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ALrite, aftera good nites sleep, I'm ready to ge tback to work again . . anyway I've figured out another solution around it, say:

Train dummy upgrade unit -> Increase ability level -> When castle attack -> Create dummy archer -> Wait -> Remove Dummy Archer -> When castle attack -> .. .

So technically, this allows multiple castles, each being wacthed by the trigger, but my guess is that it would be a very processor intensive thing since every attack we have units spawning and being removed, so I just wanna ask how efficient is this algorithm? I've seen various maps also having like every second events, I'm not sure but these kind of events are also processor intensive right?

Another thing I'd like to clarify is with regard to variables, say I have a global variable I use to temporarily store a point, but I don't nullify it, so there is a leak. However, the next time I use that variable, I replace the value, so tehnically the leak doesn't increase in size, right? I'm not sure about dynamic variables like those in C++, or does it occur whenever we decalre our own locals only, then we have leak problems? I also read that many standard/library functions also leak, so does that mean that the GUI functions provided themselvs are leaking internally?
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