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udg_DamageTypeDOT > 0 and IsUnitEnemy(a,GetOwningPlayer(t)) and GetUnitAbilityLevel(a,MA_HeroAbility()) > 0 and not IsUnitType(t,UNIT_TYPE_DEAD) and not IsUnitType(t,UNIT_TYPE_STRUCTURE) and not IsUnitType(t,UNIT_TYPE_MAGIC_IMMUNE)

Mmm, I think that this filter should be configurable.

Instead of using UserData, you can use hashtables :). In some maps, the people use IndexUnit (bad choise by the way) and this can result in a bug.

In the ability's preload:

call UnitApplyTimedLife(u,'BTLF',0.5)

You don't need these, just remove it >:).

Good job ;).

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