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Good & Evil II screenshots

I'm working on a new game.Have a tun of work to do still..

Mathayis, May 24, 2017
    • Mathayis
      Hello there! I don't post here often, as I'm very slow at creating maps :p About a year or so ago i posted the map Good and Evil 1! It was a fun project...a long one too :p I've learned a lot since then and am working on a new project...Good and Evil 2! XD I started working on it about a year ago...and have a lot done, but....
      I still have a tun of work to do!..could be a year.. could be more...At the moment, I have a creativity block!..and am having a hard time coming up with different scenarios in the game..I faced this problem in my first game...But i'll get over it eventually...
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