[YouTube] Hardcore Walkthrough 1.8e/h (no give-up) FULLY UPLOADED

Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
By hamza_tm

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UPDATE 28/04/2013: I made a playlist for you guys :)


Here we go. On Hardcore with no give up.

[size=14pt]Chapter 1[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 1 Intro[/size]
    Timeline: Clearing top half of map, doing Fishthern gang and worm field quests.
    3:38 - Branch of Rejuvenation (digsite)
    4:01 - Boots of Speed from Wuzz Shaman
    4:54 - Lucky Clover, Lever Puzzle
    6:36 - Magic Orb 1 from Adult Golem
    11:07 - Worm infested Field Quest
    11:51 - Lesser Magic Ball (talk to Sir Richard after Quest)

    Firstly, I'll give a rundown of the strategy I plan to employ in this walkthrough, and the reasoning behind it.

    1. SKILLS
    I'm building Phodom as a tank caster, so stacking magic damage items as well as HP (strength) items. The skills chosen are generally the most powerful spells DPS wise.
    Meltdown - armour reduction and strong nuke, synchronizes well with other -armour skills for high physical DPS later in the game.
    Ground Zero - most powerful AOE spell no contest
    Heavens Bless - for resurrection, and heal over time usually beats instant heal for boss battles
    Aura of Fire - for spare ability points, it's really good though especially at early levels, provides lots of passive DPS and scales well with magic damage over the course of the game
    Chaotic Rift - useful because it's dependent on magic damage which I am focusing on, and also the attack disable will help a lot in tight situations
    Defensive Roar - Phodom is a great tank, but enemies tend to focus on the squishier Fradz and Galeoth, so this will help fix that problem.

    The reason I'm going for tank caster is because 1. Phodom is the best tank, and 2. his attack speed is too slow to be a great physical DPSer whereas his spells are really powerful. Also with limited money in this no give up run, it is more viable to go for spell based builds as you lack the cash for DPS items (especially if you have both Fradz and Phodom as DPS. Fradz alone is a better choice)

    2. SKILL BUILD (how to spend ability points)
    Ground Zero - point in this first as it will kill any creep all over the map in one cast. So powerful. Use as much as you can then meditate and repeat.
    Meltdown - more nuking as this is a spell damage build
    Aura of Fire - no manacost, very good dps
    Ground Zero - it's too powerful
    Heavens Bless - need one of these at this point to take on the better minibosses, but only really on extreme (spider boss to be precise)
    Heavens Bless - Debatable whether you want this or Meltdown, but this may help more on Extreme/Hardcore difficulties in boss battles.
    Chaotic Rift - Go for this over Meltdown, as the attack disable will help survivability during epic and elite boss battles.

    3. ITEMS
    This is where the decisions are difficult. Cash is very limited, but there a few things to aim for.
    Francisca is a great item due to the +stats every chapter, so we will aim to complete its components, Maragath and Miragas sets, in this Chapter. We also aim to turn Maragaths set into Ruby Axe as it is one of the few ways in this chapter to boost your HP, which is very welcome. This in total will cost around 1300 this chapter.
    Zocmo's set is pretty awesome, so Zocmo's gloves are necessary. Feel free to sell stuff that isn't needed, or can be obtained later. This includes Tzitorin, Speedy boots, Gladius, Branch of Rejuvenation, Spiked Club, evil eyes, rune bracer, plate shield, etc.
    [li][size=11pt]Ch 1 Continued[/size]
    Timeline: finishing off everything else apart from the bosses. Getting a bunch of items:
    1:50 - Steel Round Shield (digspot)
    3:10 - Bronze Shovel (shop)
    3:30 - 50g coins (digspot)
    5:25 - 50g coins (digspot)
    7:50 - Rune Ankle (lucky box)
    9:22 - Spiked Club/Maragath's Belt (ogre boss)
    12:23 - Glyph of Ability (digspot)
    15:18 - Miraga's Armour (digspot)
    15:35 - Volcanic Fissure (black merchant)
    18:00 - Elder Golem quest
    19:50 - Selling some items, bought Maragath's Amulet
    20:45 - Axe/Soldier's Belt
    21:20 - Restoration Potion (digspot)
    22:25 - Miraga's Ring/Widger Queen Ring
    23:40 - Energy Orb
    25:28 - Lesser Magic Ball (digspot)
    26:10 - Fire Ward (digspot)
    27:50 - Soldier's Gloves (Wuzz Commander)

    I sold off some of the useless stuff at 19:50, to buy Maragaths Amulet. This item has a 3% chance on every attack to increase strength permanently by 1, up to a max of 6 extra strength per chapter. Extra strength means extra HP, which is very important for this playthrough as there isn't enough gold to get certain HP items.

    Next video is the main boss! See you then
    [li][size=11pt]Main Boss[/size]
    0:31 - 1:13 Main boss fight. Steal Lesser Magic Ball
    2:07 Quasch Claws
    3:20 Boots of Sunrise/Lesser Magic Ball (Wuzz Shaman)
    4:15 Path of Power (digspot)
    5:00 Ormester :)
    5:25 First Son
    6:10 Maragath's Armor
    6:45 Combat King Siphon Life
    7:45 Shopping! Get Ruby Axe Recipe, sell some stuff

    Pretty simple boss, nothing too dangerous and all of his attacks are easy to dodge. Start off with +steal items, steal him and quick-switch your +steal items to better ones. In this video it's Widger Queens Ring.

    Very quick one, but it gets more interesting later on.
    [li][size=11pt]Elite boss[/size]
    Elite boss is kind of tricky, his nuke does 900 damage a pop and is undodgeable, instant and without warning. HP is only about 1100 at this stage (basically because this is a "from scratch" run so I didn't have money for +HP items).

    The aim here is to keep your health as high as possible at all times. I synthesized Ruby Axe on the fly to help with the low health problems.

    Otherwise his skills aren't too hard to dodge. Falling rocks is a bit random but you can heal them off easily. You just gotta pray that he doesn't net you right before starting his multiple waves thing, because that is pretty much a disgusting death or two. For some reason he didn't use his wave attack at all this fight.
    [li][size=11pt]Epic Boss[/size]
    0:00 - 0:30 Shopping, buy Miragas Set and sell Tzitorin etc (it's obtained later on again anyway)
    1:34 Show all the items I currently have
    2:16 - 9:35 EPIC BOSS BATTLE
    4:07 Why you need at least 90% HP at all times

    The dreaded Archmage. This boss also has an instant, undodgeable nuke (common factor in Ch 1 Elite and Epics, don't ask me why) but as I have a few more +str items it's somewhat easier to survive. Healing is the key. I make good use of potions to ensure I don't get nuked into oblivion. His main events are easy to dodge and heal through, no nasty surprises there. I quick-switched Path of Power a few times and also had boots of sunrise handy.

    I died twice, once intentionally with Heavens Bless heal active, then immediately again after respawning because I was too slow... actually it was his damn nuke.

    I choose to Kill the Archmage because of the item you receive. If you kill him you get a Master Mage's Staff which is pretty powerful. You can combine it with the Adept Mage's Staff you stole from him, and a Novice Mage's Staff from the shop, plus a recipe to make the tier 4 item Grandmaster Mage's Staff.

    If you spare him you get a Mega Ring, which is good (steals HP and Mana and allows you to go beyond the maximum level of the current chapter by 2) but this is obtainable in Chapter 5 anyway. Also, by killing him you get a lot more experience and gold plus two more sellable items (so even more gold), after fighting all the Muraudar Clan and looting their homes ;)

    Anyway, before ending a chapter make sure you have the maximum gold possible. Sell everything you don't need and don't buy anything you can buy later on (as long as there isn't a need for the item in the very next chapter or something). In this way the 5% bonus gold from Riddle Questions will be as high as possible.

    As a reminder, the items you want to keep at the end of this chapter are:
    Aegis Shield (whatever starting pack item you chose)
    First Son
    4 Lesser Magic Balls
    Magic Orb 1
    Ruby Axe
    Miragas set
    Widger Queens Ring
    Zocmo's Gloves
    Boots of Sunrise
    Energy Orb
    Path of Power
    Damanthe's Shield
    Adept Mage's Staff
    Master Mage's Staff

    The rest is expendable and can be sold. You may want to keep speedy boots to make Aerial Shoes though (although they can be bought later on too).

[size=14pt]Chapter 2[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 2 Intro[/size]
    Timeline: Some very important starting items, and Khutzi quest
    0:55 - Greedy Armour (digspot)
    1:22 - Soldier's Helmet (shop)
    1:27 - Beach Crab killing strategy
    2:05 - Magic Orb piece (digspot)
    4:15 - Jewel of Health (some guy)
    4:39 - Glyph of Ability (digspot)
    8:31 - KHUTZI, Mana belt and Amulet of Strength
    Hello and welcome to Chapter 2! A lovely change of terrain as you can see.

    Buy Resurrection Combat King for Fradz, he doesn't have it in a spell. I bought 4 levels of it and 1 siphon life Combat King (which I don't think actually works in this version...). The reasoning behind skill points are explained below. Definitely get 2 levels of blessing of lightning as it will allow you to dig ANY digspot from the start of the chapter. And Greedy Armour absolutely must be gotten right away (dig with level 2 blessing of lightning) for the increased gold and exp. Also soldiers helmet from the start is great for HP, and Fradz needs HP badly. Remember to walk into any Teleports you see to activate them.

    First thing to do is to NOT do Nhutzi quest, but run to the top of the map and get the Jewel of Health. This item gives an extra permanent 25HP every time you level up, so get it before you level up. There is also a lovely digspot there with an ability point. Whilst I'm there, I prefer to do the Khutzi quest first, cross the river by boat for thief's knife (black merchant) and the digspot/TP there, then cross again and work my way through the mountains all the way to the Nhutzi and Voldro's quests.

    Also, watch for my strategy against the crabs. You can take them at level one with well one timed Energy Ball and a scissor stab/invis strike alone. Abuse the skills and use meditate when mana finishes. Fradz at early levels MUST make use of his spells!

    So as usual, here is the strategy I am employing for Fradz, and for this Chapter.

    1. SKILLS
    Fradz is the best DPS hero in the game with his skills and stats, so I want to maximize on that and build him as such. Sword Dance gives him superb attack speed, which combined with his naturally high attack rate already, makes him simply deadly in burst damage.
    Meltdown - armour reduction and strong nuke, synchronizes well with other -armour skills for high physical DPS later in the game.
    Scissor Stab - reducing armour increased physical damage, and for the same reason we chose Meltdown (reduces armour by 10), this simply synergizes perfectly with it (can reach -25 armour now). It's also a nuke.
    Blessing of Lightning - an AOE (Area Of Effect) instant heal. Fradz is low on healing spells and this is one of the few AOE heals in the game. On top of that it increases all the stats of allies too, which is simply great.
    Energy Ball - extremely powerful yet overlooked spell when used correctly. It heals and makes Fradz unkillable for a few seconds (helps in survival if you need just a bit more time to wait for a spell to come off cooldown), but the main point is the damage output possible. Because Fradz travels forward, enemies that get hit tend to walk away, and if Fradz follows them in the spell they will take damage multiple times. This can deal the most damage of any of Fradz's spells in this entire chapter. BUT, one disadvantage is that if you kill an enemy (finish it off) while in energy ball form, then you don't gain any charges on your sword of haste (or whatever starting pack item that needs charges). For this reason I only levelled it up once so that it would weaken but not kill enemies. Needless to say, if it was levelled up further most enemies could be instakilled easily.
    Invisible Strike - Survival in tight situations, plus the move speed for navigating around, plus more importantly the extra damage on a backstab attack. That extra damage is better than most nukes, and very powerful at all levels. I use this a lot to kill enemies, usually on every cooldown. Just watch out for it in the video!
    Teleport Strike - best skill for a physical DPS Fradz as it allows him to use all of his DPS buffs and attack damage and make full use of -armour. Stupidly powerful if all hits are directed at a single target (make sure nothing else is alive in range) with 5K or something damage pretty easy to achieve.

    The aim is to maximize your strengths while watering down your weaknesses. Fradz's main weakness is survivability, so I have 3 skills that help survival while also enhancing his physical DPS (guess which ones and why that is the case!).

    2. SKILL BUILD (how to spend ability points)
    At the start you have 6 points.
    2 x Blessing of Lightning - this is only for the stats. From the beginning if you have level 2 of this you can take EVERY digspot on the entire map. That's why I take it. If you think you are losing out on an ability point this early on, that is not the case because you can use the skill at the start to get another ability point from a digspot.
    1 x Scissor Stab - levelling this up further gives a higher nuke damage but nothing else, the damage increase isn't that great.
    2 x Invisible Strike - the damage from levelling this up is way better than the damage increase in scissor stab because this is a much more often used skill with more uses than scissor stab.
    1 x Energy Ball - because as discussed above, it is really powerful but I need to ensure I don't kill with it.

    3. ITEMS
    Surprisingly you have a bit more cash than in chapter 1!

    So as we want Francisca, we will want to buy both parts of Archeon's set from the shops, and complete the set after a quest. Then make this into a Topaz Axe when possible (Topaz from shop, axe from shop, recipe from shop) as it is very powerful and nets you an extra 12 agility permanently.
    Zocmo's set is great, so buy his boots when possible. They increase movespeed a LOT, and since it's an aura you can leave Zocmo's Boots in your box and still get increased movement speed. I use this tactic in the epic/elite boss battles to free up an inventory slot.
    Other good stuff to buy in this chapter, Soldier's helmet. You get the other two parts free and soldiers set is great on Fradz mainly for the extra HP, and also the other little bonuses.
    I may need Ring of Rejuvenate for bosses, but hopefully it won't come to that :)

    A lot of stuff can be sold again, including Centaurs Axe, whatever you get from the lucky box if it isn't useful, one amulet of strength (you get two), a bunch of evil eyes, mana belt, health belt etc.
    [li][size=11pt]Ch 2 More Quests[/size]
    Timeline: My basic path through the map, taking out the major minibosses, getting some sets, up until main boss fight.
    1:47 - Lesser Magic Ball (digspot)
    3:10 - Thief's Knife (black merchant)
    7:03 - Path of Speed (digspot)
    9:09 - 11:31 VOLDRO, Thief's boots, Second Son, 50g coins (digspot)
    12:15 - Soldier's Gloves, potion of agility (voldro quest reward)
    14:09 - Branch of Rejuvenation (digspot)
    17:07 - Soldier's Belt (digspot) (finished Soldier's Set)
    17:30 - 17:39 NHUTZI, health belt, ring of agility
    20:09 - Power Orb (stole it from Wildboard Chieftain likeabawss)
    22:30 - 23:58 TORNDER KING
    24:16 - 27:16 MADEILA, Pete's Pipe, Purple Stream
    29:00 - Shopping, Archeon's Knife, Archeon's Hood, Zocmo's Boots
    31:05 - 34:52 MIGHTY HYDRA and his minions, Archeon's Boots, Spiral Lightning

    Finished Archeon's Set so now I can gain permanent agility points. Got Zocmo's Boots too, the next item in mind is Topaz Axe (upgrade to Archeon's Set)

    Next video is the main boss! He is quite dangerous compared to last chapter's main boss :)
    [li][size=11pt]Main Boss[/size]
    Timeline: Take out the main boss, then the fishtherns in the bottom left, and the Momo Chieftain in the middle of nowhere. Then farm some, and kill the Scorpion King.
    0:42 - 4:23 MAIN BOSS, Centaur's Axe
    4:53 Lucky Clover (digspot)
    9:55 Claymore (Lucky Box)
    10:35 - 13:35 FISHTHERN CHIEFTAIN, Thief's Hood, Damanthe's Left Sword
    14:30 Shopping, sell Centaur's Axe and Claymore, buy Topaz
    15:30 - 18:14 MOMO CHIEFTAIN, Amulet of Life, Amulet of Strength
    19:16 - 22:21 WILDBOARD CHIEFTAIN, tempest stone. This is a fun fight!
    22:42 Shopping, Topaz Axe recipe
    24:52 Shopping, Stogo Helmet
    -boring period-
    32:55 - 35:35 SAND SCORPION KING, Toxic Sting

    The Obelisk Puzzle in Noc'toriah's Masoleum is a great place to farm up charges on your Sword of Haste or whatever starting pack item that requires charges. Between now and the next video I will simply be farming charges in there till I reach 300, and I get the maximum extra permanent agility from Topaz Axe (12).

    Next time, it's either the epic or the elite boss, I'm not too sure which will take my fancy first.
    [li][size=11pt]Epic boss[/size]
    Timeline: Enter temple, get past the rolling doors and defeat epic boss, that's pretty much it.
    0:40 Defeat Temple Guardians, grab Helm of Sunrise
    4:30 - 10:16 EPIC BOSS BATTLE
    6:09 Fradz vs Fradz battle
    10:18 Mr boss can't resist one last attack at me. Just die will you??

    To defeat the temple guardians, just kill one of them then defeat the other before the first one respawns. Don't forget to grab the Helm of Sunrise on the way up the stairs, resurrection is always helpful just in case.

    This boss isn't too difficult, I chose to do this boss before the elite one as firstly, you can steal a fantastic item from him at the start of the fight: Golden Idol, which gives 1000 HP and some stuff. Much needed HP for Fradz, helps a lot with the Elite Boss yet to come.

    Secondly it's easier and less frustrating than Noc'toriah the Elite Boss.

    I went for a lot of HP items against this boss, and dropped sword of haste because it was making no discernible difference to attack speed that I could notice, seems like a pretty nasty bug to me. I switched Power Orb and Path of Speed every so often to get the agility bonus.

    The part where you fight Fradz is simple, just heal when you need to, use your spells wisely, and meditate in a corner when he does his crazy attack.

    As for the events, they are quite obvious when he is about to do them, so no nasty surprises and no goddamn rape-nuke. That's my new word for boss nukes that have no warning and are undodgeable. So far Noc'toriah, And both Elite/Epic bosses from Chapter 1 have these darn rape-nukes.

    Next up is Noc'toriah himself, a real pain usually but we'll see how it goes.
    [li][size=11pt]Elite Boss[/size]
    0:08 Obelisk Puzzle
    1:01 - 8:18 ELITE BOSS BATTLE
    3:48 He did something I never saw before and started his windmill lightning diagonally. A VERY close call
    4:26 I use sword dance right in front of his lightning nuke, and managed to save myself in an epic scramble of a heal, between different parts of the damage. And Potion of Health was on cooldown lol (if I didn't get that heal in time I would have died)
    6:30 Another clutch heal, this time with power orb and a healing lightning ball.
    8:16 Enjoyable ending.

    NOTE: After the battle till the end of the video I do NOTHING of interest except try and decide what I want to sell. There is no need to watch it, you can see the items I kept at the bottom of the description.

    Hardest boss known to man... not really but his dual silences are unique and make this a bit of a lengthy battle. Small mistakes get you killed too easily, like using sword dance at the wrong time. I actually should have died a few times when I did that (sword dance doesn't let you move to dodge it), but watch in awe at 4:26 and 6:30 as I manage to survive. Another surprise is that his rape-nuke didn't rape me... was it finally removed?

    Spam Spiral Lightning from the Spellbook and run into ALL the healing lightning balls that come towards him, or they will heal him instead. As soon as you see him initiating an event, dodge appropriately (see video for how I dodge the different events at 1:24, 1:37, and 5:55)

    It wasn't shown in the video, but I eventually sold Mana Ball. The 10% magic damage was attractive, but the 1k Gold you get is more important in the next chapter.

    As a reminder, the items you want to keep at the end of this chapter are:
    Sword of Haste (or whatever starting pack item you chose)
    Golden Idol (not needed later but as it only sells for 200g I didn't bother selling it)
    Golden Claws
    Power Orb
    Thief's Set
    Soldier's Set
    Topaz Axe
    Helm of Sunrise
    Path of Speed
    Zocmo's Boots
    Lucky Clover
    Damanthe's Left sword (makes Damanthe's set)
    Tempest Stone (makes Orichalcon)
    Toxic Sting (part of a part of Demon Sphere)
    Lesser Magic Ball
    Magic Orb piece
    Amulet of Strength
    Ring of Agility
    Purple Stream (these three make Orb of Stats which is a part of a part of Demon Sphere)
    Second Son (makes Aerial Sword which makes Aero)
    Jewel of Health
    Branch of Rejuvenation (these two make Andenaj)
    Greedy Armor (This isn't strictly needed later on, but the extra 20% gold makes it pay for itself next time.. maybe. Sell it if you like)

    Next up is Chapter 3, a short but sweet chapter :D

    See you there!

[size=14pt]Chapter 3[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 3 Intro[/size]
    Timeline: Clear the entire map completely, defeat Main boss, and then take out the Elite boss
    1:42 Shopping, Zocmo's Gem, some Combat Kings (resurrection, trance)
    2:53 Frost Armature spellbook spell (drop from a frost beast)
    4:25 Mysterious Ring (drop from an Icy Hades)
    6:10 Magic Orb piece (on the floor)
    6:36 - 8:11 GHOSTS PUZZLE, path of magic, glyph of ability (need to get their mana to 0, I use hammer)
    8:54 - 12:30 MAIN BOSS, Spider Queens Essence (spend some time farming charges too)
    15:34 - 16:19 ICY BERSERK TROLL miniboss, lucky clover, third son
    17:01 - 18:47 ELITE BOSS, Ice Crown, Esper Anthanex
    19:40 Shopping, Orb of Magic
    20:55 Orb of Stats (Lucky Box)
    Note: the video was in parts originally but I joined them together. Ignore whatever I type at 16:30

    So this is quite a short chapter, I finish most of it in this video as you can see. You only need to buy a couple items from the shop, Zocmo's Gem and Orb of Magic, totalling 2000 gold. As usual I get some levels of Resurrection (don't know why I bother as I never seem to use it!) and this time some levels of trance. Not sure if trance works but extra magic damage is always welcome if it does.

    Unfortunately all the snow effects can make the game lag while recording, and the Main and Elite boss battles are pretty choppy at some points, so I apologize for that in advance. The main boss is pretty simple, hit and heal, same with the Elite boss. But during the Elite boss fight be sure to keep your distance as near the end Anthanex's attack damage increases a LOT and he does sudden unexpected rape-nukes that take about 80% off your HP so you need to be healed up. Definitely steal and equip Ice Crown off him as it is REALLY powerful at this point. If you built Galeoth like I have then spam all your spells as much as possible, kill everything with combos and heal whenever your HP drops. Inner Light is very cheap on manacost and has a 5 second cooldown so abuse it!

    To defeat the Ghost puzzle, reduce their mana to 0 then they will die. I use the Hammer spell but Omega Gloves and combat king magic torment will also do.

    The troll miniboss is pretty hard as he stuns you and does a LOT of damage per attack, just keep him stunned and don't be afraid to use everything including your ultimate on him.

    That's it for now, next time we use the mysterious ring and enter the epic boss area with a bunch of puzzles and an epic fight to finish it off!


    PS: Here is a rundown of my Magic Damage Galeoth Strategy:

    1. SKILLS
    There are two ways to build Galeoth, either all out nuker, or all out debuffer (slows enemies to a crawl). Unfortunately if you want to complete the epic boss within the time limit then the ONLY way to build Galeoth (on Extreme/Hardcore) is with nukes and the Ice Crystal Starter pack. So that's what I've done.
    Bone Chiller: AOE disable and nuke. Chose it over seal of resurrection as seriously, with Galeoth you either go all out or you go home. 100% firepower or nothing!
    Magical Hammer: AOE disable and nuke and mana burn
    Frozen Fang: AOE disable and nuke
    Inner Light: Very spammable heal, and Galeoth needs a heal.
    Frozen Paradise: AOE disable and nuke

    As you can see these are VERY powerful skills. All of them increase in potency depending on your magic damage which is great, and 4 of them are AOE nukes as well as disables - simply amazing. I wouldn't go for much else for a full-on magic damage Galeoth.

    2. SKILL BUILD (how to spend ability points)
    At the start you have 16 points.
    6x Magical hammer
    6x Frozen Fang
    1x Frozen Paradise
    1x Inner Light
    2x Ice Mastery
    Maxing out your nukes, and one level into your heal obviously. The two in Ice Mastery are useful as they increase the potency of ALL your spells including the heal. But choosing dedicated skill points for the nukes increases the damage more per nuke than Ice Mastery would, which is why I don't max out Ice Mastery right off.

    Throughout the course of the game, max out your ultimate and get some more points into the two main nukes (Magical Hammer and Frozen Fang). Your heal will get powerful enough as your ice crystal charges stack up.

    3. ITEMS
    Don't need to buy much, only 2k worth of items: Zocmo's Gem and Orb of Magic.

    The Lucky box will give Orb of Stats if this is your first playthrough without give ups and you get the clover first (and you didn't choose permanent luck with your starting packs)
    [li][size=11pt]Epic boss Area and Epic Boss[/size]
    0:15 Circle Puzzle
    4:27 Invisible Path Puzzle, lesser magic ball attainable
    5:41 Elemental Golems Puzzle
    9:11 - 12:10 EPIC BOSS BATTLE, omega gloves
    rest of it: Just selling stuff and walking to the end of the chapter.

    To complete the Circle Puzzle you need to get all circles the same colour. If you walk onto a circle then the golems come alive. Kill them to change the circle colour. Best way to do it is to change all the outer circles until they match the colour of the main one. After that run through all circles and kill all golems so that they all cycle through all the colours. That's how you get the Omega Orb piece. This puzzle is also a great way to farm up charges on your Ice Crystal, which is absolutely compulsory or you won't have the firepower to get through the level. It is also a great way to get to level 40 quickly.

    The Invisible Path Puzzle is OK if you know the way. If you don't then repeatedly call up your boxes to check if the way is clear. If one box doesn't appear then that way is not navigable. First you want to follow my path forward, right, up and left to the circle to activate it and lower the barrier that bars the end. Then go to the left path to get the items there using vacuum.

    As for the Two Golems Puzzle, just get them both to red health while keeping them apart so they don't heal each other. Then bring them close so you can kill them both at the same time. Repeat twice for the Omega Orb piece.

    The Epic boss is pretty easy, no dodgy attacks. The only thing is when he goes invulnerable and then does his explosion thing, I have no idea how to dodge that but if you have Frost Armature up it's easy to survive anyway. Use your esper, spam spells, and steal repeatedly until it succeeds. The Omega Gloves can be sold or kept because they burn mana.

    And that's it!

    As a reminder, the items you want to keep at the end of this chapter are:
    Ice Crystal (or whatever starting pack item you chose)
    Omega Orb 6 (MAYBE you should sell it as it doesn't synthesize or anything, but it's pretty powerful for a few Chapters so I kept it)
    Ice Crown (for the Mega Crown tier 4 item whatever it's called)
    Zocmo's Gem (for Zocmo's Set)
    Battlemage Cuirass
    Battlemage Boots
    Battlemage Gloves (for Battlemage's set)
    Lucky Clover
    Path of Magic (makes Three Paths)
    Orb of Stats
    Orb of Magic (Makes Excalibur)
    Lesser Magic Ball (1)
    Magic Orb (1 piece) (makes Ultimate Orb)
    Omega Gloves (CAN sell this too, it has a useful ability of burning mana but as you have Hammer you don't really need it. I should have sold now that I think back on it)
    Third Son (makes Aerial Sword which makes Aero)

    Chapter 4 next, back to Phodom for some fun!


[size=14pt]Chapter 4[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 4 Intro[/size]
    1:13 Belt of Sunrise (digspot)
    5:49 OPTIONAL STONES QUEST 1: orange stone
    5:55 Magic Orb piece (on an Island)
    8:51 Shopping, Damanthe's Right Sword
    10:18 Orb of Nature, step in dodgy pool 10x
    11:20 Wicked Gloves (digspot)
    11:38 SPIDER QUEEN MINIBOSS, lucky clover
    13:26 OPTIONAL STONES QUEST 2: black stone
    13:53 Trinket of Kindness (digspot)
    15:30 Branch of Rejuvenation (digspot)
    17:30 CARNIVORE (kind of miniboss)
    18:15 OPTIONAL STONES QUEST 3: red stone
    19:14 OPTIONAL STONES QUEST 4: blue stone
    19:28 Power Ring (Lucky Box)
    21:15 - 22:25 MIELIPUOLI MINIBOSS, Trinket of Hatred, Sword of Darkness, Lesser Magic Ball from Kasvati afterwards
    24:54 CARNIVORE
    25:11 Jewel of Health (digspot)
    27:17 Soldier's Sword (wooden box)

    NOTE: Be sure to leave the Main boss till the very end of this chapter, as doing it early totally messes up the chapter. You can't dig for the rest of the chapter, can't get to the elite boss, etc.

    There are a couple quests going on, the stones one you can start right away and finish it as you clear the map. Get the lucky clover before opening the lucky box. The Plagued Fishthern can do a lot of damage with his minions, it's best if you keep moving to minimize that. The Spider Queen has a mana burn, and also does dangerous damage but nothing serious. Mielipuoli has a ridiculous name that is spelled differently at different points in the campaign, but anyway as a miniboss he has a dangerous attack where he summons explosions in front of him. Quite easy to dodge, just run behind him when you see it coming. He also does critical hits so watch out.

    The Carnivores do a LOT of damage with their channeling thing, if you have a stun that will stop the spell immediately. Otherwise run from it as healing through it is not usually an option on hardcore (it takes a lot of healing power).

    Next up is the elite boss tree thing! Pretty easy, but has an interesting new spell or two that I hadn't seen before. Join me there!


    PS: Since the rest of Phodom's strategy has been discussed, here is some item information pertaining to this chapter:

    Lots of good stuff is obtainable in this chapter! We will need to decide what sets we can afford, and which ones we need right now against what can be delayed to a later chapter. I don't think there are any important synthesis items I buy.

    Ring or Rejuvenate and Ring of Great/Mega Rejuvenate can be delayed, and even then I'll only make it (up to life stone) if cash is plentiful. Orichalcon can't be made yet, but there is the option to complete Sapphire Axe. However it isn't needed this chapter so I'll make it in ch 5 for Francisca.

    The only items I will bother with now are the compulsory ones, Damanthe's Right Sword Zocmo's Shield and Sword of Light. Also, I'll be keeping Soldier's Sword from the quest so I won't have to buy it later, always nice to save gold.
    [li][size=11pt]Elite Boss and Epic Boss Cave[/size]
    Timeline: Take out elite boss, prepare for epic boss. It's a bit boring.
    0:00 Shopping, Sword of Light
    1:09 Glyph of Ability (digspot)
    1:54 - 7:23 ELITE BOSS BATTLE, Angela Belt, Ancient Leaf
    9:56 Epic Cave start
    11:55 Zocmo's Shield

    The Elite boss has about one dangerous spell, where he summons his three lines of explosions every second or so that obliterate everything in their path (2:33). I had actually never seen that spell before making this video, the boss has been changed recently so a lot of his stuff was new to me. Laugh at me at 2:34 onwards :D

    Easy to dodge anyway, by running behind him repeatedly or just stand back and move out of its way it's pretty slow. At one point he starts summoning Entangling Roots. You have to walk over the roots to prevent a Treant from appearing. Repeat about 12 times.

    Check out how to navigate the cave maze too. The trick is keep taking the middle path to get to the shop and digsite. From there it isn't too far to the Epic Boss area.

    [li][size=11pt]Epic Boss and Main Boss[/size]
    Timeline: Defeat Epic Boss, Defeat Main boss, Sell stuff! Main boss fight is pretty fun
    0:21 - 6:42 EPIC BOSS BATTLE, Dark Amulet, Jade Amulet
    8:29 Shopping, sell power ring (from lucky box), Poison Knife, Jewel of Health, Branch of Rejuvenation.
    9:36 digspot
    10:32 - 13:30 Strange stump, plus a bunch of stuff from the dragon slayers as I kept them alive.
    rest of the video: Sold off the dragon slayer stuff and the Strange Stump, exit.

    The Epic boss is a total nightmare currently. He is bugged and the spiral explosions thing is a bit too overpowered. They come too fast, the damage happens before the animation, and they have too high range. Frankly, it can't be dodged effectively at all so I just ran to the sides whenever he did it.

    He changes colour to indicate what spell will happen if you hit him. When he is brown, you are supposed to stay away from him or die an instant death (all the green explosions that rape you). Unfortunately the boss is quite bugged so at times in the video he would do the instant death move when he isn't brown, or he would do it randomly when I didn't attack him at all, etc. It's not possible to do this boss without a good deal of luck tbh.

    Sometimes he does his invulnerable events multiple times in a row which wastes precious minutes. My general strat was to take full-on tank items and magic damage items. Steal and equip Dark Amulet asap. Ground Zero can be timed by casting it just as he starts changing colour, so when he finishes changing he gets hit by it.

    The Main boss is frightfully simple, just bear in mind that you should keep the other dragon slayers alive when they arrive to get nice gold/items to sell after the battle (click on them). It is quite fun trying to get the weaklings to survive, and took some quick heals, defensive roar, and chaotic rift use.

    Chapter 5 next, finally we can buy some proper items... but I'm not going to :) Find out why next time!


[size=14pt]Chapter 5[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 5 Start and top half of map[/size]
    Timeline: Items, do many of the quests on the North side of the river.
    0:10 - 4:50 Shopping and item sorting! Quite boring, but I buy Andenaj and Soldier's Boots (used in Soldier's Set 2)
    6:03 Mail quest 1
    8:03 Mail quest 2
    9:10 Doom Lord quest initiate
    12:47 Lesser Magic Ball (digspot)
    13:34 Soldier's Armor (digspot)
    14:15 Mail quest 3
    16:55 Basement Key (digspot)
    19:54 Magic Heart
    24:00 Cuirass of Sunrise (black merchant)
    26:51 Doom Lord quest initiate properly (I forgot to walk in again the first time)
    28:30 Trinket of Kindness (digspot)
    31:20 Combat Kings n stuff
    34:34 Holy Ankh (digspot)
    36:40 Main Quest advance

    There is a bunch of boring shopping at the start, then we go on a Postman quest! Best to start the Doom Lord quest at this point as it does take a while for him to appear. I walked into the portal area once at the start but forgot to walk in there again. Did it later on.

    Finish off Sunrise set from the Black Merchant, and unlock the basement whenever you feel like. The vampires are a bit too annoying to take on at the moment though, much quicker to do them later and you don't miss out on anything.

    Note that I do a lot of seemingly random item changes on the fly. Firstly, Ruby axe, Topaz axe and Miragas set all give permanent stats, so I equip those and try to do a lot of physical attacks so I can max out the permanent stats asap. At all times I keep Andenaj and all +xp items on a single hero (Golden Claws, Golden Idol, Greedy Armor) so that they level up fast. The reason is that Andenaj gives a permanent 50HP on every level up. So I am trying to make each hero carry Andenaj when they level up so that they both get the permanent bonus. Sometimes you see me pull back one of the heros, this is so that the other one will get all the XP from kills. In addition, these 3 +XP items also give +gold, and every little bit of that helps a lot.

    Also, wolves at night and day are completely independent, so you can kill them from the same place at different times.


    PS: Once again, the items to be considered in this Chapter:

    The general theme of a no give-up walkthrough, is to buy only the stuff you absolutely need and don't complete synthesis if you can afford it unless you really need to. The more money you don't spend on items early on in the game, the more you will have through riddle question gold etc later on. And in Chapter 8 you will NEED amazing items to do anything.

    So although such items as Francisca, Ring of Mega Rejuvenate, Giga Ring etc are available to me this Chapter, I don't buy them as there isn't a dire need for it and I can still complete the chapter quite easily.

    Anyhow, Sunrise set needs to be completed this Chapter. Soldier's Set 2 I do complete just for the sake of it tbh.
    [li][size=11pt]Elite Boss and some more quests[/size]
    Timeline: Fight the elite boss, speed through the doom lord quest.
    1:02 - 8:10 ELITE BOSS FIGHT, Jade Cloak, Wind Booster
    10:02 - 14:13 DOOM LORD MINIBOSS, Fire Elemental Rune thing, Doom Sword

    The Elite Boss has a high damage capability, so make sure you bring some tank items. It's not too difficult to dodge his various whirlwind attacks though, just keep out of their way and heal constantly. Near the end when he has less than about 5% HP he will teleport to the centre and start summoning Magic Trees. This is a great time to farm the tree things, provided you don't let them overwhelm you, you can get a lot of XP by keeping the boss alive. I do this but near the end when I swap out Andenaj and XP items to Phodom it ruins my momentum and they mass up so I have to end the battle before reaching level 50.

    The Doom Lord is a pretty difficult miniboss too, he is normally fiendishly tricky to steal from and his silence damage over time spell (aptly known as Doom) is really powerful. No spells mean you can't heal yourself out of it, so be prepared to pull characters back and heal with potions/spellbook. The Doom sword you get is well worth it though, cleave is too good on your DPS hero!

    You want to sell Windy Staff as it isn't too useful compared to other items, and fetches a nice 1500gold.

    Next vid I take on all the quests to the South of the River. Some interesting scenery there, and a treacherous beast in man's clothing..
    [li][size=11pt]South half of the map and Main Boss[/size]
    0:23 Magic Orb (digspot)
    0:43 Glyph of Ability (digspot)
    3:43 Holy Sword, The Sword in the Stone
    5:03 Mega Ring, 3x lesser magic balls, Anatholo quest
    6:51 - 8:27 KAZAA LEADER MINIBOSS, Amulet of Great Life
    8:46 Glyph of Life (digspot)
    11:08 Lesser Magic Ball (digspot)
    11:44 Silver Shovel (digspot)
    14:01 - 15:15 PUMPKIN KING MINIBOSS
    18:02 - 18:54 FATHER BEAR MINIBOSS, Bear Fur
    19:54 GARGANTUAN RIVER TURTLE 1, Turtle Shell
    21:24 Epic Boss quest start
    21:55 - 22:28 MAIN BOSS, Skeleton Cape

    Side with John for the Kazaa quest. They give a nice amount of gold and XP and the only disadvantage is lower morality which doesn't really matter.

    After getting Mega Ring, now if a hero maxes out his level cap this Chapter, I equip him with Mega Ring and he can take two more levels. I usually level one guy up first with Andenaj also equipped, then the other so I don't have to watch for levels or switch Andenaj to get extra hp for everyone. It's easier.

    The Kaza Leader is quite difficult, kill all his minions first then take him on properly, and be sure to run back when required. You need to kill the Pumpking King twice within about 60 seconds, so don't take too long or he will just keep resurrecting. As for the Holy Sword, just use path of Power to get tons of str first, then pull it.

    Main boss is simple as usual, he doesn't do much damage do just whack him as you like and heal when needed.
    [li][size=11pt]Epic Boss and Final Items[/size]
    3:00 - 4:11 Shopping! Sell extra Trinket of Kindness, Amulet of Great Life, Fire Elemental Rune
    4:34 - 6:45 BASEMENT, VAMPIRES and VAMPIRE LORD MINIBOSS, Vampire Fang
    7:37 - 8:23 GHOST WOLF MINIBOSS, Ghost Wolf Claws
    11:07 - 18:57 EPIC BOSS BATTLE, Lesser Magic Ball, Scythe of Annihilation, Blade of Death, Holy Seal, Client 002
    22:39 Tharo, click 10 times to get Elexorien I. You die twice.
    26:44 - 28:43 KING ROCK ELEMENTAL MINIBOSS, Elemental Tablet
    33:52 Teleport Malfunction, I get to the LUCKY BOX without completing Greater Magic Ball Teleport Quest!
    SHOPPING near the end, I sell Greedy Armour, Scythe of Annihilation, Ghost Wolf Claws, Turtle Shell, Bear Fur, Elemental Tablet, Wicked Gloves and Endless Potion.
    I but Potion of Intellect, a Greater Magic Ball (but didn't end up giving it to the quest), and HOLY ANKH to complete Holy Set (THIS WASN'T SHOWN IN THE VIDEO, make sure you buy Holy Ankh)

    The reason I never gave up the Greater Magic Ball to that guy and got the teleports, is because they are too valuable. Greater Magic Balls stack up to massive Magic Damage later on. It isn't worth one luck point. I SHOULD have missed one luck point and the Lucky Box by not completing the quest, but a teleport glitched and I got the lucky box anyway. So I basically favoured a Greater Magic Ball over one permanent luck point. Good trade IMO!

    Watch out for the Gargantuan river turtle's wave attacks. The Vampires are alright but steal life pretty fast so just heal and out-damage their regen. The Vampire Lord, when he gets to red HP will teleport to the centre and start this very annoying attack where he does a lot of damage to one target over time. Just kill him fast to prevent a death, or do what I did and hide and poke :) Ghost Wolf, when he goes invulnerable just run as his scream attack is very powerful. Then return and carry on bashing him.

    And the Epic Boss! He is again pretty difficult, there are three forms and each is unique and EACH ONE HAS A STEAL ITEM so steal all of them. The items are pretty powerful too. First form is pretty simple, just heal a lot. He usually puts one of your characters to sleep for a LONG time though. Second form is OK, if he disappears then run around as he will reappear and fire a line of explosive green stuff at you. His channeling attack is easy, just don't stand directly North, South, East or West of him. Third form is pretty hard and hard to steal from too. He has a cleaving attack (his blade drips purple corrosive stuff) which hits both characters for a lot of damage, and a long stun to hold you in place. If that happens then heal with potions/spellbook. He also summons green explosions that follow your guys around. Run. And lastly, he summons a curve of massive explosions in front of him so run behind when you see him lift his blade.

    And in case you were wondering I don't know what the levers around him do, but if you don't hit them very annoying abominations get summoned, that slow you down to a CRAWL and must be killed asap.

    That's it for Chapter 5 then! I sell a lot of stuff, all the animal set components for one thing, and the Turtle Shell.

[size=14pt]Chapter 6[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 6 Intro, White Key[/size]
    Timeline: Enter Kar'gath and take out the first general, Nar'shi
    2:50 Orb of Degeneration (digspot)
    5:23 Fire Stone
    6:50 Thunder Boots (digspot)
    7:40 Triangle Flask/Square Flask (shops)
    9:15 WHITE KEY
    10:08 - 12:51 NAR'SHI MINIBOSS, Death Spike, Butcher's Helmet (I forgot to pick up the butcher's item till the very end of this chapter)
    16:44 Lesser Magic Ball (Man Eater)

    Pretty simple start, take on Nar'shi while underlevelled just because I can. Don't forget the Fire Stone, walk over the fire with Phodom. Also Thunder Boots is an amazing item for Fradz (costs about 4.5k from the shop).

    I bought some flasks for making potions using Alchemy so I can make a Potion of Intellect, but never got down to it in the end as I decided not to do the Forgotten Ones Quest where it is required.

    ITEMS: In this chapter you CAN again make a lot of synthesis items. But the items you get from quests etc are pretty powerful and get you through the game just fine. It's better to stockpile the gold like I did. If you feel tempted then make a greater magic ball or two. Don't turn them into a Zozi though it really isn't required and the magic damage is too good to pass up.
    [li][size=11pt]Purple and Teal keys[/size]
    Timeline: Get two more keys, finish two minigames, and defeat another General. Lot of farming near the end.
    1:14 Nightmare Puzzle Minigame, tons of potions, luck point, Powerful Shovel, stuff in general.
    7:31 - 12:26 FUDO MINIBOSS, Demon Cloak, Butcher's Armor
    14:36 TEAL KEY
    16:03 Lesser Magic Ball (digspot)
    16:35 PURPLE KEY
    16:42 Lesser Magic Ball (digspot)
    16:50 - 18:41 DEATH BRINGER 1, Unholy Cloak
    21:26 Lesser Magic Ball (Demoness Warlord)
    22:49 Lightning Stone
    23:13 Ancient Sword (black merchant)
    23:44 Amulet of Great Magic (digspot)
    25:09 Lesser Magic Ball (Demoness Warlord)
    25:39 - 40:14 Farming Deathless (very boring to watch)
    41:00 - 42:55 DEATHLESS MINIGAME

    Sold Amulet of Great Magic.

    Fudo is not meant to be done at this point, but I went for it anyway. He kills in one crit so it is a pretty big risk. His spells aren't too bad, but those towers burn a lot of mana.

    The Deathless is a great place to level up, as they keep respawning unless you kill them in a certain order. I spend a LONG time just farming XP from them. To complete the deathless game, you need to kill two of them with the same colour in a row and repeat till every pair is dead.
    [li][size=11pt]Yellow Key, more bosses[/size]
    Timeline: Get the last key, kill 3 more minibosses and do the last minigame.
    1:40 - 2:10 TELEPORT MINIGAME
    7:05 Shopping, but Soldier's Shield, Finish Soldier's Set (3), get some Combat Kings
    9:52 Lesser Magic Ball (Demoness Warlord)
    14:40 - 16:56 ZOR'ZO MINIBOSS, Greater Magic Ball, Qzoch's Left Hand
    17:55 Zozi (digspot)
    18:23 YELLOW KEY
    18:58 Shopping, Sell Lightning Elemental Rune, Potion of Life, Death Spike
    23:05 - 25:42 XOD MINIBOSS, Ice Elemental Rune, Battlemage Pauldrons
    27:31 - 31:02 DARK MESSIAH MEGABOSS (he isn't mini anyhow. First part of the battle I was preoccupied, died a few times. Play properly the second half), Jade Blade, Falchion
    32:14 Lesser Magic Ball (Demoness Warlord)
    32:43 - 33:00 DEATH BRINGER 2, Unholy Amulet
    34:41 Lesser Magic Ball (Demoness Warlord)
    35:11 - 37:54 MISTER SKELETON QUEST, Magic Orb, Butcher's Weapon
    40:51 Elite Quest start

    Zor'Zo has a nasty long stun, and a long hex spell too. Otherwise just kill the Doom things if they mass up too much and you should be fine. You can prevent more doom things by killin the Zor'zo bombs before they hatch.

    Whenever Xod lifts his sword slowly he is about to do his Ice attack, so run behind him. Otherwise not too tricky, but the Guardian Liches he summons are VERY annoying, they slow you down and if there is enough then will overwhelm you and kill you easily. Kill them fast when he summons 4 at once.

    As for the Dark Messiah, steal him asap and equip the Jade Blade as it is AMAZING. When he spins just run. He is immune to magic and does a hefty amount of damage. If he fades out, run and make sure both characters have full HP. If he lifts his sword slowly, get behind him as that shockwave will kill instantly.

    Mister Skeleton teleports and heals, and has a mana burn. The Butcher has a disease aura that does a lot of damage over time so heal up properly. When he stops hitting run behind him to dodge his black smoke thing.
    [li][size=11pt]Elite Boss[/size]
    Timeline: Defeat Elite boss, rescue Galeoth and do the final Miniboss.
    0:00 - 4:17 ELITE BOSS BATTLE, Esper Faerga, Flames of War Spellbook spell.
    7:51 - 10:23 XADA BOSS BATTLE, Shadow Armor, Shard of Shadows
    15:42 Skull Shield (Lucky Box)
    16:22 - 17:17 EXECUTIONER 1, Juggernaur Armor
    18:28 - 19:38 EXECUTIONER 2, Juggernaur Armor
    20:22 Zyl Orb
    20:25 Ice Stone
    21:12 Restoration Scroll (digspot)
    22:47 Potion of Experience Recipe, 2x Potion of Experience
    23:29 Lucky Clover
    25:08 - VAMPIRE LORD MINIBOSS, Qzoch's Right Hand
    26:10 Potion of Life Recipe (digspot)
    29:04 - 30:11 Champion Skeletons n stuff

    The hardest part of the Elite Battle is probably when Faerga splits into 4 of his mega minions things. They do a lot of damage and you don't have much HP. His spells aren't too hard to dodge, if he channels just run for a bit. Always walk out of the Meteors wherever they fall and you should be good to go. Don't fight on lava for obvious reasons.

    Xada is pretty easy. When he does a slow attack run behind. His second form is a pain as he does his fan of explosions thing fast and without warning, and I don't have the movespeed to get out of the way in time to survive. Should have made Aerial Shoes or equipped Zocmo's Boots maybe.

    Executioner's require only one tactic, when they start channeling (hold their lance to their chests) just run out of range so their uber-taunt thing won't get you.

    When Champion Skeletons start to channel, just run back a bit. They have a couple of good explosive spells that could damage you quite a bit.
    [li][size=11pt]Epic Boss, finishing off[/size]
    Timeline: Kill Epic Boss, pick up a few things I missed, SELL EVERYTHING, and finish main boss in 18 seconds. YES, THE PWNAGE STARTS HERE!
    1:12 - 2:00 EPIC BOSS BATTLE, Chillers, Nether Staff, Client 003
    2:05 - 6:28 Awesome cutscene, sorry I forgot to skip it!
    9:06 Glyph of Ability (digspot)
    9:35 pick up Butcher's Helmet (forgot to do so earlier)
    10:40 - 10:50 DEATH BRINGER 3, Unholy Axe (yep in 10 seconds :D)
    12:39 - 13:27 Shopping, go through all items I have left after LOTS OF SELLING (not shown)
    14:14 Medal of Friendship, Kargath Generals Quest reward
    15:07 - 15:25 MAIN BOSS BATTLE, Fire Elemental Rune
    15:43 - end, Riddle Questions!

    Jurxy would be pretty hard, but I just kill him so fast it doesn't even matter. This is an example of the power of Magic Damage Phodom and Galeoth, and a Physical DPS Fradz on steroids! Anyway, if Jurxy lifts his weapon slowly back over his head, move out of the way if you want to live.

    Main boss is pretty easy. Unfortunately I killed him so fast he didn't have time for any special events. Normally he does stampede and flame explosions and some more stuff, just practice dodging it really it isn't too hard.

    If you want to see what items I have at the end of the chapter, check out at 12:39 onwards, I go through all my boxes.

    A fun chapter with mini games and all! Next time we encroach upon the epic and massive chapter 7. A fan favourite for sure with some fiendishly difficult bosses and a difficulty jump that is plain retarded yet loved all the same! Also I max out my magic damage Phodom build at the end, and another time spend about 20k for one item in one go. Intrigued? See you there :)


[size=14pt]Chapter 7[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 7 Intro, Bunch of Pacifist Quests![/size]
    Timeline: Medicine Quest, Secret Meeting Quest, Holgro, Maximillian, etc
    (quest items/acts are in CAPITALS)
    0:52 Divine Crest (digspot1), Maximilian Quest 1st component
    3:43 Restoration potion (digspot2)
    5:16 CLIENT MASTER: 2000 gold, Jade Shield, Belt of Rejuvenate
    6:28 Magic Orb piece (digspot3)
    7:50 SECRET MEETING QUEST 1 Avenir
    8:02 300 gold (digspot4)
    9:05 - 32:38 AUCTION HALL: Labella (4400), Ring of Hope (2490), DAMNED CARAPACE (2604), Lucky Horseshoe (1299), Gilmax (20900), SECOND PART OF HOLGRO (1266), Lucky Horseshoe (1269), Ring of Despair (2469), Greater Magic Ball (3900)
    33:14 Lesser Magic Ball (digspot5)
    36:30 Luck Point
    37:23 Magic Garden Quest (I don't complete it as it's useless in this version of TCO)
    37:55 Lesser Magic Ball (digspot6)
    38:51 Magic garden, MEDICINE QUEST NIO FLOWER, 9 flowers for 3 alchemist levels
    44:00 POTION OF LIFE (make 2x Bahm Potions, 5x Potion of Strength for Galeoth, 12x Potion of Health and 3x Potion of Intellect for Fradz)
    49:30 SECRET MEETING QUEST 2 Jeremiah
    50:00 SECRET MEETING QUEST 3 Callum
    50:50 MEDICINE QUEST give potion to Sean
    52:35 SECRET MEETING QUEST end, choose to be honest (thieves are here)
    53:58 HOLGRO QUEST END, sell him two parts for 3000 gold
    56:50 Demon Javelin (Black Merchant, 6000 gold)
    58:52 MEDICINE QUEST END, choose Inner Stone (sell it later, bugged item)
    59:57 DIVINE BOOTS (digspot7)

    In this video I basically get through a bunch of digspots and quests that don't include any fighting. I kept all of it to one video for reference, next time we will start on the actual combat of this chapter.

    Items in chapter 7, again don't buy anything you can buy later, don't synthesize if you can help it. I make Elexorien II to get part 3 for free, and then sell it for cash and buy demon javelin from black merchant for Demon Sphere. I should have sold Demon Sphere parts and used Elexorien tbh but it's too late now. Otherwise there is no need to synthesize anything. I sell another load of stuff this chapter which I won't be making at the end. I get the parts for Aero, keep everything needed for Crown of Magic, Andenaj III, and Shadow Set, to make some of them in chapter 8. In the Auction Hall I spend about 40k. Gilmax and Ring of Enlightenment are well worth it, Damned Carapace and Holgros and Greater Magic ball are also essential for me. I also get lucky horseshoes for fun.

    Next vid we start the actual fighting! See you there :)

    [li][size=11pt]The Fighting Begins! Ruy'Arvoz and Gladiators[/size]
    Timeline: Farm Gilmax to FULL, do a few quests involving fighting :)
    0:36 - 3:28 Farming in Mystic Portal area during Ruy'Arvoz fight. Gained 500 Charges on Gilmax.
    3:28 - 6:08 MYSTIC PORTAL BOSS RUY'ARVOZ, DAMNED SHOES, 4x Lesser Magic Ball, Zozi, Client 004
    9:29 - 13:32 Team Gladiator Arena (all of it)
    15:42 - 30:11 Solo Gladiator Arena (elementalist fight is fun!)
    30:47 Gladiator Shop: Aerial Armor, DIVINE HELMET, Greater Magic Ball, 1000 gold

    For the Ruy'Arvoz fight, it is a great place to farm charges and kills and XP. The boss pretty much leaves you alone and you can relax as much as you like. When you are done farming be sure to kill the Mystic Portals in the four corners as they drop lesser magic balls. The boss himself is easy to defeat, just keep wacking him till his mana finishes and he can no longer heal himself. When he lifts both hands and starts channeling then run back, he stuns and does a lot of damage over time to an area around him. Too easy to die in there.

    The Gladiator fights are easy, I used Galeoth in the solo fights for a challenge. The elementalist was the only one that took some care not to die. Gilmax is simply too powerful.
    [li][size=11pt]Main Boss and Ridiculous Statue[/size]
    Timeline: 3 digspots, Maximillian, and two bosses.
    0:51 Glyph of Ability (digspot8)
    1:54 MAXIMILLIAN QUEST END, Heavy Divine Maximilian
    4:12 Glyph of Life (digspot9)
    6:35 Zozi (digspot10)
    8:38 - 9:30 MAIN BOSS BATTLE, Lightning Elemental Rune
    11:00 - 13:09 GIANT STATUE BATTLE, 1500 gold

    Maximillian is the best tank item in the game, I chose Heavy Divine for the massive tankishness, as tank items work very well with my strategy of magic damage and heals.

    The Main Boss does quite a bit of DPS from his physical attack, in his second phase. Be sure to have a quick finger on the heal button. He didn't have a chance to do many of his events unfortunately.

    The Statue isn't too hard, when he hits all the way down really slowly then run away from him to not get hit by the nuke. When he summons all the other statues, then he can't be killed until you kill all of them first (he has ultra regen). But be sure to only attack a couple of them at a time so they don't all come at you or you will die fast.
    [li][size=11pt]Elite Boss Esper Nyrxz[/size]
    Timeline: Defeat Esper Nyrxz, prepare for Epic boss battle
    0:47 - 9:31 ELITE BOSS BATTLE, Thunder Ring, Esper Nyrxz
    10:33 EPIC QUEST STEP 2
    13:26 Angel's Wing (Lucky Box)
    12:00 - 15:09 Make Elexorien II (recipe from small market, Elexorien I from ch 5, Exepede from large market, Topaz from large market)
    17:25 Elexorien III (meet Tharo whilst you have Elexorien II on Fradz)

    One of my favourite bosses of all time. Nyrxz is extremely difficult if you don't know how to handle him, but extremely easy once you are familiar. Definitely a fun fight! Here is how to dodge his skills:
    1. (1:09) Repeatedly forces you away/towards him every "tick" (happens every half second or so), interrupting any cast or action. At every tick you should click once, to move your guys against the forced movement. Just once per tick right after every one. If you need to heal, cast it right after a tick. Be sure to not get too close to him, nor leave the stage or you will be damaged badly.
    2. (1:50) Lifts his hands to the sky three times slowly. Then screen zooms in and every character takes damage to within their full HP pool, minus one point. Basically when you see him start this event, you must make sure every character has FULL hitpoints, or they will die. As soon as the damage is done heal up using whatever heal spells you have immediately, as Nyrxz will teleport next to you and attack a few seconds later.
    3. (2:08) Summons 4 thunder minions, every few seconds he faces a character over a second or two, lifts his hands and shoots thunder forward doing great damage in that direction. What you need to do is attack the Minions and kill them, but at the same time watch Nyrxz CAREFULLY. As soon as you see him turn, go round him away from where he faces so that your characters avoid the thunder damage. Repeat until the Minions are dead, but don't rest then because he shoots a couple more thunder nukes usually. WATCH CAREFULLY
    If you can get these three counters to his events down, he is easy as chips. I didn't die once!

    Walk in the places shown to activate the Epic Boss. Meet Tharo with Elexorien II to get Elexorien III. I forgot that it needed Exepede and not Labbela, so unfortunately I wasted about 5k in the auction hall for nothing. Labbela is useless so I sold it.

    Sold a lot of stuff, all the Excalibur parts, some lightning elemental runes etc. Will only take stuff that I plan to use into chapter 8.
    [li][size=11pt]Epic Boss Siluze[/size]
    Timeline: Defeat Siluze, sell everything I don't need, end the chapter.
    0:00 - 2:41 EPIC BOSS BATTLE, Zyl Orb, Omega Helmet, Client 005
    The rest is the clientmaster (for clients 4 and 5), and shopping etc.

    Siluze is another fantastically made boss. His massive death skull (see 1:03) is a very interesting move indeed. It will target one character, so find out which (seperate them and see who it follows), then pull him away and attack it with the other two until it dies. You can stun it, and use nukes etc which is quite useful.

    I didn't bother with a lot of the puzzles in this chapter. Firstly I can't do the circle puzzle (on level 3), the explode minigame is easy, but it used to make the campaign think I was cheating and insta-lose so I didn't bother chancing it; and I'm not too interested in driving dodgy steam tanks about ridiculous tracks. Can't really be bothered practicing it, all for an honor point or two as they aren't very useful to me at this stage of the game with maxxed out resurrect CK.

    I finally get Haamna! Chapter 8 is going to be fun. I sell off the rest of the stuff, including the Omega Helmet from Siluze. It's good, but I won't use it and it's better to have the cash than an unused item! I somehow manage to acquire 30k gold from all the selling.

    See you in chapter 8!


[size=14pt]Chapter 8[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Ch 8 Intro, Otzi's[/size]
    Timeline: Otzi horn quest, couple digspots, challenge quest, troll village shopping.
    NOTE: didn't show how to complete ICE CAVERN CHALLENGE puzzle on video, just read below for how to do it.
    0:39 Lesser Magic Ball (digspot1)
    1:43 - 6:56 OTZI HORN QUEST
    6:10 Rikhano's Armor (digspot2)
    9:01 Glyph of Life (digspot3)
    14:00 Shopping sometime around here, Make Andenaj III, buy Dust of Appearance, as many Greater Magic Balls as possible, Demon Sphere.
    19:26 Ice Cavern CHALLENGE quest, farm golems till level 70ish, then finish the puzzle. To finish it, attack each golem, lead him to the middle of the map (or any chosen place) and kill him there. Kill them all in the same place and quest completed (they won't respawn).
    25:00 Buy Aero around this time
    26:06 - end OBELISKS PUZZLE START (hit red one with Phodom spell, yellow one with Fradz Spell, Blue one with Galoeth spell, kill everything that comes out, don't let the obelisks get destroyed at any time)

    Not much to say, I end up selling Rikhano's set, don't really need it. Made Andenaj III because the only thing I really need is tank items at the moment. Also made Demon Sphere for the +40 stats and DPS, helps Fradz out in HP as well as damage.

    I forgot to record the end of the CHALLENGE quest and how to defeat the Golems, but it's pretty simple just make sure you have one character standing over the place where the previous one died, at the instant you kill the next. Or lead them all to one place to kill them. Use defensive roar to keep them there if they turn back.
    [li][size=11pt]Part 2, not sure exactly what I do here, probably shop a lot[/size]
    0:00 - 2:51 Omega Boss Dude. OBELISK PUZZLE END, get Omega Bracelet, Greater Magic Ball
    3:41 Ice Cloak (Black Merchant, 3000 gold)
    8:45 Zozi (digspot4)
    9:08 Luck Point
    9:31 Heltheer (Lucky Box)
    10:44 - 11:45 SHAZULAR MINIBOSS, Magic orb piece, Zozi
    13:18 - 13:27 GAOMDO IN TEN SECONDS HELL YEAH!!!! Zyl Orb piece

    Get Ice Cloak because it is an aura item. As in previous chapters, i keep all aura items in a box and ensure it is lying close to the characters during any difficult boss battle. Great way to save inventory slots and still benefit from auras.

    I kill Gaomdo in ten seconds. Even better than I thought ;)

    Next vid we see the real meat of this chapter, the Main boss and Elite boss. Especially the Elite boss.
    [li][size=11pt]The HEALERRR!!! And Main boss, Tazefda, Behemoth and all that.[/size]
    Timeline: Main Boss, Behemoth, Healer, Otzi King, Epic quest preparations and first bits of everything.
    0:07 - 1:46 MAIN BOSS BATTLE, Ice Elemental Rune (I don't bother stealing but he just drops it anyway, cool)
    5:29 - 6:44 BEHEMOTH MINIBOSS, Rikhano's Spear
    8:30 Final Shopping, sell Omega Bracelet, Lucky Clover and Lucky Horseshoe, Shadow Armor, bunch of stuff. Buy whatever you like, I should probably have bought Tera Ring and used potion of experience on everyone now that I think back.
    15:40 - 18:32 THE HEALER ELITE BOSS BATTLE, Jade Armor, Ogozoma
    21:20 EPIC QUEST STEP 1, cutscene on Rot'Afor with invisible sight item
    23:25 EPIC QUEST STEP 2, cutscene at Ice Plaze place.
    25:17 Ice Mountains Quest start
    26:08 - 26:33 OTZI KING MINIBOSS
    31:05 Ice Mountains Quest end, Crystool
    24:13 EPIC QUEST STEP 3 LOCATION 1, click wisps stage 1 - I FAIL, so we are still at stage 1.(Tazefda can be at one of 5 random places in stage 1, this is one of those places)
    26:02 EPIC QUEST STEP 3 LOCATION 2, click wisps stage 1 - I FAIL AGAIN, so still at stage 1, Tazefda has teleported to another of his locations.
    28:32 (where Phodom is) EPIC QUEST STEP 3 LOCATION 3, click wisps stage 1 - Tazefda isn't at this location, still at stage 1, I need to check the other locations to try and find him
    28:46 EPIC QUEST STEP 3 LOCATION 1 again, click wisps stage 1 - I SUCCEED, now at stage 2, Tazefda is at top of map.
    29:23 EPIC QUEST STEP 3 STAGE 2 TOP OF MAP LOCATION, click wisps stage 2, I FAIL, so we go back to stage 1, and Tazefda has teleported to one of his locations for stage 1.
    33:18 stage 1, find Tazefda at LOCATION 3, succeed in clicking wisps, get to stage 2.
    33:20 stage 2, I fail at clicking wisps dammit, back to stage 1.
    37:42 - 39:49 EPIC QUEST STEP 4, TAZEFDA MINIBOSS, Zaijsla
    end: EPIC QUEST STEP 5, Epic boss fight.

    The Healer battle is my favourite. Equip a lot of steal items on Fradz, first step in the fight is to steal Jade Armor and make Jade Set and give it to Fradz ASAP. When first form goes invulnerable run far away immediately. The second form has a lot of physical DPS, use Phodom to tank but ONLY with heavens bless heal activated or he will die quickly. Keep healing! When Infernal Golems arrive, kill them quick. Always keep Galeoth back so he doesn't die, and just heal as soon as you kill one BEFORE killing the next. I ran everyone except Phodom back as soon as they were about to explode. Worked perfectly.

    So step 3 of the epic quest is kind of messed up, I can't seem to get all the wisps many times and I get frustrated and stop recording. Then I do it straight away, and realise I don't have a load point to record from so I just carry on the video. I tried to explain what to do at 35:50, pause the video there if possible.

    Basically find Tazefda, click wisps, then go to top of map and click again. If you get the wisps both times in a row you are done.
    [li][size=11pt]Epic Boss! And you get to see me test out Ogozoma (it is freaking awesome, forget Espers after seeing this)[/size]
    Timeline: Epic Boss, Ogozoma, end
    0:12 - 5:02 EPIC BOSS BATTLE, Zandiolo
    8:17 I USE OGOZOMA!! Be amazed.
    8:55 Go through quest list, and go through multiboard so you can see my stats :)
    end: I do riddle questions, show off the ending screen etc.

    Epic boss is kinda hard as he has random nuke attacks that can kill. Also one hero is disabled at all times, it switches heroes every so often. Make sure you don't let it get too crowded with the ice rock things, destroy them every so often. With Jade set it is pretty quick to take them down.

    Ogozoma is awesome right?


    There will be more challenging videos to come, I can improve upon the current walkthrough a lot, saving time by not recording the bits where I am simply deciding about items or shopping as that wastes a lot of time. I also want to do a hardcore run while not using resurrection CK at all, and with 0 deaths (so no resurrecting). I'm not sure if I'll do just the boss battles like that or if I'll do another entire walkthrough. We shall see!

    Till next time guys and ladies,


    [size=14pt]P.S: LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE!![/size]

Original version, just bosses:
Hey everyone!

I know Killa is doing one of these, but his (awesome) videos have a slightly different purpose to what I plan to do with this. This is going to be a Hardcore playthrough from scratch, no give-ups, no extra honor points or gold or luck, just pure strategy and making do with what a single playthrough can muster.

I am not sure if I plan to record the entire chapter so people can see where to obtain different items, the digsites and basically a full walkthrough of the game, or if I will just do the boss battles. In either case, this will be done in version 1.8e with all the new item and other changes.

Let me know if you want a complete walkthrough, or just boss battles and strategy.

So without further ado...

[size=14pt]Chapter 1[/size]

  • [li][size=11pt]Strategy[/size]
    I'm building Phodom as a tank caster, so stacking magic damage items as well as HP (strength) items. The skills chosen are the most powerful spells DPS wise,
    Meltdown - armor reduction and strong nuke
    Ground Zero - most powerful AOE spell no contest
    Heavens Bless - for resurrection, and heal over time beats instant heal for boss battles usually.
    Aura of Fire - for spare ability points, it's really good though especially at early levels
    Chaotic Rift - useful because it's dependent on magic damage which I am focusing on, and also the attack disable will help a lot
    Defensive Roar - Phodom is a great tank, but enemies tend to focus squishy Fradz and Galeoth, so this will fix that problem at least a bit.

    The reason I'm going for tank caster is because 1. Phodom is the best tank, and 2. his attack speed is too slow to be a great physical DPSer whereas his spells are really powerful. Also with limited money in this no give up run, it is more viable to go for spell based builds as you lack the cash for DPS items.

    Skill Build
    Ground Zero - point in this first as it will kill any creep all over the map in one cast. So powerful. Use as much as you can then meditate and repeat.
    Aura of Fire - no manacost, very good dps
    Heavens Bless - need one of these at this point to take on the better minibosses, but only really on extreme
    Ground Zero - it's too powerful
    Meltdown - more nuking as this is a spell damage build
    Heavens Bless - Debatable whether you want this or Meltdown, but this may help more on Extreme/Hardcore difficulties
    Chaotic Rift - more burst nuking, and the attack silence helps against bosses for survival

    This is where the decisions are difficult. Cash is very limited, but there a few things to aim for.
    Francisca is a great item due to the +stats every chapter, so we will aim to complete its components, Maragath and Miragas sets. We also aim to turn Maragaths set into Ruby Axe as it is one of the few ways to boost your HP, which is very welcome. This in total will cost around 1500 this chapter.
    Zocmo's set is pretty awesome, so Zocmo's gloves are necessary. Feel free to sell stuff that isn't needed, or can be obtained later. This includes Tzitorin, Speedy boots, Gladius, Branch of Rejuvenation, Spiked Club, evil eyes, rune bracer, plate shield, etc.
    I'll probably make a video about item decisions soon.

    [li][size=11pt]Main boss[/size]
    Pretty simple boss, nothing too dangerous and all of his attacks are easy to dodge.

    Start off with +steal items, steal him and quick-switch your +steal items to better ones. In this video it's Widger Queens Ring.

    Very quick one, but it gets more interesting later on.

    [li][size=11pt]Elite boss[/size]
    Elite boss is kind of tricky,

    His nuke does 900 damage a pop and is undodgeable, instant and without warning. HP is only about 1100 at this stage (basically because this is a "from scratch" run so I didn't have money for +HP items).

    The aim here is to keep your health as high as possible at all times. I synthesized Ruby Axe on the fly to help with the low health problems.

    Otherwise his skills aren't too hard to dodge. Falling rocks is a bit random but you can heal them off easily. You just gotta pray that he doesn't net you right before starting his multiple waves thing, because that is pretty much a disgusting death or two. He got me in that combo at one point (0:45 ish) but luckily I didn't get hit before net ended.

    [li][size=11pt]Epic Boss[/size]
    The dreaded Archmage.

    This boss also has an instant, undodgeable nuke (common factor in Ch 1 Elite and Epics, don't ask me why) but as I have a few more +str items it's somewhat easier to survive. Healing is the key. I make good use of potions to ensure I don't get nuked into oblivion.

    His main events are easy to dodge and heal through, no nasty surprises there. I quick-switched Path of Power every cooldown and also had boots of sunrise handy at all times.