of the...
  7. Veus

    Founders of the north - newly created group.

    Hello there! Ever wanted to play Northrend Bound v1.68 with your friends and more people? (FOTN updated) Ever wanted to constantly socialize with those people and not wait two hours for 4-5 people? You're welcomed to our newly created discord group! We play FotN , Northrend bound , and also many...