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Hunter, Warrior, Mage spell pack v1

Submitted by HammerFist132
Well most of this spells are allready know but I wanted to make all of them in pack.
All 3 heroes have at least one unique or cool looking spells.

Sry for 2 obj editor spells, I made them for my self and soon will be updated.
Enjoy it.

spells, class, mage, warrior, fire, blade, hunter, arrorw, sword, pyro, phoenix

Just another Warcraft III map (Map)

  1. 12th Dec 2015
    IcemanBo: Too long as NeedsFix. Rejected.

    Hunter, Warrior, Mage spell pack v1 | Reviewed by Maker | 3rd Feb 2013


    • The abilities are MUI, leakless and efficiently triggered

    • Abilities must support levels
    • Do not use Pause unit for the caster. It pauses buffs and is not meant for spells
    • Spinning Charge goes through pathing blockers

    • Phoenix rider looks awkward when it hits pathing blockers
    • Dummies do not need invulnerability ability, Locust makes them invulnerable
    • Some dummies use upgrades
    • PS Dummy unit type is redundant, use PS Dummy caster instead
    • You don't need an array for the locations
    • Your indexing could be dynamic; it could remove inactive instances
    • The Pyro Sphere projectile doesn't respond nicely to terrain height variation
    • Waits are not accurate, a one second wait can be off by about 0.1-0.2 seconds
    • If you have the same actions in THEN and ELSE, move the actions
      outside the IF/THEN/ELSE
    • Move unit instantly is a bit slow function, if you don't need to worry about
      pathing then you could look into using SetUnitX and SetUnitY
      with custom sctipts instead
    • "Unit - Remove SS_Dummy[SS] from the game" is called
      inside unot group enumeration
  2. HammerFist132

    Mar 22, 2012
    sry, but I cannot upload trigger because I am on mobile, any can do it for me? Thx
  3. Skypsi

    Mar 13, 2012
    Most of these spells are too Samey. The Firebolt is a just Warcraft default spell.
  4. HammerFist132

    Mar 22, 2012
    Dont get insulted but next time read, inside are two obj editor spells, I created all this things for my map, including that firebolt, I will edit it soon.
  5. T. D. W.

    T. D. W.
    Jul 31, 2012
    -Firebold 0/5 you did nothing
    -Doomfire 1/5 very easy
    -Pyro Sphere 3/5 good but not nice
    -Phoenix Rider 4/5 i liked the effect

    -Brutal Strike 0/5 Firebolt based did nothing
    -Heroic Leap 2/5 common and a bit simple
    -Spinning Charge 3/5 the idea is good but not the spell
    -Illusion Strike 2/5 again the idea is good but not the spell

    -Critical Arrow 1/5 Nothin to say
    -Split Arrows 1/5 simple
    -Freezing Blow 3/5 the effect is good
    -Camouflage 1/5 common

    Spell Names 2/5
    Most spells you made have similar names
    originality 0/100
    there is nothing to say


    Total: 1/5 to not say 0
  6. HammerFist132

    Mar 22, 2012
    U know, u should not rate spells that are not approved, that is my personal opinion.

    EDIT: For excample, u told split shot ''1/5 simple'', it is one of the hardest spells in map, I can bet that u cannot make it.