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Zombie Incomming v0.14a

Submitted by gamestargamer
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

== Zombie Incomming ==

Welcome community,

General Infos:
- Name: Zombie Incomming (Z.I.)
- Author: Gamestargamer
- Genre: Survival
- Max. Player: 11

Short introduction

At first, the host pick the settings (too less atm)
[e.x: Forestmode: 75-125 Tree will be plant randomly over the map]
Game start with "-start"
You have headstart of 30 seconds before the first zombies will spawn.

Now you (and your team) must be fast build up an defense. The zombies are very weak but they multiple with "each" kill.
So there are no safe place around, your base will fall. Always enlarge your base to prevent to die.

For each kill you gain points. There are several awards, if you reach a point limit.
At 10.000 Points you gain the advanced worker, who can build "better" towers and walls.

For every 300 point you get an upgrade, which strenghen your walls and tower.As you the undead will get better too,it depends on the kills.

I deveopled a system to balanced the player. All the more percent of points a player gained so much lesser points he will get.
[e.x: A player has 50% of the teampoints, and kills a zombies that gives 25 points.
He will get 12.5(50%)points and the other 12.5 will be share over the teams.]
So there will be no extreme difference between the player points.

Just survive as long as possible.

Later i will add a Save/Load system to save played Games,Killed Zombies and more but no points.

Have fun and good luck!

Protected?: Yes
Sorry for my bad english

Zombie, Survival, Tower, Walls, teamplay,

Zombie Incomming v0.14a (Map)

10:14, 6th June 2009 by bounty hunter2: Not a bad game, quite fast paced and fun to play. The game finishes relatively fast and that's good. The terrain could use some improvements, such as height variations that could prove as a strategic...
  1. Dynamiczx


    Jul 20, 2010
    Map is very awesome,I like the gameplay...clearly deserves to be a Zombie Survival style map.
    Thought you need a strong teamplay in order to play it,so you must play it with your friends and make a strategy from before
    Anyway i saw a bug,that when a player should turn into a zombie when he dies(If u put that mode)instead of turning into one,he turns into nothing and he sees nothing...
    Other than that the map is very awesome 4/5 :D

    If you may,i could suggest u to lower the zombies health,since they also come continously,it wouldn't matter so much,but will give a higher income rate to the players,making them able to raise a good base quicker :)