Young Blademaster Models

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Aug 15, 2004
I need some help from you skilled model-makers out there. I'm making some maps and I need some rather simple model-edits done (that I can't do myself because I don't have software/skill.) They are all edits of the hero Blademaster model. Here's what I need, if any of you feel that you could find it in your heart to make them for me:

1.) A younger Blademaster. Basically, the regular hero Blademaster model with black hair instead of white. I want this one to have no flag as well.

2.) The same as #1 only with a flag.

3.) A chaos Blademaster. Yes, I know the "Blademaster of the Blackrock Clan" model is there in World Editor. It's cool and all, but I'm looking for something looking more like the regular hero Blademaster model. I want it to be like the regular hero Blademaster model, except with red skin and flaming eyes similar to the Chaos Grom model's features. And, just like #1 and #2, I want this one to have black hair.

Yeah...if anyone could help me out, that'd be awesome. I'd prefer that the models have decent-looking portraits, too (that's a deciding factor in most models I use from this yeah...) Anyway, thanks for reading this far. I hope somebody can do this for me...pretty please?

Note: Icons for each would be nice as well, but are not a "requirement."

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You did this the other day, don't revive old threads.

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