Your best and worst videogame moment?

Level 17
Apr 8, 2017

Best vgame moment?
-When i get 100% of GTA SA, including unlimited stamina.

Worst vgame moment?
-When i was trying to get the 100% of GTA SA and my brother deleted the game when i was at 98%. (he did not know what i was trying to get)

Tell me yours.
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Worst: Mom yelled dinner's ready and my friends on voice chat heard that
Level 15
Mar 9, 2008
Best: Dropping the entire enemy team in modded VIP mode in CoD4 as the VIP (only pistol).

Worst: Flipping over the Magrider hover tank in Planetside 2, these things are infamously hard to flip over. I can still hear my platoon leader going: "How the fuck did you manage that?"
Level 5
Jan 25, 2012
Best: when I beat a game (any game) 100%, especially when they are hard to complete.

Worst: when I waste 20 or 30 minutes playing a match in Hearthstone and I lose. Dammit, I hate that. RNG is always against me.

Fortunately, I no longer play HS. No more headache <3
Actually, thats pretty tough. I don't usually play to dickwave, but I'll usually end up with a respectable record overall if I actively try to improve. Got lots of 'worsts'- too many to count, but I'd say my best is a tossup between going on a hacker-hunting rampage on a Serious Sam server way back, ending the night with a KDR around... 632/136? Or the self-imposed Desert-Eagles-Only match I played in Combat Arms, scoring close to 130/30 by the end of the match.

Not exactly one moment in particular, but a few seasons back, I managed a 20 game deathless win streak in LoL. I really should have kept up practicing.

...Actually, now that I think of it, one of my worst has to be the ensuing days-long losing streak I went on immediately after. Literally the worst luck.
Level 24
May 20, 2007
I wish I could forget at will, just so that I could play Dark Souls I for the first time again.

I keep saying this for the last few years, so it must be hands down my best gaming moment.

Some of my worst gaming moments are during multiplayer games. I hate grindy and matchmaking games with a passion.