Zerg Campaign 1.0 Patch Notes

Level 10
May 31, 2019

Version 1.0

- Fixed a crash when Hatcheries generated Larvae in certain areas (ex. Central elf base on Zerg Chapter 4, enemy bases on Chapter 6).
- Fixed Fungal Growth, Parasite and Queen's Snare sometimes crashing the game.
- Fixed custom maps using "set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true" causing various abilities (ex. Fungal, Queen, Hatchery) to stop working.
- Fixed some code needlessly running constantly in the background. This should help alleviate frame-rate issues.
- Fixed Queen's Snare missile sometimes passing by its target point and flying off the map.
- Fixed Select Larva and Incite Unholy Frenzy causing memory leaks.
- Fixed Undead halls teleporting upon being infested. As a side effect, workers will no longer be able to return gold to their infested versions.
- Fixed certain units' attacks still working if they are illusions.
- Fixed Drones being able to harvest from other players' Extractors.
- Fixed Zerg players starting with an Undead hero if a melee map is started with the 'Random Hero' setting.
- Fixed Zerg players getting a Tree of Life instead of a Hatchery from a Tiny Great Hall. Night Elf players will still correctly get a Tree of Life.
- Fixed Raise Broodling icon being replaced with Samwise Didier's face if it was set to autocast.
- Fixed Orc Research Liquid Fire tooltip saying that it affects Infested Raiders instead of Troll Batriders.
- Fixed green squares appearing on the UI if played in War3 v1.29.

- Custom Maps will now work regardless of the Game Data set they use (Custom or Melee).
Note that although World Editor will say that Custom uses "TFT 1.07" balance, with this mod it will use the same balance as melee games. This also means that the Frozen Throne campaign will use 1.26 balance.


- Building and upgrade times have been slightly changed to be more 'normal' numbers (ex. Lair time is 65 instead of 63, Lurker Aspect changed to 80 from 84). This shouldn't make a huge difference gameplay-wise.

Kerrigan - Fungal Growth
- Damage per second increased to 15/25/35 from 10/20/30.
- Missile speed increased by ~75%.
- Can now be dispelled.

- Gold cost increased to 100 from 90.
- Movement speed decreased to 300 from 320.
- Upgraded speed decreased to 375 from 420.

- Gold cost increased to 140 from 130.

- Antennae research time decreased to 45 from 84.

- Parasite missile speed increased by ~175%.
- Queen's Snare missile speed approximately doubled.

- Food cost increased to 5 from 4.
- Movement speed decreased to 300 from 317.
- Upgraded speed decreased to 370 from 400.
- Level increased to 6 from 5 (Grants more experience).

- Level decreased to 1 from 2 (Grants less experience).

Creep Colony, Sunken Colony, & Spore Colony
- Build/Upgrade time increased to 15 from 12.

Evolution Chamber
- Burrow research time decreased to 45 from 50.

Lurker Egg & Mutalisk Cocoon
- Level increased to 2 from 1 (Grants more experience).

Larva & Zerg Egg (Excluding Lurker Egg)
- No longer grants experience when killed.
- No longer teleports with a Scroll of Town Portal.
- Now protected by Dark Swarm.
- As a side effect of this update's bug fixes, they will no longer be targetable by Holy Light, Death Coil, Incinerate, or Priest's Heal.

Infested Great Hall
- No longer has a standalone Spiked Barricades passive. Instead it now provides the Spiked Barricades research just like the Orc version, but applied to all Zerg buildings.


These changes apply to melee games, but not to the Zerg Campaign.

- Drone build time increased to 14 from 13.
- Metabolic Boost now requires a Lair.
- Hydralisk upgrades now require a Lair.
- Spawn Broodling now requires a Hive.


Infested Buildings
- Most Infested Buildings can be built earlier. However some units or upgrades in them will still require a Lair or higher.

Chapter 1
- Hive tech has been disabled.
- Changed the hint about reviving Kerrigan to appear when she is attacked instead of when she dies.
- Added a hint explaining the Hatchery's Set Worker Rally ability.
- Added some enemies that drop items to the bottom-right corner of the map.

Chapter 2
- Ultralisks have been disabled.
- First Hatchery will start with 3 larvae.
- Mal'Ganis
- Carrion Swarm starts at level 1 below Hard, down from 2.
- Vampiric Aura starts at level 1 below Hard, up from 0.
- Max level on Hard decreased to 7 from 10.
- Undead will no longer produce Frost Wyrms below Hard, less on Hard.
- Green base
- Will research more upgrades earlier on Hard.
- Reduced amount of towers near the main on Hard.

Chapter 3
- Increased the number of units defending enemy bases.
- Enemy heroes now start with a Scroll of Town Portal on all difficulties, but will continue to only replenish them on Hard difficulty.
- Enemy heroes will now improve their abilities when they level up.
- Increased the frequency of Grom's attacks on difficulties below Hard.

Chapter 4
- Separated the second part of the mission into a new quest with a different objective.
- Doubled Maiev's experience gain rate.
- Fixed Maiev dropping her items on Hard.
- Made the treant spawn easier.
- Made blue's main base more well-defended.
- Added a hint informing the player that Hydralisks can mount Infested Hippogryphs.

Chapter 5
- Removed some rocks in the starting base to help prevent units getting stuck.
- Fixed Kael moving very slow.
- Fixed Night Elf heroes interrupting their own channeling abilities.
- Fixed Sylvanas not appearing in the victory cinematic if she was chosen by the player and dead upon victory.

Chapter 6
- Fixed one of the starting Drones not being given to the player.
- Added an extra starting Overlord.
- Lowered the volume of WC2 sound effects.
- Increased the cooldown of Runes, Bloodlust, and Unholy Armor to 6s, 8s, and 4s respectively from 1s.
- Unholy Armor damages its target more on Hard, but still less than on lower difficulties.
- Grom
- will now take more time to revive.
- will now continue hunting the player after after he revives.
- will now retreat when near-death.
- After the cinematic, the creeps in the middle will be removed and surrounding gates destroyed.
- Moved some of the attackers in the last quest to guard the base instead.
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