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I need an animator.
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Gekigengar is just really nice (311)Gekigengar is just really nice (311)
But making a lot of item abilities will make it harder for people new to the map to understand things.
Thats the whole point,
Masteries in Utilizing both Item Ability and Hero ability is what makes "You - Regular Players" and "Non-Regular Players" Different, people "MUST" Need training to be good in the game,
like Dota and other maps which are popular.

so, Being "GOOD" in your game makes people recognize your "Skills", since "Begginers" Cannot play as good as you.

4++ active ability > 2 active 2 passive or 1 active 3 passives.

evading spells is fun, combining spells in team fights is very FUN,
but auto attacking isn't that fun for me. (though some people like auto - attack game which is not my taste.)

well, its just a suggestion, don't take it seriously xD,
since everyone's perspective on ideal figure is different.
just take what sounded good and fits your style and game.

an artist should always stay true to himself,
never swayed from the path that he made.
a painting influenced by others is not his own,
nor can he ever claim its his creation,
since the drastic change in concept, can easily be spotted by others.

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