How to import Valiant Charge Holy


This is an automatically generated tutorial. It will guide you through the process of importing the model Valiant Charge Holy of the bundle Valiant Charge Holy. Please note that all the screenshots in this tutorial were made using a Mac, however it should be no problem to interpret what is equivalent on a Windows or Linux machine.

Extract and Access

I am assuming that you have already downloaded the file Valiant and know where it is located on your hard drive. The file is compressed as a zip archive. Most modern operating systems allow you to unzip the archive by double clicking it and dragging the contents out to the desktop (or any other place).

When you have extracted the archive, it should look like this:

Valiant Charge Holy
Valiant Charge Holy.mdx

Open World Editor and click Module -> Import Manager:

This is the Import Manager. From here you can add and remove custom files from your map file:

Importing Valiant Charge Holy.mdx

Now Click the "Import File" Button:

Next select 'Valiant Charge Holy.mdx' in the folder which you extracted from the zip archive:

Valiant Charge Holy
Valiant Charge Holy.mdx

The file has been properly added to the map archive:

Valiant Charge Holy.mdx
war3mapimported/Valiant Charge Holy.mdx

Done, you have imported the file Valiant Charge Holy.mdx.

You're done

You have now imported your model. Don't be afraid when you place the object and it appears to be a purple cube. Just close the map, re-open it and it will look fine in the World Editor.

If you did exactly as this guide told you and it did not work properly. Please make a thread in the Modeling & Animation Forum containing the following:

  • Link to the model and the tutorial
  • Precise description of what does not work
  • The map you tried to import it to (with the model imported)
And we will do what we can to help you.