Your Favorite/Most Hated Game of Thrones Character

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Jul 7, 2009
So the Hive doesn't have a movie subsection. That's alright.

What's your favorite Game of Thrones character?

By far, my favorite main character has been Bronn, especially in the TV series. In the books, Roose Bolton and Yoren captivated me from the start.

Favorite Stark? Robb Stark. Favorite Lannister? I prefer Jamie over Tyrion but Tywin Lannister kicks ass.

Favorite bastard? Jon Snowwwwwwww.

I despised Daenerys during most of her scenes. She was like an annoying little girl who thinks the world revolves around her. Jorah Mormont and her bloodriders, Aggo, Jhogo and Rakharo, are awesome.

Hated Sansa Stark. Too ladylike. Catelyn Tully's chapters were pretty boring during the first 3 books.

Favorite House would probably be the Gryejoys. Hate the southron Houses. Absolutely loathe the Freys.

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Oct 12, 2007
My absoute favorite is probably Eddard Stark (Boromir is always fucking awesome, regardless in what universe he exists in), followed by Jon Snow.

The ones I hate the most are probably Joffrey (that little bitch) and Sansa (god, she is annoying). Now that I think of, I hate all Lannisters. Death to all Lannisters!
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Jan 4, 2013
i like Lord Varys for symbolic reasons. the fact that he's a manipulative eunuch just perks the whole thing up.

i guess i don't like the role Ceresi plays much, but she actually makes up for it by being a scheming vixen.

so for kinda iffy acting and plot reasons, i dislike Sansa and Joffery the most, they are both squirmy sluts.
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Jan 8, 2008
Favourite character used to be Tyrion until he became crap. I'd have to say Tywin always brought a smile to my face. You must appreciate Edmure Tully for his brilliant military tactics and how everybody always ignores him despite him quite capable (the underdog). Joffrey was a welcome change to the usual bland "tyrant" characters presented in books thus I enjoy him for that. The most boring, stupid, annoying and senseless character is Arya. WHY DO I HAVE TO READ YOUR CHAPTERS???
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Apr 7, 2012
I fucking hate Jeroffy or what ever. Damn asshole I say, to the gallows with him, I dont think westros would like it though.

My Favoirite Chars are:
Jon Snow, he pretty cool
And then A speacial Char Ghost that direwolf is awsome.
Yep The lannisters are bitches on stack loads of coin (the worst kind!)
But then again most are!
Season 3 people:
Well I hate this blond with dragons(Calisy), somehow she is fine but part with her is too boring to me. I love john snow and that redhead bitch with him, they are going to fuck soon I am sure. Also short guy is cool.
BUT main part in episode 3 season 3 is this Square Podric, you have to want it.
I hated kingslayer but now I like it also this "mountain woman" knight is cool to be, she kicked his ass xD. Today I should watch episode 4. About joffrey, well he is totaly negative, but actor is soo good I could never be realistic like he :). I hate sansa she is ass kisser. Theon is man divided in two part and it is hard to him to chose. Also I love intro music, but I told that allready.
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Aug 13, 2007
Khaleesi is her title. Her name is Daenerys Targaryen.

Anyway, favorites (in descending order): Tyrion, Arya (plain adorable), Varys (a magnificent bastard he is) and the Hound.
Most hated: Joffrey (his actor is brilliant, though), Sansa (dumb bitch), Stannis for his Lawful Stupid tendencies, and Littlefinger (I like his style, but unlike Varys, he's just a monster).

And yes, Brienne is cool too.
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Oct 6, 2008
How can you not love her!



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