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This is Yoh, from Shaman King.

This model was made long time ago (2005), and was something a friend asked me.

It is base on the Blademaster, with a customized Elven priest head, and a custom skin (which doesn't look good imo).

I just added a camera recently.

Please give me credits if you use it in your maps, with something like "modified by", as it's not fully handmade.

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Yoh (Model)

17:00, 7th Jun 2008 General Frank: Model works fine and performs okay.




17:00, 7th Jun 2008
General Frank:

Model works fine and performs okay.
Level 5
Jan 8, 2008
i hoped a long time shamanking models will be made o.o
but i dont like this yoh xD
he doesnt look like a 12 years old o.o
hmm but its a beginning i guess ^^"
Level 6
May 13, 2007
Still.. Even if its an older Yoh.. I don't think he would be that buff. I kinda pictured him as a cool slim but very agile type.
omg shaman king!!! never read it or watched. played a game and searched web tho. pretty cool. but as said before, bit (okay alot) muscular.
do you mind if i made another yoh? i was planning on making him after the exams

Of course you can. Mine is a very old model, made for an old friend I met on Warcraft 3. I wasn't that good at modeling, so I only could add stuff, merge and animate existing models. Thats the same for Cronos and the Female Dreadlord. That's why they're not as good as I can do now.

But I forgot to mention that I don't know shaman king, I only had 2 pics of yoh, I didn't know he was a young teenager, and didn't ever notice he was very thin (almost filiform). You can by the way use this model as a manga character, i don't mind this. just don't forget to give credits.