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Warriors of Ashenvale [Reworked]

It's been some time since I created the thread with the same name.
A map that belonged and still does (?) on the most viewed and
commented threads on the Map Development section is almost finished!

Warriors of Ashenvale

Choose your hero and roam the forest. The team that gets to the desired points first is the winner. Earn points by killing creeps,heroes or the boss.
Features 17 fully customized heroes with unique spells. Upgrade your items and rule the forest of Ashenvale.
At the start of the game the host selects the point a team must earn to win the game. Then the players choose their heroes and they are summoned to their bases.
Each players starts with 650 gold and 10 wood. The players must decide how the heroes will split up on their roaming.

Features :

- Fully customized heroes.
- Good looking terrain.
- It's easy for people new to the map.
- Balanced gameplay.
- Few items which are upgradeable by buying the same item, so it's easier to understand.

The map IS playable but I want to add some few things.
So I can't release a Beta version yet. I don't know if
there are more to be added on the post,
if anyone has a question I am willing to answer it. Just post it here.
I will find time to put more information.

The map uses an upgrade-item system. Some items when purchased two times give a new item. For example this how you upgrade a Slippers of Agility, the basic agility bonus item on the game:
x2 ->x2 ->x2 ->x2 ->
To do list :

- Add 1 spell
- Add 20 items
- Improve gameplay by adding more features
- Create 1 or 2 heroes
- Create more creeps

Old thread:
Warriors Of Ashenvale
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