Zylcious Fight

Level 36
Aug 14, 2006
By matias371

By Tears request, I will explain the way that I used to beat that beast.

First stage of Zylcious you have to kill him with 0 MP. This fight could be annoying and sometimes he disappear from your screen and regenerates a lot. I highly recommend move away your camera from settings, so you can see a wide screen of the fight scene and try to stop his regen. If you kill him and no 0 MP, he comes back, and it will be harder, and try to bring him to 0 MP will be impossible, so if this happen maybe it is better reload from first.

Second part is a very good and enjoyable fight against Death Knights, I like it!!

Then Zylcious become a Demon, mmm this time I don't like because he is a lot of time invulnerable and sometimes even bug, a lot of times he disappear and never comes back and I stay stuck, so reload.

Don't forget to steal Doomsday to Uummut.

Final Dragon stage:

Firstable you will need to burn his mana, so this way stop his HP regen, so you need items like Mana Rod, Nagaeca and Combat King - Magic Torment. But the Dragon can steal this items so you need to have more than one Mana Rod, this is the key to burns his MP, 1% means that at least after 100 hits his mana will be 0, but you can do it more quickly with others items (Winter's Tear, Nagaeca, etc).
Mana Rod on Fradz so he has normally the best attack speed and Winter's Tear on Galeoth.

Second, I highly recommend have your alternative items very organized in your boxes, so when dragon steal you a main item you can quickly replace with another so good. Never put an item on ground, always manage them into boxes or after few seconds it will disappear.

Get a lot of Combat King is another key, magic damage on Galeoth, 5/5 resurrection and magic resistance on your heros. Sometimes your heros will be "naked" by his steal, so at least you need something to counter that.

Yea you will need a lot of Honor Points at this stage (this is why I never will get End of an Era item, I spend a lot of time in others chapters to get them). But even without this item I could also beat Xvareon, so don't worry.

If you see a decreasing numbers in your hero (3! 2! 1!), just run!, if you stay there, your hero will be insta-killed.

At the stage of bombs, try to get far away from them and leave just Galoth to kill them, meanwhile press hold button on Phodom and Fradz.

If you hit the Dragon and his HP don't change, don't lose your time it is his illusion and you need to keep your spells for real Dragon.

At the stage of infernos I tried to avoid, stunning them and running out. That ones are very dangerous.

Dragon can invoke sometimes a blue summons (Shadow Elementals) that steal your mana and so Zylcious will recover his MP, so try to kill them so quickly and prepare Nagaeca or hit with Mana Rod Zylcious for a new fast burn of his mana gain.

Sometimes he cast a skulls that chasing you, my strategy against them was use Heaven's Bless (health cast of Phodom) on one hero, so he could die and nothing happen, meanwhile other two are getting away from skulls. Remember to turn on mana shield of Galeoth' Set every time he dies. Remember that you can use Heaven's Ring invulnerability (so Aero) even inside of your boxes.

Don't forget that you could benefit from your auras in your boxes, I have special items like Zocmo's Gloves and boots (I can't do the complete set, lack of Gem at ch 3), doom's helmet, you can active Horn of Balgaron.

If you lose much time the ground will become green and you will be surely dead, because his HP regen will be back even with no mana, so try always to avoid fight in this terrain. Also this terrain slow your movement speed.

And my finally highly recommend is have Impale (3rd Galeoth's spell book that you get at ch 7) improved with Colossal Damage. You can take advantage of 5% of his HP, it is a lot of damage.

Try to get a lot of saved games, for example I saved every time that I can take away a lot of his HP, and the name of saved files contain what happen during fight. For example: "Omega Set_Out" with this name, I'm 99% surely that I will reload maybe a previous different saved file next time, because try without this item is suicide, HP of Galoth is not prepared to such voltage.

The reward of that quest, in my opinion is the best of entire campaign, there's nothing more powerful than Zylcious' Staff!

This way I beat Epic Quest, but if someone knows more tips, you could improve this thread. I just played one time on last 2.1c version (a lot in previous). This last time that I face this quest, I enjoyed it a lot, it was so challenge and I have to admit, I reload a lot of times that fight.
Level 8
Sep 10, 2013
It's not really worth it... Going through all that, those four stages just to get three items and 5 honor points, which you're probably not gonna use anyways in the final boss fight against Xvareon... Sounds like a big waste of time to me.
Level 5
May 25, 2012
How are we gonna kill him with zero mp? Its 500k and he does tons of damage, even with mana burn combat kings its impossible.
Level 1
Oct 8, 2016
I stopped getting memory related crashes (most of them fell into that category) after applying the 4gb patch to war3.exe. (Old 86x programs cannot use more than 2gb of ram, if they try to access more of it, they crash)