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Trigger Viewer

Simple Temporary Ability System v0.0.3.w3x
STAS Creation
Simple Temporary Ability System

Name Type Is Array Initial Value
    Map initialization
    Camera - Lock camera target for Player 1 (Red) to Mountain King 0002 <gen>, offset by (0, 0) using Default rotation
    Visibility - Disable fog of war
    Visibility - Disable black mask
    Game - Display to (All players) the text: |cffffff00Credits to|r: ALLKNOWLEDGE AKA IAM20842|cffffff00Also|r: HateSimple Temporary Ability System |cffffff00V.0.0.2|r
    Game - Display to (All players) the text: |cff00ff00Now cast the BASE spell!|r
    hashtable STASSkills = InitHashtable()
    hashtable STASIndexer = InitHashtable()

    integer ONE_SPELL          = 'A000'
    integer ONE_TO_TWO_SPELL   = 'A001'
    integer TWO_TO_THREE_SPELL = 'A002'

    real ONE_TO_TWO_SPELL_ET = 3.00
    real TWO_TO_ONE_SPELL_ET = 1.00


library STAS
    function CreateTemporaryAbility takes integer bs, integer ns, real nset returns nothing
        call SaveInteger(STASSkills, bs, StringHash("NEXT"), ns)
        call SaveReal(STASSkills, bs, StringHash("EXPTIME"), nset)

    function STASTemporaryTimeHandler takes nothing returns nothing
        // USE: On timer expiration, remove the next spell

        // Get the expired timer
        local timer t = GetExpiredTimer()

        // Get the caster unit through timer ID
        local unit caster = LoadUnitHandle(STASIndexer, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("CASTER"))

        // Get the next_spell spell ID
        local integer NEXT = LoadInteger(STASIndexer, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("NEXT"))

        // Remove the spell
        call UnitRemoveAbility(caster, NEXT)

        // For avoid bugs of timer, pause it
        call PauseTimer(t)

        // Destroy the timer
        call DestroyTimer(t)

        // Remove leak
        set t = null
        set caster = null

    function CastTemporaryAbility takes unit cu, integer cs returns nothing
        local real et
        local timer t
        local integer ns = LoadInteger(STASSkills, cs, StringHash("NEXT"))

        if (ns != 0) then

            // Initialize the timer
            set t = CreateTimer()

            // Save expiration time
            set et = LoadReal(STASSkills, cs, StringHash("EXPTIME"))
            // Save to hashtable the unit that cast the spell
            call SaveUnitHandle(STASIndexer, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("CASTER"), cu)

            // Save the next_spell spell ID
            call SaveInteger(STASIndexer, GetHandleId(t), StringHash("NEXT"), ns)

            // Add new spell to caster
            call UnitAddAbility(cu, ns)

            // Start the timer
            call TimerStart(t, et, false, function STASTemporaryTimeHandler)
        // Avoid leaks
        set cu = null
        set t = null

function sca takes nothing returns nothing

    call CreateTemporaryAbility(ONE_SPELL, ONE_TO_TWO_SPELL, ONE_TO_TWO_SPELL_ET)


function InitTrig_STAS_Creation takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger tg = CreateTrigger(  )
    call TriggerRegisterTimerEventSingle( tg, 0.00 )
    call TriggerAddAction( tg, function sca )

function STASActions takes nothing returns nothing
    // Get the caster unit
    local unit c = GetSpellAbilityUnit()

    // Get the casted spell
    local integer cs = GetSpellAbilityId()

    // Call the temporary system
    call CastTemporaryAbility(c, cs)

    set c = null    

function InitTrig_STAS_Cast takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger tg = CreateTrigger()
    local integer i = 0

    call TriggerAddAction(tg, function STASActions)

        call TriggerRegisterPlayerUnitEvent(tg, Player(i), EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_SPELL_EFFECT, null)
        set i = i + 1
    exitwhen i == bj_MAX_PLAYERS