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Melee Game Training

Hi all,
I would like to introduce u all to a new project, or better said: training of me.

In this training you will learn the basics of a melee game, (how to play warcraft 3) so you will be able playing warcraft as an average player.
When being an average player, you should be able to keep 50 to 75% on your account, depenting on your skill.

What will we learn in with this training?

-The basic controls.
-The basic units, the advanced units.
-What is apm?
-Using and training micro.
-Counter units.
-How to use Heroes.

And more!

But before I would start is, I want to know which people would like to join this training.

Apply a post here if u want to join!

(Also, sorry for my bad english. If you don't understand it, please ask!)


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