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Kartenspezifischen eigenen Skript-Code unten eingeben. Dieser Text wird in das Karten-Skript nach der Deklaration der Variablen und vor jeglichem Auslöser-Code eingefügt.

Name Type Is Array Initial Value
i integer Yes
Integer integer Yes
To make this spell work properly, export:
*This category (Tentacle.Attack.v1.0-S) including all triggers
*The buff 'rape'
*The ability 'Tentacle Attack
*Both dummy units 'TC_dummy' and 'TC_dummy2'

The comments behind the script walk you thtough the different parts of the spell - therefore I only added a short description in the spelltrigger.
If you have a creep respawn system, remember to exclude the two dummies from being resurrected

Have fun,
So.. here's a short summary on how the spell works:
Using a change of the flyheight, I create a tentacle under the target to make it look like it's impaled.
After, lvl*3 tentacles are spawned around the target which are ordered to attack the target for 7 seconds - after, they're killed and the target brought back to the ground.

Note: This spell uses a custom value which is applied to ONE unit - the target.
//==Tentacle Attack==
//2oo9 by Squiggy
//Spell needs jngp and TimerUtils
//Credits go to HINDYhat for teaching me jass
//The next spell will include methods, yes yes D:

scope TentacleAttack initializer Init

        private constant integer SPELLID = 'A000'        //This is the spell's id
        private constant string EFFPATH = "Objects\\Spawnmodels\\Human\\HumanBlood\\BloodElfSpellThiefBlood.mdl"
        private constant string EFFPATH2 = "Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\Doom\\DoomDeath.mdl"
        private constant integer DUMMYID = 'n000'        //Here, we aet the dummy WITHOUT the attack which impales the enemy
        private constant integer DUMMYID2 = 'n001'       //Now we set the dummy WITH attack which rapes the target
        private constant real DURATION = 7               //Here goes the duration of the spell
        private constant real FLYHEIGHT = 350            //Flying height to which the target is changed
        private constant real RANDOM_MIN_X = 0           //Those are the random values for the tentacles' placement
        private constant real RANDOM_MAX_X = 400
        private constant real RANDOM_MIN_Y = 0
        private constant real RANDOM_MAX_Y = 400
        private constant real RANDOM_MIN_ANG = 0
        private constant real RANDOM_MAX_ANG = 360
        private constant real FALLRATE = 4000            //And here's the speed at which the target falls down

    private struct tentacle //We define all values which we need for the second part of the spell
        unit caster
        unit target
        integer i
        real tx
        real ty
        integer index
        player p
    private function Conditions takes nothing returns boolean   //First, we check which ability is being cast
        return GetSpellAbilityId() == SPELLID

    private function Conditions2 takes nothing returns boolean
        return GetUnitTypeId(GetTriggerUnit()) == DUMMYID       //This is the condition for the second trigger - it checks the type of the dying unit

    private function grpenu takes nothing returns boolean       //Group filter to your left checking for the buff 'rape'
        return GetUnitAbilityLevel(GetFilterUnit(), 'B000')>0
    private function Tentacles takes nothing returns nothing    //Here we deal with everything aftert the first tentacle is created
        local real rndx
        local real rndy
        local real rnda
        local unit u2
        local tentacle tc = tentacle(GetTimerData(GetExpiredTimer()))   //we get the data
        set rndx = GetRandomReal(RANDOM_MIN_X, RANDOM_MAX_X)            //Now we create the dummy
        set rndy = GetRandomReal(RANDOM_MIN_Y, RANDOM_MAX_Y)
        set rnda = GetRandomReal(RANDOM_MIN_ANG, RANDOM_MAX_ANG)
        set u2 = CreateUnit(tc.p, DUMMYID2, (tc.tx + rndx*Cos((rnda)*bj_DEGTORAD)), tc.ty + rndy*Sin((rnda)*bj_DEGTORAD), rnda)
        call IssueTargetOrder(u2, "attack", tc.target)                  //We order it to attack the target
        call UnitApplyTimedLife(u2, 'BTLF', DURATION)
        call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect(EFFPATH2, GetUnitX(u2), GetUnitY(u2)))            //And add an effect
        set tc.index = tc.index+1                                       //To limit the number of dummies, we set the maximum to lvl*3
        if tc.i == tc.index then
            call ReleaseTimer(GetExpiredTimer())
            set u2 = null
            call tc.destroy()
    private function Actions takes nothing returns nothing               //Here's the first part which creates the impaling tentacle
        local unit caster = GetTriggerUnit()
        local unit u
        local real x = GetUnitX(caster)
        local real y = GetUnitY(caster)
        local timer t = NewTimer()
        local timer t2 = NewTimer()
        local tentacle tc = tentacle.create()
        call SetTimerData(t, integer(tc))
        set tc.target = GetSpellTargetUnit()
        set tc.tx = GetUnitX(tc.target)
        set tc.ty = GetUnitY(tc.target)
        set tc.i = GetUnitAbilityLevel(caster, SPELLID)*3
        set tc.index = 0
        set tc.p = GetOwningPlayer(caster)
        set u = CreateUnit(tc.p, DUMMYID, tc.tx, tc.ty, 90)
        call UnitApplyTimedLife(u, 'BTLF', DURATION+1.2)
        call UnitAddAbility(tc.target, 'Amrf')                           //We add and remove 'crow form' to the target
        call UnitRemoveAbility(tc.target, 'Amrf')
        call SetUnitFlyHeight(tc.target, FLYHEIGHT, FLYHEIGHT*3)                 //And make it raise
        call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(EFFPATH, tc.target, "origin"))
        call TimerStart(t, 0.2, true, function Tentacles)
        call SetUnitAnimation(u, "birth")                                //Now we make the tentacle appear out of the ground and set it's animation speed to 0
        call SetUnitFlyHeight(u, 0, FLYHEIGHT*3)
        call SetUnitTimeScale(u, 0)
        call SetUnitUserData(tc.target, GetUnitUserData(tc.target)+1)    //Adding a custom value will prevent the target from falling dow too soon
        set caster = null
        set u = null
    private function Death takes nothing returns nothing                 //The third and last part is to bring the target back to the ground when the first tentacle dies
        local unit u = GetTriggerUnit()
        local unit gru
        local real x = GetUnitX(u)
        local real y = GetUnitY(u)
        local group g = CreateGroup()
        call SetUnitTimeScale(u, 1)
        call GroupEnumUnitsInRange(g, x, y, 100, Filter(function grpenu))   //We pick the nearby target which still has the buff 'rape'
            set gru = FirstOfGroup(g)
            exitwhen gru == null
            call SetUnitUserData(gru, GetUnitUserData(gru)-1)               //Now as the instance is over, we substract 1 of the custom value
            if GetUnitUserData(gru) == 0 then                               //And if there are no instances running (cv == 0),
                call SetUnitFlyHeight(gru, 0, FALLRATE)                     //we bring it down
            call GroupRemoveUnit(g, gru)
        call DestroyGroup(g)
        set u = null
    private function Init takes nothing returns nothing
        local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
        local trigger t2 = CreateTrigger()
        call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ(t, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT)
        call TriggerRegisterAnyUnitEventBJ(t2, EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_DEATH)
        call TriggerAddCondition(t, Condition(function Conditions))
        call TriggerAddCondition(t2, Condition(function Conditions2))
        call TriggerAddAction(t, function Actions)
        call TriggerAddAction(t2, function Death)
library_once TimerUtils
//* TimerUtils (Blue flavor)
//* ----------
//*  To implement it , create a custom text trigger called TimerUtils
//* and paste the contents of this script there.
//*  To copy from a map to another, copy the trigger holding this
//* library to your map.
//* (requires vJass)   More scripts: htt://www.wc3campaigns.net
//* For your timer needs:
//*  * Attaching
//*  * Recycling (with double-free protection)
//* set t=NewTimer()      : Get a timer (alternative to CreateTimer)
//* ReleaseTimer(t)       : Relese a timer (alt to DestroyTimer)
//* SetTimerData(t,2)     : Attach value 2 to timer
//* GetTimerData(t)       : Get the timer's value.
//*                         You can assume a timer's value is 0
//*                         after NewTimer.
//* Blue Flavor: Slower than the red flavor, it got a 408000 handle id
//*             limit, which means that if more than 408000 handle ids
//*             are used in your map, TimerUtils might fail, this
//*             value is quite big and it is much bigger than the
//*             timer limit in Red flavor.

        private constant integer MAX_HANDLE_ID_COUNT = 40800
        // values lower than 8191: very fast, but very unsafe.
        // values bigger than 8191: not that fast, the bigger the number is the slower the function gets
        // Most maps don't really need a value bigger than 50000 here, but if you are unsure, leave it
        // as the rather inflated value of 408000

    private function H2I takes handle h returns integer
        return h
        return 0

        private integer array data[MAX_HANDLE_ID_COUNT]
        private constant integer MIN_HANDLE_ID=0x100000

    //It is dependent on jasshelper's recent inlining optimization in order to perform correctly.
    function SetTimerData takes timer t, integer value returns nothing
        debug if(H2I(t)-MIN_HANDLE_ID>=MAX_HANDLE_ID_COUNT) then
        debug     call BJDebugMsg("SetTimerData: Handle id too big, increase the max handle id count or use gamecache instead")
        debug endif
        set data[H2I(t)-MIN_HANDLE_ID]=value

    function GetTimerData takes timer t returns integer
        debug if(H2I(t)-MIN_HANDLE_ID>=MAX_HANDLE_ID_COUNT) then
        debug     call BJDebugMsg("GetTimerData: Handle id too big, increase the max handle id count or use gamecache instead")
        debug endif
        return data[H2I(t)-MIN_HANDLE_ID]

        private timer array tT
        private integer tN = 0
        private constant integer HELD=0x4326789432
        //use a totally random number here, the more improbable someone uses it, the better.

    function NewTimer takes nothing returns timer
        if (tN==0) then
            set tT[0]=CreateTimer()
            set tN=tN-1
        call SetTimerData(tT[tN],0)
     return tT[tN]

    function ReleaseTimer takes timer t returns nothing
        if(t==null) then
            debug call BJDebugMsg("Warning: attempt to release a null timer")
        if (tN==8191) then
            debug call BJDebugMsg("Warning: Timer stack is full, destroying timer!!")

            //stack is full, the map already has much more troubles than the chance of bug
            call DestroyTimer(t)
            call PauseTimer(t)
            if(GetTimerData(t)==HELD) then
                debug call BJDebugMsg("Warning: ReleaseTimer: Double free!")
            call SetTimerData(t,HELD)
            set tT[tN]=t
            set tN=tN+1


    Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing -lvlmax (stringnoformat) as An exact match
    Hero - Set Mutation 0000 <gen> Hero-level to 10, Show level-up graphics