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Yil'Nuk Tribe vs the God 1.3

Submitted by Mahadoko
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Yil'Nuk Tribe vs the God 1.3
Created by Mahadoko

Hello, this is my first map upload here. This map was inspired by the fact that I play mostly with friends and I tried to think of a map that could be fun just by having two players. (Now its possible to play with 3 friends)

I don't know which category this map falls into, because it has features from many genres. It is kind of survival, it is kind of rpgish, it is kind of meleeish, it is kind of strategy and defense. Hell, if you want, you can roleplay this map.

Map Info:

Players: 2-3

Roles: "the Yil'Nuk Tribe" and "the God"

Idea of the Map:

The Yil'Nuk Tribe no longer believes in the God, they have seen how he/she mistreats the living and does nothing good for the World. Therefore, they have started rebellion against the God. The God has everything on his side, demons, wild life, other tribes, human and more, while the Yil'Nuk struggle to survive and try their best to avoid the Gods sight.

The God can spawn various units to attack the Yil'Nuk Tribe, such as: Bandit camps, Dark Troll Tribes, Angels and even Titans. The God has high control over these, but does not personally move them, everything, except for the Angel is "Neutral Hostile" and acts on orders given by the God or by default they roam around the map or attack random building of the Yil'Nuk Tribe.

The God can also alter the World by spawning new doodads, such as trees, rocks, flowers, shrubs and change landscape to dirt, grass or rough dirt. Can also destroy destructibles. Note: Most doodads in this map are destroyable by the Yil'Nuk, so you can't lock yourself behind them.

The Yil'Nuk Tribe starts of with Chieftain of the Tribe. The Chieftain can tame various wild life animals to obey him. These wild life animals can "evolve" and grow stronger if you manage to keep them alive, and so they can become a powerful asset to you.

At first, the Yil'Nuk player should find a safe spot to build his village on and gather resources quietly. Gathering resources happens to be so that you only need lumber, and you get lumber by gathering bundles of lumber that appear randomly in the forest. Gathering lumber may become fatal job to you if the God locates you in the map, but if you avoid the vision of every neutral hostile and god units, you can do it.


The God:

* Can alter the world by spawning doodads and changing landscape
* Can see most of the Map
* Can order units to do his job
* Can use various spells suitable for a God
* Can build "Monument of God" that has various spells, but limited range in their use
* Dies if his "Godly Statue" is destroyed
* Can spawn camps, tribes, titans, angels
* Can oppress the Demon Lord player to obey his will and work for him


* Mind games

The Yil'Nuk Tribe

* Is underdog at first, but can grow very strong
* Avoids unneccessary fights at the start
* Has random promote system for new trolls(8 different random options)
* Can tame beasts which later can evolve
* Can gain favor of Guardian of the Forest(through offerings to forest spirits)
* Has to gather Bundle of Lumber spread around the Forest
* Can build 4 buildings: Yil'Nuk Hut, Yil'Nuk Campfire, Lodge of the Chieftain and Shamanistic Wards(defensive)
* The Chieftain can use his ability "Sense God" to locate buildings of God


New role and player added: Demon Lord, Flame'Gor.

His role may first appear to be just "side" show. However, he has potential to become stronger than the God or the Yil'Nuk despite being weakest at the start.

Demon Lord gains gold from kills and he can summon "Vault of Hell" from hell, which sells very strong items to him. One of them allows him to permanently boosts all of his abilities significantly.

Demon Lord also gains 1 point to all stats every 10 kills.

Demon Lord is imprisoned by the God at the very start, but 2 minutes later he will be released in 1 condition: He must help the God to kill Yil'Nuk Tribe.

Demon Lord can choose to disobey god, but god can just lock him back to his prison. This changes when the Demon Lord is 5 level. He has grown strong enough to resist the instant prison punishment and the only way to punish him, is to kill him or at least threat to do so.

Basically, you could play along the God's schemes until you are strong enough and then betray him or you can simply work together with him to bring down Yil'Nuk. Whatever you want. :)

Change Log

Version 1

Uploaded this map

Version 1.1

- Added new Unit: Archangel, angel may now "evolve" to such being
- Fixed "Test of Heart" and "Order Attack", because they could target trees and units that weren't supposed to be targeted
- Added new tameable beast: "Dragon Turtle", which grows up to be "King Dragon Turtle"
- Boosted Yil'Nuk "Battlegod" a bit and nerfed his "Wave of Ki" ability slightly
- Nerfed Dark Tribe Trolls in general
- Nerfed Bandits in general
- Reduced the Mana by 25 which "Godly Statue" starts with (now 75)
- Boosted Lumber gain quite a bit, less tedious
- And much misc changes.. (Honestly I can't recall all of them right now :))

Version 1.3

- Landscape is no longer "flat"
- Misc balance changes
- New (OPTIONAL) role: Demon Lord added
- You can now play the game with 3-Players
- Tooltips made more clear
- "-help" command and other messages are more clear now

Author's notes:

Feel free to modify and do whatever you want with it. I'd still like to have some credit if you plan on re-releasing it in someway.

Hope you guys enjoy it!

Survival, The God, Yil'Nuk, Map, Warcraft 3, Wc3, RPG, VS, Yil, Titan, Angel, Bandit, Bandits, God, Troll, Chieftain, Doom

Yil'Nuk Tribe vs the God 1.3 (Map)

[img][c]Orcnet[c]18:48, 08th Dec 2013700 [img] Yil'Nuk Tribe vs the God (Tested Version 1.1) Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter [r][img][img][img][img][img][c]5/5[c]91-100[c]A Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter...
  1. Tierax


    Feb 28, 2015
    Thank you for this great game-type, i had fun playing this to no end, but my friends complained that the odds for the tribe seems fairly stacked against them. i've had 20+ matches and not one loss for the god player.

    i see people saying it's balanced so maybe a few in game tips for newbies? you know, when/ if you get around to it.

    i did find a couple bugs though, the lumber seems to only spawn in a small clearing near the bottom right of the map, and if you lack sufficient lumber to 'craft' an item, the error text displays for all players.

    I would also like to see more stuff included (wouldn't we all?) but i'm very grateful you uploaded this, thank you many!
  2. Timoren


    Nov 24, 2016
    Cool map, I'm kind of sad you stopped developing it. Enjoyable for a couple of friends.
  3. Cake is a Lie

    Cake is a Lie

    Oct 1, 2017
    Oy mon, I just fixed something there about the troll spawning...something like this:
    Fuck I don't know how to put GUI here...
  4. Cake is a Lie

    Cake is a Lie

    Oct 1, 2017
    But yeah, I like the map...