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Complete Death Hunter Hero and Ability List (3.0)

Discussion in 'Against the Darkness' started by 1)ark_NiTe, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. 1)ark_NiTe

    Nov 1, 2006
    Death Hunters
    Complete list of Heroes and their Abilities. Created to be viewed in THW's classic theme.

    [​IMG] Architect Strength based, melee hero. The Architect can build many structures that are extremely helpful in creating a good defense against the enemy.
    [​IMG] Greed Smite Throws a heavy golden coin at an enemy unit, causing damage and disorienting the target, causing them to miss on attacks. Level 1 - 150 damage, 3 second disorientation. Level 2 - 200 damage, 4 second disorientation Level 3 - 250 damage, 5 second disorientation. Level 4 - 300 damage, 6 second disorientation.
    [​IMG] Golden Strike Gives a chance that when the Architect kills an enemy unit, he will receive half of his Strength in gold. Level 1 - 35% chance, 25% in DM. Level 2 - 45% chance, 30% in DM. Level 3 - 55% chance, 35% in DM. Level 4 - 65% chance, 40% in DM.
    [​IMG] Leadership Every strike the Architect makes in battle increases his chances of landing a major blow by 2.5% (25% max). The blow deals initial damage plus a bonus for each nearby allied unit. The powerful strike inspires nearby allies, increasing their armor and health regeneration. After the major blow, the ability chance is reduced to 5%. Level 1 - Major blow deals 25 base damage plus 2.5 bonus damage for each nearby allied unit. Nearby allied units receive +3 armor and +1 health regeneration. Level 2 - Major blow deals 50 base damage plus 5.0 bonus damage for each nearby allied unit. Nearby allied units receive +5 armor and +2 health regeneration. Level 3 - Major blow deals 75 base damage plus 7.5 bonus damage for each nearby allied unit. Nearby allied units receive +7 armor and +3 health regeneration. Level 4 - Major blow deals 100 base damage plus 10.0 bonus damage for each nearby allied unit. Nearby allied units receive +9 armor and +4 health regeneration.
    [​IMG] Wrath of Midas Causes the Hero to attack 50% faster and move 25% faster. Also gives a 40% chance to deal between 1.5x and 3.0x extra damage and generate a coin worth 15 gold on each attack. Lasts 8 seconds. Coin lasts 6 seconds.

    [​IMG] Battle Mage Agility based, melee Hero. The Battle Mage has a very strong and persistent attack, but low hitpoints and armor. This Hero is best suited for quick in and out combat and dealing high amounts of damage in a short amount of time.
    [​IMG] Arcane Thunder Clash The Battle Mage manipulates his mana, converting it into a powerful arcane force that crushes a target area, dealing damage based on his Agility to enemies within the area. Level 1 - 2 times Agility, 15% movement speed reduction. Level 2 - 4 times Agility, 25% movement speed reduction. Level 3 - 6 times Agility, 35% movement speed reduction. Level 4 - 8 times Agility, 45% movement speed reduction.
    [​IMG] Lightning Fury The Battle Mage consumes the electrical energy from the atmosphere around him, converting it into physical energy and allowing him to attack faster for a short period of time. Level 1 - 50% faster attack rate. Level 2 - 60% faster attack rate. Level 3 - 70% faster attack rate. Level 4 - 80% faster attack rate. Lasts 15 seconds.
    [​IMG] Great Cleave Gives a 20% chance that the Battle Mage will strike with such force that he deals extra damage and causes the armor of the enemy to falter for a short amount of time. Level 1 - 15 extra damage, 3 armor reduction. Level 2 - 25 extra damage, 5 armor reduction. Level 3 - 35 extra damage, 7 armor reduction. Level 4 - 45 extra damage, 9 armor reduction.
    [​IMG] Thirst of the Highborne The Battle Mage, a descendant of the Highborne elves, takes on a insatiable urge to learn arcane magics. When learned, this ability adds a permanent bonus of 6 to the Intelligence of the Mage and gives a 20% chance to gain a permanent bonus to the Strength, Agility, and Intelligence from every kill made thereafter.

    [​IMG] Frozen Archer Agility based, long ranged Hero. The Frozen Archer is extremely quick, evasive, and can slow enemies with her freezing abilities. However, she has very limited hitpoints and a relatively weak attack.
    [​IMG] Iced Arrow The Frozen Archer conjures an enchanted, icy arrow, vollying it at a group of enemy units around a target enemy unit with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement and attack rate and has a chance to freeze the target unit. Level 1 - 150 target damage, 50 nova damage, 15% chance to freeze for 0.5s. (85/50/15% in DM) Level 2 - 175 target damage, 80 nova damage, 30% chance to freeze for 1.0s. (115/80/30% in DM) Level 3 - 200 target damage, 110 nova damage, 45% chance to freeze for 1.5s. (145/110/45% in DM) Level 4 - 225 target damage, 140 nova damage, 60% chance to freeze for 2.0s. (175/140/60% in DM)
    [​IMG] Vanish Allows the Frozen Archer to become invisible, and move faster for 25 seconds. Level 1 - 11% move, 30 bonus damage. Level 2 - 19% move, 60 bonus damage. Level 3 - 31% move, 90 bonus damage. Level 4 - 51% move, 120 bonus damage.
    [​IMG] Swift Shot Gives a chance that an attack will deal the Frozen Archer's Agility in bonus damage and slow the attacked unit. Level 1 - 15% chance. Level 2 - 20% chance. Level 3 - 25% chance. Level 4 - 30% chance.
    [​IMG] Frozen Blast Summons 12 powerful blasts of frost that radiate outward from the Frozen Archer, slowing units caught in their path by 30%. Each blast wave damages for 150 hit points. Crippling Frost lasts 10 seconds. (30%/100/10s in DM.)

    [​IMG] Hunter Strength based, medium ranged Hero. The Hunter has several hit points, a strong attack, and is an extremely useful Hero for creeping. If used correctly, this Hero has a great chance to survive continuous attacks from enemies.
    [​IMG] Tracking The Hunter relies on his senses to track a nearby enemy Hero. If a Hero is found, their general position will be shown on the minimap and the Hunter will be given shared vision of them. Level 1 - 1500 range, 10 seconds shared vision. Level 2 - 3000 range, 15 seconds shared vision. Level 3- 4500 range, 20 seconds shared vision. Level 4 - 6000 range, 25 seconds shared vision.
    [​IMG] Hunting Wolf Summons 1 Wolf to fight the Hunter's enemies. With each new level, a new breed of wolf is summoned. Lasts 60 seconds.
    [​IMG] Drunken Rocket Launches a rocket filled with alcohol that can cover a huge range at an enemy unit. The rocket explodes on impact, damaging nearby units and causing them ignite and take burn damage over time. Level 1 - 45 initial damage, 5 damage per second, 1500 range. Level 2 - 80 initial damage, 10 damage per second, 3000 range. Level 3 - 115 initial damage, 15 damage per second, 4500 range. Level 4 - 150 initial damage, 20 damage per second, 6000 range. Lasts 5 seconds
    [​IMG] Beast Trap The Hunter creates an immovable trap that binds 6 nearby units in an ethereal, unbreakable rope, dragging them towards the center of the trap where their life will be drained by a crippling poison. Lasts 10 seconds on units (5 on Heroes).

    [​IMG] Medicine Doctor Intelligence based, ranged hero. An invaluable Hero that can sustain himself and teammates through an assortment of healing abilities.
    [​IMG] Wave of Restoration Calls forth a wave of energy that heals a target and bounces to nearby friendlies. Each bounce heals less damage. Level 1 - Heals 125 damage, jumps 2 times. Heals 100 in DM. Level 2 - Heals 225 damage, jumps 3 times. Heals 175 in DM. Level 3 - Heals 325 damage, jumps 4 times. Heals 250 in DM. Level 4 - Heals 425 damage, jumps 5 times. Heals 325 in DM.
    [​IMG] Leech The Medicine Doctor leeches life from enemy units in a target area, damaging them based on his Intelligence and healing himself for 75% of the damage dealt. Level 1 - 2.5 times Intelligence, up to 2 enemy units. Level 2 - 3.0 times Intelligence, up to 3 enemy units. Level 3 - 3.5 times Intelligence, up to 4 enemy units. Level 4 - 4.0 times Intelligence, up to 5 enemy units.
    [​IMG] Aura of Regeneration Increases the life regeneration rate of nearby friendly units. Level 1 - Minor regeneration bonus. Level 2 - Moderate regeneration bonus. Level 3- Greater regeneration bonus. Level 4- Greatest regeneration bonus.
    [​IMG] Sun Totem Summons an immovable totem that heals 3% of a nearby friendly non-mechanical unit's hit points per second and burns nearby enemies for 40 damage per second, 25 damage in DM. Lasts 20 seconds.

    [​IMG] Nature Mage Intelligence based, ranged hero. Has many offensive abilities and is a very good hero to use if you are planning on creeping solo. The Mage also has the ability to escape damage by binding himself to nearby trees.
    [​IMG] Nature's Protection Binds the Nature Mage to a nearby tree for 6.0 seconds, protecting it from damage and restoring his hit points by a percentage of his Intelligence twice every second. Also permits sight of invisible units. Level 1 - Heals for 30% of Intelligence every 0.5 seconds. Lasts 6.0 seconds. Level 2 - Heals for 40% of Intelligence every 0.5 seconds. Lasts 6.0 seconds. Level 3 - Heals for 50% of Intelligence every 0.5 seconds. Lasts 6.0 seconds. Level 4 - Heals for 60% of Intelligence every 0.5 seconds. Lasts 6.0 seconds.
    [​IMG] Storm Ward Summons an immobile Storm Ward that decreases nearby enemy units' movement speed by 5/10/15/20%, attack rate by 10/15/20/25%, and mana regeneration by 2/4/6/8 points per second. The ward also generates a storm of lightning that periodically strikes enemy units for 20/30/40/50 damage. Lasts 25 seconds.
    [​IMG] Nature's Fury Causes a Treant to burst from the ground, grabbing its roots around a target unit. The Treant then attacks the target unit twice with Slow Poison damage. Level 1 - 36 damage per attack, 5 slow poison damage per second. Level 2 - 54 damage per attack, 10 slow poison damage per second. Level 3 - 72 damage per attack, 15 slow poison damage per second. Level 4 - 90 damage per attack, 20 slow poison damage per second. Roots last 3.75 seconds.
    [​IMG] Lunar Owls Summons 10 Lunar Owls to attack near by enemy units. The owls will follow the Nature Mage, revealing invisible units and dealing 1.5 times the mage's Intelligence in damage. Each attack has a 5% chance to heal the damage dealt back to the Nature Mage. Lasts 30 seconds.

    [​IMG] Scientist A very powerful, Strength based melee Hero--as many would say, the "tank" of the Death Hunters. The Scientist is able to withstand attacks for a fairly long period of time. He is also very skilled in creating potions for self or team support.
    [​IMG] Alchemy Study the ancient art of Alchemy, learning how to create two potions for each level learned. Mana cost varies per potion being created. Level 1 - Gives the Scientist the ability to create Potions of Haste and Potions of Speed. Level 2 - Gives the Scientist the ability to create Elixers of the Mountain Giant and Potions of Restoration. Level 3 - Gives the Scientist the ability to create Potions of Invisibility and Vampiric Potions. Level 4 - Gives the Scientist the ability to create Anti-Magic Potions and Potions of Bloodlust.
    [​IMG] Hologram Confuses the enemy by creating holograms of the Scientist that deal 25% of his base damage and also dispelling all magic from the Scientist. Level 1 - Creates 1 hologram. Level 2 - Creates 2 holograms. Level 3 - Creates 3 holograms. Level 4 - Creates 4 holograms.
    [​IMG] Supercharge The Scientist Supercharges the area around him, shocking and damaging nearby enemy land units. Level 1 - 65 damage. Level 2 - 105 damage. Level 3 - 145 damage. Level 4 - 185 damage. 3 second stun.
    [​IMG] Halt Time The Scientist lifts off from the ground and gathers energy from the air around him. He then slams the ground for 200 damage, unleashing all of the collected energy with such force that it stops time around him. Lasts 12 seconds on units, 8 on Heroes.

    [​IMG] Warden Sorceress (Requires 300 AtD points) A swift, Agility based melee Hero skilled in close combat but with low hit points. With her combined skills she is a nuisance to any enemy that crosses her path.
    [​IMG] Elune's Pact Cast this on a friendly unit to damage it and heal yourself OR cast this on yourself to temporarily increase attack speed but sacrifice hitpoints. Level 1 - 50 damage, 100 HP healed OR +100% attack rate but 10 damage per second for 4 seconds. Level 2 - 100 damage, 200 HP healed OR +150% attack rate but 20 damage per second for 4 seconds. Level 3 - 150 damage, 300 HP healed OR +200% attack rate but 30 damage per second for 4 seconds. Level 4 - 200 damage, 400 HP healed OR +250% attack rate but 40 damage per second for 4 seconds.
    [​IMG] Forced Silence Force a unit into silence. If it casts a spell, it will be sapped for mana and temporarily silenced. Level 1 - 50 mana sapped, silenced for 1.5 seconds. Level 2 - 100 mana sapped, silenced for 2 seconds. Level 3 - 150 mana sapped, silenced for 3.5 seconds. Level 4 - 200 mana sapped, silenced for 5 seconds.
    [​IMG] Phase Shift Gives a 15% chance to deflect damage from any melee attack (10% chance for most ranged attacks) and temporarily become invulnerable, deterring other attacks against the Hero. Level 1 - Up to 25 damage. Level 2- Up to 50 damage. Level 3 - Up to 75 damage. Level 4 - Up to 100 damage.
    [​IMG] Incarcerate Incarcerate an enemy unit, slowing movement speed by 50% and binding them to within striking distance of the Warden Sorceress for 10.0 seconds.
    Last edited: May 15, 2015
  2. 1)ark_NiTe

    Nov 1, 2006
    Updated to reflect Version 3.0+