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Xnd Hero Siege 1.29b

Submitted by Ricola3D
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Contact: ricola3d@gmail.com / PM

The "Xnd Hero Siege" project

Welcome to the Xnd Hero Siege project's page. This is a project initialized in 2019 by Ricola3D, an addicted player of Sogat's X Hero Siege who was terribly desapointed by Sogat retirement and the fact that X Hero Siege had been not evolving for years. The project is based on the X Hero Siege 3.33 map, the latest stable version released by Sogat. I started it alone, but want it to be a collaborative projet : I am looking for contributors, so if you have ideas or development skills, feel free to join !


The spirit is to keep the essence of version 3.33, but fix the bugs, improve the balance and improve specific points. I also want to add some fun, but with always keeping the original spirit. A regular player of X Hero Siege 3.33 should be able to master this map quickly and without effort ! Therefore this is not a copy of Sogat's work. Aside annoying bugs fixed, there are major improvements, mainly to enhance the balance, teamplay or fun ! For v1.0, there are 2 new heroes, auras have more range and apply on wards, caster and summoners remain efficient in late game, etc...

What's next ?

Here you can find all the developments to come !

New features

- Improve boss phase: streaks, charged attacks (ex: Tank-Commander's boss ultimates), new behaviors when low life, AOE/DOT zones, defensife/offensive postures, ...
- New items, and maybe a recipe system.
- New heroes.
- Add "Cosmic Elven Wings" as a quest reward ?
- Replace Knight's Holy Light ability by Volatile Light custom spell ?
- New fun spells with JeffQ's chain system.
- Increase the "Hero Maximum XP Gain Range" constant ?
- Have silence spells break magic immunity ?
- Have team upgrades also boost minions magic resistance.
- Beastmaster's hawks: find a way so they don't take all focus and die in a instant...
- Final wave should give more gold.
- First survival should give more gold, and creeps strength should increase with extrem level.
- Paladin: replace Taunt ability by Savior's aura ? (from Hiveworkshop)
- Add a way for players to break Arthas' and Admiral's holy shield.
- Hero selection: find a way to see available spells before picking a hero.
- Rework QWERTY hotkeys.
- Have flags from Necropolis death really increase castle regen when dropped nearby.
- Cryptlord rebalanced.
- Find a way to prevent kills steal ?
- Display resurection cooldowns to all players ? Have a resurected hero invincible for a few seconds ?
- Create sheeps/coorps nearby during boss phase ?
- Ennemies could have a chance to drop item on death ?
- Replace single-target drain skills by G4ND4LF's chained life steal abilities ?
- Use Maker's CustomWindow system to display tips or changelogs ?
- Creeps attack Castle too easily, find a way to rework focus of slow their attack speed against Castle ?

Balance changes


Source code optimization

- Compact some systems (ex: triggered life steal, bug fixes, ...) in one trigger & post them on hiveworkshop.

Bugs to fix

- Sometimes, game crash when leaving the game.
- When switching hero, sometimes ennemy focus bugs and the boss runs far away.
- Tiny's first two spells are rumored to cause desync issues.

  • Life Changing features
    you don't find in X Hero Siege 3.33

    :carr: 2 new pick modes, dual+same, dual+random
    :carr: Host can be changed or leave without concern.
    :carr: 3 new heroes: Runemaster, Stone Giant and Myrmidon.
    :carr: 7 new items
    :carr: -bt command is always enabled. New -bl command to buy levels.
    :carr: No more exp lost when switching heroes in Dual mode !
    :carr: Finally all auras range x3.
    :carr: In late game, spells do massive damages, and minions are powerful and tanky.
    :carr: (All) Hero Images cannot cast boring spells that ruin it: anti-magic shield, heals, entrave, banish, archimonde's form...
    :carr: Many spells balanced or replaced.
    :carr: Lifesteal works with any attack.

    Map Description
    Objective Select your hero, defend the castle and kill all dark forces.
    Players 1-8 (no IA)
    Game duration ~ 45-90 minutes
    Language English
    Compatible versions Warcraft 1.31.x and newer

  • Gameplay

    One Player 1 (red) has chosen difficulty and pick mode, pick your hero(s) or use -random command. You can use the -repick command once if you are unsatisfied.

    Defend the Castle
    Creeps spawn from 8 lanes to attack the Castle. Choose a lane, go defend it with your hero(s). Killing creeps will give you gold and exp. Periodically ennemy waves appear at west, north, east then south of Castle. Defeat them with your teamates.

    Special quests
    The game includes 4 special quests, each one with a different reward. When you are ready, go in the circle and the bottom-right of Castle and pick the quest you wish:
    Event Mission Difficulty Reward
    Hero image Kill a stronger version of your hero. Hard +100 all stats.
    All hero image Kill 8 stronger heroes. Crazy Necklace of spell immunity.
    Spirit Beast Kill a giant spirit beast. Impossible Shield of Immortality.
    Hero image Kill a frost infernal. Impossible Key of Moon.

    1st special event
    You get teleported in a tiny room with your allies. A dward boss, Muradin, is chassing you there. You cannot kill him, just survive 3min and you will win 50000 gold.

    2nd special event
    You get teleported in a tiny room without your allies. You have 3min to kill a maximum of ennemies to earn as much gold as possible !

    1st survival
    When you are done defending the Castle and stronger enough, you can kill the dark Necropolis. Then 2 new lanes open, and mega creeps will come once you enter within. Survive them.

    Final wave
    When you are done farming on the mega creeps, you can kill the ice thrones. A final wave will appear near the Castle, it is up to you to defend it.

    1st boss
    After surviving the final wave, you can go in the circles behing the remains of the ice thrones. This will teleport you to the first boss of this map: Magtheridon. Kill it 3 times to win. On dying, he will split into,many baby bosses.

    2nd survival
    The 4 captains
    3nd survival
    2nd boss
    Last boss



  • Comparison to X Hero Siege 3.33 (by Sogat)

    The following improvements have been made:

    Major changes
    - New select modes: Dual Random & Dual Same.
    - New heroes: Runemaster, Stone Giant & Myrmidon.
    - Buy tomes: -bt command always enabled.
    - Buy levels: new -bl command.
    - Host: Can be transfered with -host <name/color/number> command. Automatically given to top score player on leave.
    - New items: 8 new items (3 merchants).
    - Super items: Can be bought for a high price.
    - Charged items: you can stack and split them.
    - Balance: All stats (allies & ennemies) balanced. Minions boosted in late game.
    - (All) hero image: boring spells removed (shakle, anti-magic field, ...). Clones stats do not take into account items & skills attribute bonus.
    - Dual heroes: Inventory are fully shared (even cooldowns). Events reset CDs of both heroes.
    - Buying level tomes: new command -bl.
    - Leavers: their hero is pickable again. Their gold is shared between remaining players.
    - Close way/open way works for ways 2 to 8, and iceway 2.
    - Shared control: allies hero portraits are visibles, switch is possible.
    - Bosses: spell immunity ability changed to resistant skin. Rear attacks do +20% damages, and 10% chances of rear strike with x3 damages. Flank attacks do +10% damages, and 5% chances of flank strike with x3 damages. Works with spells too.
    - Farm event: creeps take +500% damages from spells.
    - Attack types: all attack types do 100% damages to hero armor (piercing, siege, spell, magic).
    - Life steal abilities: work with any attack type (orb, ranged, ...).
    - Damage return abilities: now returns a fixed amount + a percentage of damages taken before armor reduction. Works vs melee & ranged attacks.
    - Summons: most summons gain a mini-cleave or mini-splash at level 3.
    - Shops: removed items start cooldowns. Castle now sells same items than Goblin Merchants. 3 new merchants near Castle. Added possibility to convert goold into lumber and vice-versa.
    - Farm Event: spawn rate limited to 1 wave per second.
    - Survivals: bounty from ghouls, orc skeletons, death revenants & magnataurs is proportional to player count.

    Bug fixes
    - Dryad: multishot now works properly in late game.
    - Random: not available before settings selection anymore (caused bugs).
    - Leavers: check for stuck items or events.
    - Dual hero: no more exp lost by switching heroes. 2nd hero may be picked later.
    - Banehallow cinematic: no more 2nd hero misspositioning.
    - Blizzard bugs: workaround to fix orb of slow and similar abilities.
    - Earth/Fire/Storm Brewmaster: could not attack air units.
    - Banish: damages from fan or rockets and similar spells were nulified.
    - Some heroes missed the glow effect.
    - After special events, unselected heroes are not unpaused.
    - Boss are invulnerable before you fight them, to avoid glitches & cheats.
    - Tomes & other power-up items do not memory leak anymore.
    - Plasma rifle do AOE damage vs air units & buildings.
    - Dual hero switch & item cooldowns.
    - Fixed abilities that cannot target non-organic ennemies, air ennemies, non-organic allies, ward allies.
    - Game was stuck at captains stage when playing Easy mode in solo.
    - Using close way command to close the last opened way stuck the games.
    - Silent assassins, Lighhtning Attacks, Dragons Attacks could sometimes happen during cinematics (paused phases).
    - Some heroes had wrong start mana or mana regeneration.

    Other changes
    - Kick command is now possible with name (case sensitive), color or player number.
    - Extrem ennemy heroes give a gold bounty equal to their stats.
    - Cooldowns: various cooldowns reduced.
    - Mirror images & Clones: get damage, defense and attack speed bonus. Get autocasts.
    - Minions can use the 2 teleport circles behind the ice pillars to reach the boss zone.
    - Muradin event: cannot place wards or phoenixes in water anymore.
    - Farm event: rock golems are not magic immune anymore.
    - Farm event: improved sheeps/corpses/tree spawn.
    - Cinematics: shortened final wave cinematic.
    - Boss phase: hero revive timer is reduced from 120s to 45s during this phase. Stats improved to compensate for armor damage reduction nerf.
    - Code reliability and performances improved.
    - Shops: Tome of Power max stop changed to 3. Amulet of the Wild cooldowns divided by 2.
    - Corpses: removed after 8s instead of 5 (for spells that need them).
    - Special events teleportation circle: your minions are teleported along.
    - Claws of Attack: damage bonus increased.
    - Added some text indications & mini-map pings for beginners.
    - Heroes: initial health points increased by 400 to compensate for armor damage reduction nerf.
    - Gold bounty from extrem heroes is now equal to the sum of their stats.
    - Dragons packs & assassins pack size capped to 20.
    - Damage return works vs ranged & spell attacks.
    - Waves 9 to 12 (after farm event): bounty x2.
    - All heroes stats have been uniformized (life, mana, defense, stats...).
    - Move speed bonuses stack.
    - In Extrem 4, added a reminder 30s before level 2 for "-extreme" command.
    - At the end of the following events units & items are cleaned: Ring of Superiority, Lightning Sword, Farm.
    - Necropolis, Spirit Towers, Ice Towers & Death Towers are invulnerable if way is closed, and destroyed at next stages.
    - Ice ways: right one does not open in single player mode.
    - Added a reminder message to open last unused ways before next stage.
    - Skills
    - Aerial shackles (Bloodmage): 500 damage per second. CD reduced to 30s.
    - Anti-magic Shield (Archmage): replaced by Frigid Protection.
    - Anub'Arak's Claw (Crypt Lord): attack speed increase 75%, cooldown 60s.
    - Attribute Bonus (Warden): +50 bonus per hero level.
    - Banish: is now a short duration spell (4s).
    - Blizzard (Archmage): boosted.
    - Bomb Trap (Shadow Hunter): damage doubled at level 4.
    - Breath of Fire: stats uniformized between Blood Mage, Pandaren & Fire.
    - Burning oil (Bloodmage): range/damage +25%.
    - Carrion Beetles (Cryptlord): attack speed increased.
    - Carrion Swarm (Dreadlord): damage boosted, cooldown reduced.
    - Chaos (Dreadlord): damage boosted, cooldown reduced.
    - Clone (Marine): can target wards and invulnerable. Come with you in farm event.
    - Cripple (Warlock): debuff boosted. Mana cost reduced to 100.
    - Death Coil (Dreadlord): cooldown reduced from 20 to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt,...).
    - Death Coil (Ghost): cooldown increased from 10 to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt, ...).
    - Debilitation aura (Archmage): effect changed, increases damage taken from all sources of a given %.
    - Esnare (Pandaren Brewmaster): added 300 damage per second.
    - Fan of Knives/Light/Rockets: damage, AOE and cooldown uniformized.
    - Feedback (Shadow Hunter): damage factor x5.
    - Finger of Death (Pit Lord): cooldown increased from 10 to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt, ...).
    - Frost Armor (Lich): manacost reduced.
    - Frost Arrows (Lich): damage x2, speed decrease +20%
    - Frost Beast (Lich): attacks faster.
    - Frost Paralysis (Archmage): debuff boosted.
    - Heal (Ranger): increased to 20000hp.
    - Healing Ward (Shadow Hunter): now heals 100hp + 1%, manacost reduced to 100.
    - Holy Light (Knight): range increased, CD reduced to 12s, manacost reduced.
    - Howl Scout (Druid of the Claw): abilities and autocast boosted.
    - Hurl Bomb (Marine, Rifleman): cooldown reduced from 20 to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt,...)
    - Immolation (Demon Hunter): ranged increased to 250.
    - Implale (Cryptlord): area of effect increased.
    - Infernal (Dreadlord): attacks faster.
    - Inner Fire (Ranger): damage bonus x3.
    - Laser Trap (Shadow Hunter): damage type changed to pierce (for trueshot aura).
    - Life Regen Aura (Marine, Sorceress, Storm): effect changed to 100hp/200hp/1%/2%.
    - Light Frenzy (Paladin): can target invulnerable units.
    - Lightning Attack (Sorceress): +10000 damage replaced by an orb with +4000 damage & splash.
    - Lightning Shock (Sorceress): cooldown reduced to 30s.
    - Mana Shield (Archmage): now absorbs 50% of damages and repercutes 20% of them on mana.
    - Moonson (Sorceress/Storm): range x1,5. Damage interval slightly reduced.
    - Owl Scout: spell list modified (for better).
    - Permanenent Immolation (Ghost, Pandaren/Fire Brewmaster): ranged increased to 250.
    - Permanent Lightning: range increased to 250.
    - Phase Shift (Sorceress): attack speed greatly increased.
    - Plasma Rifle (Rifleman): can target air units.
    - Poison Sting (Crypt Lord): replaced by Plague Sting, with AOE effect.
    - Pure Light (Paladin): damage type changed to pierce (for trueshot aura).
    - Rain of Eis (Archmage): range/damage x1,5.
    - Rain of Fire (Bloodmage): range/damage x1,5.
    - Reincarnation: replaced by Beast Strike.
    - Rejuvenation (Moon Priestress): increased to 20000hp, manacost reduced to 100.
    - Resistant Skin (Demon Hunter): also removes Metamorphosis cooldown.
    - Roar (Demon Hunter): damage bonus increased to 100%.
    - Rocket Launch (Rifleman): replaced by Hurl Bomb (same skill as Marine).
    - Samuro (Blademaster): stats and attack speed equal yours in late game.
    - Silence (Warden): replaced by Scream.
    - Sleep (Dreadlord): replaced by Cursed Claws.
    - Spicked Carapace (Cryptlord): damage return boosted.
    - Summon Spirit Bear: bears' attack speed increased.
    - Summon Spirit Hawk (Beastmaster): faster attask speed, 200hp/s regen.
    - Summon Spirit Pig (Beastmaster): pig is now ranged, has mini-splash, and grows with your level.
    - Summon Spirit Wolf: wolves' attack speed increased.
    - Terror Wolf (Beastmaster): stats and attack speed equal yours in late game. Removed position offset on cast.
    - Thorn aura (Bestmaster): boosted.
    - Tornado (Pandaren/Storm Brewmaster): damage x1,5, AOE visible, spin-in-the-air effect removed.
    - Unholy aura (Pitlord): life regen boosted to 5/10/1%/2%.
    - Voodoo Eye (Shadow Hunter): replaced by Critical Strike Aura
    - War Stomp (Pit Lord): damage & range slightly increased.
    - Water shield (Archmage): has autocast. Cooldown greatly reduced.​

    Complete features list

    Heroes list
    Hero name Stats Skills
    Myrmidon Melee - Cleaving Attack
    - Summon Venus
    - Shock
    - Bash
    - Realm of Souls
    - Avatar
    Paladin Melee - Taunt
    - Healing Wave
    - Fan of Light
    - Howl of Terror
    - Devotion Aura
    - Pure Light
    - Light Frenzy
    Blademaster Melee - Berserk
    - Wind Walk
    - Miror Images
    - Critical Strike
    - War Drums Aura
    - Bladestorm
    - Partition
    Shadow Hunter Ranged - Healing Ward
    - Bomb Trap
    - Serpent Ward
    - Feedback
    - Critical Strike Aura
    - Lasertrap
    - Hex
    Tauren Chieftain Melee - Battle Roar
    - Shockwave
    - Stomp
    - Pulverize
    - Endurance Aura
    - Lightning Strike
    - Beast Strike & Upgrades
    Priestress of the Moon Ranged - Rejuvenation
    - Chain Lightning
    - Watery Minion
    - Forked Lightning
    - Trueshot Aura
    - Moonsoon
    - Lightning Chaos
    Knight Melee
    Chaos Attack
    - Cleaving Attack
    - Holy Light
    - Divine Shield
    - Frostmourne
    - Endurance Aura
    - Light Roar
    - Knight's Armor
    Beastmaster Melee - Feral Spirit
    - Feral Spirit (wolves)
    - Summon Bear
    - Summon Hawk
    - Thorns Aura
    - Stampede
    - Terror Wolf
    Dreadlord Melee - Cursed Claws
    - Carrion Swarm
    - Chaos
    - Death Coil
    - Aura of Blight
    - Inferno
    - Rain of Chaos
    Lich Ranged - Frost Frenzy
    - Frost Nova
    - Breath of Frost
    - Frost Armor
    - Frost Arrows
    - Summon Frost Beast
    - Frost Chaos
    Crypt Lord Melee - Anub'arak's Claw
    - Impale
    - Carrion Beetles
    - Plague Sting
    - Spiked Carapace
    - Locust Swarm
    - Burrow Impale
    Pit Lord Melee - Howl of Terror
    - Rain of Fire
    - War Stomp
    - Cleaving Attack
    - Unholy Aura
    - Doom
    - Finger of Death
    Ghost Ranged
    Chaos Attack
    - Command Aura
    - Death Coil
    - Permanent Immolation
    - Critical Strike
    - Endurance Aura
    - Hail of Death
    - Rain of Chaos
    Pandaren Brewmaster Melee - Ensnare
    - Drunken Haze
    - Breath of Fire
    - Drunken Brawler
    - Permanent Immolation
    - Earthquake
    - Tornado
    Warlock Melee - Cripple
    - Spirit Beast
    - Dark Portal
    - Warlock Archimonde
    - Evasion & Critical Strike
    - Gargoyle Swarm
    - Infernal Fall
    Archmage (F) Ranged - Mana Shield
    - Crushing Wave
    - Summon Sea Elemental
    - Drain Life & Mana
    - Frost Paralysis
    - Elemental Wave
    - Rain of Eis
    Marine Ranged - Banish
    - Hurl Bomb
    - Fan of Rockets
    - Metal Armor
    - Life Regeneration Aura
    - Clone
    - Cluster Rockets
    Druid of the Claw Melee - Strength of the Wild
    - Entangling Roots
    - Rejuvenation
    - Mark of the Claw
    - Hardened Skin
    - Bear Form
    - Owl Scout
    Runemaster Melee - Runic Weapon
    - Exorcism
    - Runic Crystal
    - Magic Defense
    - Critrical Strike Aura
    - Spiritual Presence
    - Rune Clock
    Blood Mage Ranged - Aerial Shackles
    - Burning Oil
    - Breath of Fire
    - Firebolt
    - Incinerate
    - Phoenix
    - Rain of Fire
    Ranger Ranged - Heal
    - Inner Fire
    - Searing Arrows
    - Critical Strike
    - Endurance Auras
    - Exploding Arrows
    - Rocket Hail
    Warden Melee - Blink
    - Shadow Strike
    - Fan of Knives
    - Scream
    - Attribute Bonus
    - Vengeance
    - Morph & Permanent Invisibility
    Demon Hunter Melee - Roar
    - Negative Energy
    - Immolation
    - Evasion
    - Vampiric Aura
    - Metamorphosis
    - Resistant Skin
    Huntress Ranged - Moon Glaive
    - Owl Lightning
    - Forked Lightning
    - Elune's Grace
    - Command Aura
    - Moon Explosion
    - Neutralisation
    Dryad Ranged - Envenomed Weapons
    - Evasion
    - Multiple Arrows
    - Critical Arrows
    - Endurance Aura
    - Trueshot Aura
    - Spell Immunity
    Archmage (M) Ranged - Frigid Protection
    - Blizzard
    - Summon Water Elemental
    - Frostbolt
    - Debilitation Aura
    - Starfall
    - Water Shield
    Sorceress Ranged - Resistant Skin
    - Phase Shift
    - Moonsoon
    - Permanent Lightning
    - Life Regeneration Aura
    - Lightning Shock
    - Lightning Attack
    Mountain King Melee - Thunder Spirit
    - Storm Bolt
    - Thunder Clap
    - Bash
    - Muradin's Hammer
    - Avatar
    - Lightning Shield
    Rifleman Ranged - Bloodlust
    - Hurl Bomb
    - Plasma Rifle
    - Shield
    - Trueshot Aura
    - Laser
    Stone Giant Melee - War Drums Aura
    - Toss
    - Avalanche
    - Tiny Tiny
    - Craggy Exterior
    - Grow!
    - Grab Tree
    Storm Brewmaster Ranged - Resistant Skin
    - Phase Shift
    - Moonsoon
    - Permanent Lightning
    - Life Regeneration Aura
    - Lightning Shock
    - Tornado
    Earth Brewmaster Melee - Battle Roar
    - Shockwave
    - War Stomp
    - Pulverize
    - Endurance Aura
    - Earthquake
    - Beast Strike & Upgrades
    Fire Brewmaster Melee - Aerial Shackles
    - Drunken Haze
    - Breath of Fire
    - Firebold
    - Permanent Immolation
    - Phoenix
    - Rain of Fire

    Options : difficulty, pick mode, random, repick
    Number of heroes, skills, items
    Number of bosses to defeat
    Hero list & their abilities
    Item list
    Event list
    Boss list & description

  • Version 1.29b (2019/11/17)
    Bug fixes
    - Desync caused by triggered cast abilities (Exorcism, Plague Sting, Cursed Claw) ?
    - Potential memory leak from Runic Weapon ability.

    Minor changes
    - Dark hero spawns have their stats reduced by 25%.
    - Internal log system settings modified.

    Version 1.29 (2019/10/28)
    Bug fixes
    - Fixed random bug with item abilities and Dual Hero.

    Minor changes
    - Farm event max spawn rate increased from 1wave/sec to 3wave/sec.
    - Increased armor, decreased HP of farm event creeps.

    Version 1.28c (2019/10/07)
    Bug fixes
    - Solved a major bug with -ow command & lanes 5 and 8.

    Minor changes
    - Health points of bosses +70 000.

    Version 1.28b (2019/10/04)
    Bug fixes
    - Bounty of 2nd ice way was not multiplied by player count.
    - Message for way upgrade (on Spirit Tower death) was too long and contained a "|n".

    Minor changes
    - Health points of bosses +70 000.

    Version 1.28 (2019/10/04)
    Major changes
    - In dual hero mode, inventory is fully shared between your 2 heroes (even cooldowns).
    - Host rights can be transfered to another player with "-host <name/color/number>" command.
    - Host rights are automatically transfered to top score player if previous host leaves.
    - Open Way & Close Way commands: work for the right ice way. Ways 2 to 4 can be closed.
    - Survivals: ghouls & orc skeletons gold bounty is proportional to player count.
    - Dark Bosses stats rebalanced (particularly in high extrem level).
    - Dragon packs max size reduced from 40 to 20.

    Bug fixes
    - Moved merchants of a inch so you can pass between them and Castle.
    - If a player teleported out of Muradin event, then summoned, the summoned unit was missplaced.
    - Endgame stuck if you play Easy in solo-player.
    - Using -cw to close the last way did not start the boss stage.
    - Silent assassins, Lighhtning Attacks, Dragons Attacks are delayed during cinematics (paused phases).
    - Some heroes had wrong start mana or mana regeneration.
    - Stout shield tooltip 3300%.
    - Rifleman: bug with inventory/stats/hero order/primary attribute when reaching level20.
    - Item pick: undue "Inventory is full." message sometimes.
    - Tiny tiny (Stone Giant): error in tooltip.

    Minor changes
    - Reduced heroes start defense by 5, start mana by 5, mana regen by 3.
    - Realm of Souls (Myrmidon): reduced life regeneration, range & attack frequency.
    - Kick command is now possible with name (case sensitive), color or player number.
    - Ice ways: right one does not open in single player mode.
    - Necropolis, Spirit Towers, Ice Towers & Death Towers are invulnerable if way is closed, and destroyed at next stages.
    - Healing ward(Shadow Hunter): manacost reduced to 100.
    - Rejuvenation (POTM): manacost reduced to 100.
    - Cripple (Warlock); manacost reduced to 100.
    - Death Coil (Dreadlord), Hurl Bomb (Marine, Rifleman): CD reduced from 20 to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt,...)
    - Death Coil (Ghost), Finger of Death (Pit Lord): CD increased from 10 to 15s (like Firebolt, Frostbolt, ...)
    - Holy Light (Knight) manacost reduced.
    - Breath of Fire: stats uniformized between Blood Mage, Pandaren & Fire.
    - Spirit Pig (Beastmaster): reduced damage and attack speed bonus per hero level.
    - Terror Wolf (Beastmaster): removed position offset on cast.
    - Myrmidon sound set modified to Naga Myrmidon.
    - Added reminder message to open last unused ways before next stage.

    Version 1.27 (2019/09/22)
    Major changes
    - Farm event: spawn rate limited to 1 wave per second.
    - Remove spell damage & heal boost from Team Upgrades.
    - Damage reduction per armor point restored to default.
    - Ennemy attributes totally balanced (hp, armor, life, stats).
    - Life per strength point decreased from 25 to 15.
    - Hero attributes uniformized and modified (life, mana, armor, start stats, stats per level).
    - Possibility to convert gold to lumber and lumber to gold at merchant.
    - Exorcism (Runemaster): behavior modified from chain lightning to splash.

    Bug fixes
    - Ways creep level was not increased properly.
    - Hit point regeneration rate of some heroes was wrong.
    - Way 2 could be opened even if its necropolis was already destroyed.
    - Runic Weapon (Runemaster): reference leak fixed.
    - Logs are written in local file only when a player is disconnected (to limit lags).

    Minor changes
    - Cleaning units & items after the following events: Ring of Superiority, Lightning Sword, Farm.
    - In Extrem 4, added a reminder 30s before level 2 for "-extreme" command.
    - Merchants and towers slightly moved to free passages.
    - Summons boost slightly nerfed.
    - Move speed bonuses stack now.
    - Removed life steal for spells (with 10% of efficiency).
    - Main attribute modified for Blademaster, Priestress of the Moon, Shadow Hunter, Rifleman & Sorceress.
    - Ennemy have vision of players' units (to avoid focus bugs).
    - Fan of Rocket/Light/Knives: damage, cooldown and AOE uniformized.
    - Earthquake (Earth Brewmaster): damages reduced by 33%.
    - Scream (Warden): range and damages increased.
    - Holy Light (Knight) range increased to 700, CD reduced to 12s.
    - Frigid Protection (Archmage): fragments restored, they don't seem to cause desync.
    - Medaillon of Greed: pillage efficiency reduced.
    - Frost Armor (Lich): manacost reduced.
    - Magic Defense (Runemastr): movespeed reduction increased.

    Version 1.26e (2019/09/21)
    Bug fixes
    - Refactored the fix for triggered cast abilities (Cursed Claw, Exorcism, Plague Sting) in order to reduce desync issues.

    Version 1.26d (2019/09/17)
    Bug fixes
    - Doom (Pit Lord) : level 1 can target ground units again.
    - Dual Hero: when picking 2nd hero later, his stats are automatically set to same as first hero.
    - Blink (Warden): hotkey fixed.
    - Shadow Strike (Warden): after level 20, echo Shadow Strike does not one shot anymore.
    - Silent Assassins: do not spawn during or after final wave anymore.
    - Logs: reduced lags due to log to debug desync issue on Linux.

    Minor changes
    - Beast Attack (Tauren Chieftain, Earth): knockback distance divided by 3.
    - Updated size, shadow and collision size of various summons.
    - Lifesteal works with spells (at 10% of its original power).
    - Healing Ward (Shadow Hunter): now regenerates 100hp + 1%.
    - Message when a lane upgrades because of spirit tower destruction: moved on 2 lines.

    Version 1.26c (2019/09/14)
    Bug fixes
    - More logs to detect disconnection/desync causes.
    - Added a text at beginning to ask players to send their XndHeroSiegeLogs.txt file to me if they experience a desync.
    - Fixed a tipo in loading screen text.

    Minor changes
    - Castle now sells the same items as goblin merchants (potions, tomes, ...)

    Version 1.26b (2019/09/14)
    Bug fixes
    - Forced to remove some debug log that made Archimage level0 spell lagg/crash.
    - Frigid Armor (Archmage) removed segments because they use too many asynchronous functions.

    Version 1.26 (2019/09/13)
    Bug fixes
    - Items damage bonus was wrong (apart Assassin Blade).
    - Inner Fire (Ranger): damage bonus was inconsistent.
    - Dual Hero Switch: restored a short delay between activations to avoid desyncs because of selection inconsistency between clients.
    - The following abilities can now hit non-organic ennemies:
    - Chain Lightning, Forked Lightning, Moonsoon (POTM)
    - War Stomp, Doom, Finger of Death (Pitlord)
    - Drain Life&Mana (Archmage)
    - Drunken Haze (Pandaren)
    - Entangling Roots (Druid of the Claw)
    - Shadow Strike, Fan of Knives, Polymorph (Warden)
    - Incinerate, Fire Bolt (Bloodmage)
    - Moonsoon, Lightning Shock (Sorceress)
    - Storm Bolt, Thunderclap, Lightning Shield (Moutain King)
    - War Stomp, Lightning Stroke, Beast Attack (Tauren Chieftain)
    - Avalanche, Craggy Exterior, Toss (Stone Giant)
    - Deathcoil (Ghost)
    - Fan of Lights (Paladin)
    - Fan of Rockets, Hurl Bomb (Marine)
    - Owl Lightning, Forket Lightning, Neutralization (Huntress)
    - Frost Bolt (Archmage)
    - Negative Energy (Demon Hunter)
    - Poison Sting (Cryptlord)
    - Shock (Myrmidon)
    - Hex (Shadow Hunter)​
    - The following abilities can now hit air ennemies:
    - Earthquake (Pandaren/Earth Brewmaster)
    - Cleaving Attack (Pitlord)
    - Mark of the Claw, Entangling Roots (Druid of the Claw)
    - Pulverize (Tauren Chieftain)
    - Burrow Impale (Cryptlord)
    - Tornado (Pandaren, Storm)
    - Spiritual Presence (Runemaster)
    - Immolation (Cloak of Immolation), Permanent Immolation (Ghost, Pandaren, Fire)​
    - The following abilities can be cast on allied wards:
    - Mana Shield (Archmage)​
    - The following abilities can be cast on non-organic allies:
    - Frost Frenzy (Lich)​

    Major changes
    - Added item Stout Shield.

    Minor changes
    - Waves 9 to 12 (after farm event): stats & bounty x2.
    - Owl Scout (Druid of the Claw): spells modified.
    Claws of Attack, Enchanted Blade, Heavy Basher: bonus damage increased to 950.
    - Realm of Souls (Myrmidon) area of effect reduced.
    - Added a text to make the following hidden feature visible: each spirit tower destroyed upgrades the creeps of the lane earlier (1 tower before level 2, 2 towers before level 3, 3 towers before level 4).

    Version 1.25b (2019/09/09)
    Bug fixes
    - Error in Wand of Desillusion tooltip.
    - Attack speed of morphing forms (Terror Wolf and Samuro).
    - Missing space character after name in Team Upgrade debloqued text.

    Version 1.25 (2019/09/09)
    Bug fixes
    - Wand of Desillusion clones don't disapear on hero switch.
    - Cannot use transmute on dragons.
    - Ring of Superiority unholy aura is now 1% instead of 4hp.
    - Damage return is no more boosted like other spelles in late game.
    - Merchants do not create an ugly warfog patch anymore.
    - Terror Wolf's thorns aura doesn't stack with Beastmaster's one.
    - Game crash for last player leaving (division by 0).
    - Leavers items are sold properly and gold is shared between remaining players.

    Major changes
    - All boss have 33% magic resistance.
    - Dual hero: each hero has his own cooldowns.

    Minor changes
    - Wand of desillusion clones nerfed a bit.
    - Delay of 2s before dragon attacks restaured.
    - Merchants' position & pathing map modified not to block then way.
    - Life Regeneration Auras nerfed.
    - Carrion Beetles (Cryptlord): attack speed increased.
    - Dryad: attack speed slightly reduced.
    - Impale (Cryptlord): area of effect increased.
    - Beast Attack (Tauren Shieftain): cooldown changed to 30s.
    - Aerial Shackles (Bloodmage, Fire): CD reduced to 30s.
    - Shock (Myrmidon) Initial cooldown increased, but decreases with levels. Stun duration reduced to 2s.
    - Added an advice text when extrem 2+ mode.
    - War Stomp (Pit Lord) Damages and range slightly increased.
    - Increased hp of all bosses.

    Version 1.24 (2019/09/04)
    Bug fixes
    - I delivered a corrupted copy of the map in 1.23. Error fixed.

    Version 1.23 (bugged) (2019/09/01)
    Bug fixes
    - Some heroes missed glow effect.
    - Lags during farm event due to spawn rate not capped.
    - Possibility to open lane 2 even after its necropolis was destroyed.
    - Could not buy new stacks of stackable items with full inventory.
    - Life regeneration aura icons were not passive & consistent.
    - Unpicked heroes were unpaused after special events.
    - Various glitches & cheats were possible because boss were not invulnerable before the time you fight them.
    - Tomes & power-ups resulted in memory leak.
    - Plasma rifle (Rifleman) & Lightning Attack (sorceress) did not do AOE damages vs air units & buildings.
    - Creeps of type Spell Breaker are no more magic immune.

    Major changes
    - Damage reduction per armor point divided by 2.
    - Damage returns ability are more efficient, they return a fixed amount + a percentage of damages taken before armor reduction.
    - Banish (Marine, Staff of Mastery) is now a short duration spell (4s).
    - Spells boost damage per level changed from 30% to 50% against bosses, but boss have 33% magic resistance.
    - Shops: items start cooldown removed.
    - Rifleman: Rocker Launch replaced by Hurl Bomb (same as Marine).

    Minor changes
    - At the end of farm event, illusions are returned along with you.
    - Renamed "Random Heroes" & "Dual Heroes" buttons.
    - Claws of Attack damage bonus increased.
    - Added some text indications & minimap pings for beginners.
    - Boss stats & heroes start health point balanced.

    Version 1.22 (2019/08/22)
    Bug fixes
    - Most memory leaks and random bugs are fixed.
    - Buy level "-bl" command did not stop at level 30.
    - A hero reviving during a special event was not paused.
    - A hero reviving and dying during a special event interrupted the special event.
    - In late game, no more aura artefacts at west/north/east/south of castle.
    - In high extrem level, all dragons from Dragon Attacks didn't attack at the same time.

    Major changes
    - Team Upgrades: spell boost reduced 25%/50% to 15%/30% per level.
    - Myrmidon: Venus' life and armor nerfed. Shock ability AOE reduced.
    - Extrem ennemy heroes now give a gold bounty equal to their stats.

    Minor changes
    - Many minions have their armor balanced (wolves, elementals, ...)
    - Blue dragons & Sapphirons are no more magic immune.
    - When switching of hero in Dual Hero mode, items position in inventory is always preserved.
    - Demon Hunter: roar damage bonus increased to 100%.

    Version 1.21 (2019/07/27)
    Bug fixes
    - Fixed most of the desync issues.

    Version 1.20 (2019/07/26)
    Major changes
    - Switched to Warcraft 1.31.1 version.
    - You can stack and split charged items (see tooltip for more information).
    - Mirror images and Clones get damage, defense and attack speed bonuses. They also are targets for autocast.
    - New command -bl to buy Tomes of Power (+1 level) for 25000 gold each.
    - (All) hero image: clones stats do not take into account items anymore.
    - Archmage: Defense Matrix changed to Frigid Protection (very similar)
    - Amulet of the Wild: start delay and replenish interval divided by 2.
    - Debilitation aura: effect changed to +XX% damages from all sources.

    Bug fixes
    - Lag issues (due to memory leaks and buggy code pieces.
    - Desync issues when switching of hero in dual mode.
    - Random bugs do to code inconsistencies.
    - Level 20 spell echos of Mountain King and Warden fixed.
    - Illusions of boosted minions don't disapear anymore.
    - Mirror images and clones didn't have some passive abilities of the original.
    - Errors in Hardened Skin ability tooltip.
    - Missplaced Bear Form icon.
    - Errors in Myrmidon hero tooltips.
    - Druid of the Claws' Scout Owl can now cast Bloodlust on magic immune allies.
    - Runemaster's regeneration rune is also boosted by the team upgrade.
    - Magnataur Destroyers spell immunity removed.
    - Banish: damages from fan of rockets and similar abilites are not nulified anymore.

    Minor changes
    - Special events teleportation circles: your minions are teleported along.
    - Water Shield: cooldown greatly reduced.
    - Tomes of Power: max stock increased to 3 in shops.
    - Corpses removal delay increased from 5s to 8s.
    - Added safety check for Ring and Sword events in case 2 players reached the conditions at the same time.
    - Runemaster was slightly nerfed: number of targets of Exorcism, damages and attack rate of Spiritual Presence.
    - All damage returns reverted to their previous value for the moment (or Arthas was dead meat...)

    Version 1.11c (2019/07/22)
    Bug fixes
    - Regression fixed: dual random mode does not work.

    Minor changes
    - Removed trebuchets from final wave.

    Version 1.11b (2019/07/20)
    Bug fixes
    - Regressions fixed:
    [ident]- Lightning sword + illusions.
    - Lightning sword life steal was applied twice.
    - Lightning sword teleport to castle when owner leaves.[/ident]

    Minor changes
    - Bonus to damage, attack speed, defense apply to illusions too.

    Version 1.11 (2019/07/15)
    Bug fixes
    - Regressions: removed invisible items created at paused heroes position each 0.1s.
    - Mask of Death and Lightning Sword work on illusions again.
    - Some tooltips fixed.

    Version 1.10 (2019/07/15)
    Major changes
    - Boosts do not appear periodically, but when the leader reachs level 21-30.
    - Magic damage boost halfed against boss.

    Bug fixes

    - Life steal abilities: works with orbs, stack (sum displayed in the buff tooltip), do not change missile art.
    - Removed Magtheridon mega wave (too laggy).
    - Coded a work-around to fix Warcraft III bug on "Orb of slow" ability.
    - Earth and Fire Brewmaster couldn't attack air units.
    - Muradin's Hammer effect range corrected to 900.

    Minor changes
    - Pandaren brewmaster: ensnare does 300 damage per second.
    - Immolation/permanent immolation/permanent lightning > all have a 250 area of effect now.
    - Bloodmage: aerial shackles dps x10, burning oil range/damage +25%.
    - Dreadlord: carrion swarm & chaos damages increased, cooldown decreased. Sleep replaced by Cursed Claws.
    - Reincarnation replaced by Beast Strike.
    - Demon hunter: level 20 also removes metamorphis timer.
    - Warden: attribute bonus also gives +50 bonus per hero level, silence replaced by scream.
    - Sorceress: lightning shock cooldown reduced to 30s. Level 20 spell changed to +4000 damages with splash.
    - Unholy aura boosted to 5/10/1%/2%.
    - Crypt lord: anub'arak's claw attack speed increased to 75%, cooldown increased to 60s.
    - Vampiric Aura & Muradin's Hammer no more limited to melee units.
    - Beastmaster Spirit Pig changed to ranged & is upgraded at each level.
    - Warlock: Cripple boosted.
    - Crypt lord: poison sting damages x2, slow increased.
    - Archmage: water shield now has autocast, fixed debilitation aura tooltip. replaced anti-magic shield by defensive matrix, improved range/damages/duration of blizzard.
    - Beastmaster: increase wolf and bear attack speed.
    - Archmage mana shield now absorbs 50% damages and repercutes 20% of them on mana. Frost paralysis slow increased.
    - Lich: frost arrows slow increased by 20%, damage increased.
    - Shadow Hunter: Voodoo Eye replaced by Critical Strike Aura, Feedback damage factor x5, Bomb trap level 4 damages doubled. Laser trap attack type changed to pierce.
    - Rain of fire, Rain of Eis: range x1,5 and damage x1.5.
    - Phase Shift attack speed greatly boosted.
    - Monsoon (sorceress/storm) area of effect x1,5, damage interval slightly decreases with level.
    - Tornado: speed maxed, damages x1,5, AOE made visible spinning-in-the-air effect removed.
    - Dire wolf, giant bear, spirit beast, carrion beetle: gain a mini-cleave at level 3.
    - Infernal gain mini-cleave.
    - Avatar of vengeance, laser trap, pure light gain a mini-splash. 25/75/150, 0.5/0.25.
    - Serpent ward, water elemental, watery minion, dark portal, sea elemental, spirit hawk gain a mini-splash at level 3.
    - Marine: can clone invulnerable & wards.

    Version 1.09 (2019/07/01)
    Major changes
    - Tools: end of use of the deprecated "Widgetizer" tool to protect the map from hackers.
    - Bosses: spell immunity ability changed to resistant skin. Rear attacks do +20% damages, and 10% chances of rear strike with x3 damages. Flank attacks do +10% damages, and 5% chances of flank strike with x3 damages. Works with spells too.
    - Magtheridon: cast a 1-shot wide-range mega-attack when reaches 60% and 35% life.
    - Farm event: creeps take +500% damages from spells.
    - Attack types: all attack types do 100% damages to hero armor (piercing, siege, spell, magic).

    Bug fixes

    - Farm event start: corpses/sheeps/trees are created instantly.
    - Extrem power-up: didn't apply properly.
    - Minions power-up: do not heal summons to 100% on activate anymore.
    - Trebuchets damage set to 1500.
    - Runemaster's critical strike didn't work fine against heroes.

    Minor changes
    - Boss phase: hero revive timer is reduced from 120s to 45s during this phase.
    - Farm event: rock golems are not magic immune anymore.
    - Pure light attack type changed to piercing (for trueshot aura).
    - Minions & spell upgrade: occurs every 120s from level 3 (before it was 200s). Minions damages boost max changed from 1250 to 1750.
    - Stone Giant toss ability: area damages nerfed of 25%.
    - Runemaster runic weapon ability: rate reduced to 5%, but also works for your minions.
    - Minions can use the 2 teleport circles behind the ice pillars to reach the boss zone.

    Version 1.08 (2019/06/29)
    Major changes
    - Removed -updates command content because it was too long.
    - Increased spell boost. Nerfed minions armor and life boost.

    Bug fixes

    - Some buffs were lost when switching of hero (dual heroes mode).
    - Runic Weapon ability was leaking a location.
    - Rune crystal ability tooltip updated.
    - Disabled controls during ghost cinematic.

    Minor changes
    - Muradin: cannot place wards or phoenixes in water anymore.
    - Nerfed Frost chaos, Lightning chaos and Rune clock abilities (max 6% damages).
    - Nerfed Avalanche ability damages by 25%.
    - Final wave: added 2 trebuchets.
    - Ranger: inner fire bonus damage x3.
    - Beast Master: hawks regen 200hp/sec.
    - Druid of the Claw: howl scout improved.
    - Runemaster: Exorcism ability changed from active to passive. Magic defense speed reduction increased. Rune clock displays a visual effect and the "spell channeling" animation.
    - Dark illidan: spells boost is still working after morph.

    Version 1.07 (2019/06/19)
    Bug fixes
    - With Warcraft 1.31.x, Samuro and Terror Wolf damages were not boosted in late game.
    - Archmage aura was 100% too strong.
    - Muradin's storm bolt is back.

    Version 1.06 (2019/06/19)
    Bug fixes
    - In extrem 3+, mega-creeps after Magtheridon didn't have the devotion aura.
    - Storm hidden hero had the wrong skills.
    - Food cap (=max wave kills count) was not updated properly.
    - Some "low upkeep"/"high upkeep" messages were visible.

    Version 1.05 (2019/06/18)
    Bug fixes
    - Critical strike aura & morph work fine together.
    - Range of the auras of dark boss has been reduced back to 200.
    - End game timer was hidden after 8s.

    Minor changes
    - Removed the items in the inventory of the four captains.
    - Critical strike aura visual effect has been changed.

    Version 1.04 (2019/06/17)
    Bug fixes
    - Fixed desynd issues with dual hero change.
    - Dark force's minions don't get boosted anymore (ex: Balnazzar's infernals).
    - Fixed phoenix loosing boost & life leech after death&rebirth.

    Minor changes
    - Slightly nerfed Runemaster (Rune Crystal, Spiritual Presence, Rune Clock).

    Version 1.03 (2019/06/16)
    Bug fixes
    - Fixed graphical bugs due to map optimizer removing unused SLK.
    - Fixed player leave actions.
    - Fixed all hero image stuck if interrupted by final wave.
    - Fixed "Frost Infernal" text when event is already done.
    - The last part of the "-updates" command is no more displayed to all players
    - Fixed tipo "Ssummons" in loading screen.
    - Fixed doom guards not being boosted in late game like other summons.

    Minor changes
    - Necklace of Spell Immunity item on the floor looks like other special artifacts.
    - Frost Chaos and Lightning Chaos damages nerfed to 3%.
    - When a player shares unit control with you, you see his hero(s) potrait(s).
    - Runic crystal mana cost increased.

    Version 1.02 (2019/06/16)
    Bug fixes
    - Fixed Warcraft 1.31 Patch specific bug (summon damages not boosted).

    Minor changes
    - Reduce late game upgrades period from 300s to 200s.

    Version 1.01 (2019/06/15)
    Bug fixes
    - Fixed dual random bug.

    Version 1.0 (2019/06/13)
    Bug fixes
    - Dryad/multishot: number of targets in late game fixed.
    -Random: was already available before pick mode selection.
    - Special events/items: were sometimes stuck when a player left.
    - Dual hero: no more experience lost when switching heroes. 2nd hero can be picked later in game.
    - Banehallow: no more 2nd hero misspositionning

    Major improvements
    - 2 new heroes: Rune Master & Stone Giant (inspired from Dota)
    - 2 new pick modes : dual random & dual same
    - Spells: after level 3, ennemies spell resistance decrease -25% every 300s, down to -250%
    - Summons/wards: after level 3, their stats increase every 300s. Up to +1250 damage, +150 armor and +50 000 hp. Gain life steal after 7th upgrade.
    - All auras: range increased to 900 (same range as Ring of Superiority)
    - Heals: boosted by the owner's intelligence. -info for details
    - Special farm event: -bt enabled
    - Balises: now benefit from auras, heals and regens
    - Hero image / All hero image: clones cannot cast boring spells anymore (anti-magic shield, heals, entrave, banish, archimonde's form...)
    - When a player leaves, its items are sold and his gold is shared between the remaining players.
    - Dual heroes: CDs of second hero are reset too when events start.
    - Farm event: corpses/sheeps/trees appear also for your 2nd hero. Sheeps hold position.
    - Shared control: you can switch of heroe for others.

    Other improvements
    - Blademaster/Beast Master: avatars' stats are based on yours.
    - Archmage: debilitation aura effect changed to percentages
    - Marine: existing clones escort you in special farm event.
    - Sorceress/Storm/Marine: life regeneration aura effect changed to percentages at level 3 and 4.
    - Blademaster: Rage cooldown reduced from 30s to 15s
    - Beast Master: Summon's size reduced for visibility. Hawks attack faster. Thorns aura effect x5.
    - Crypt Lord: spiked carapace effect x5.
    - Pit Lord: unholy aura effect x2.
    - Dreadlord: infernal attack faster, and cooldown reduced to 100s. Aura of blight nerfed.
    - Huntress: neutralization cooldown reduced from 60s to 30s
    - Knight: light roar cooldown reduced from 60 to 45s, and range increased to 900
    - Lich: frost beasts attack speed increased, and cooldown reduced from 120s to 100s
    - Moon Priestress: heal increased from 5000 to 20000
    - Rifleman: Plasma rifle can target air units. Bloodlust cooldown reduced from 60s to 30s
    - Paladin: Light frenzy can be cast on Pure Light
    - Pandaren/Earth Brewmaster: earthshake damages doubled
    - Ranger: heal increased from 5000 to 20000
    - Tauren Chieften: battle roar cooldown reduced from 60 to 45s
    - Messages: message added to warn when the 2 first doors open.
    - Cinematics: shortened final wave cinematic.
  • TODO

  • Credits are given to:
    - Sogat for his excellent X Hero Siege 3.33 map.
    - JetFangInferno for his FaeryDragonMissile and Earth Nova models.
    - Norinrad for his BattlePriest model.
    - Kino for his RuneClock spell model.
    - CloudWolf for his BTNCWRuneBlade button art.
    - Static for his BTNRedCrystal button art.
    - Suselishe for this Elemental Crossbow model.
    - Daelin for his Glaciar Aura model.
    - -Berz- for his Scream spell in Simple Spell Pack.
    - Hermit for his Modified Spirit Touch Model.
    - Devalut for his Bone Armor spell.
    - for his Easy Item Stack 'n Split system.
    - Bribe for his Damage Engine, GUI Unit Event and Item Cleanup systems.
    - assasin_lord for his HeroGlow model.

    - All the guys of the Warcraft III Editor & Map Development forums.

Xnd Hero Siege 1.29b (Map)

Please remove the Tower Defense/Maul tag. You could replace it with Offense. [spoiler] So while this is supposed to be an improvement of the classic, it still needs some work especially on the visual aspect. Approved. If you want more reviews,...
  1. Ricola3D


    Feb 27, 2019
    Thanks lajr.
    - About the dual random regression: I'll make a sanity check to see if other modes don't work either. I'll fix it ASAP (1-3 days)
    - About the trebuchets. Well it is kind of a "gadget", I can remove them since they are not really usefull. It is not like if I added a "trebuchet" wave ^^
    - About desync. It is very hard to analyse. I'm trying to remove as many as possible of the code pieces that may provoke desync (=functions GetLocalPlayer(), comparisons "Player slot", effects "Terrain deformation) but it is quite hard to analyse then test random cases.. if you can find more information about desync scenario (which heroes the player had, which part of the game was running, ...) please let me know. Anyway, I will release it in 1.12, so it will take more than 1-3 days sorry..
  2. Satariel


    Jun 16, 2019
    Nice to see that someone takes the Time/Effort to update this Custom Game.

    However the Naga-Myrmidon should be nerfed, he is way to OP and when the Stone-Giant (Mountain Giant) casts his Bombard-Spell, didn't tested the others yet, everyone in the Game gets kicked out.
    The Map is also extremely laggy. It first begins with some minor Lags but usually before the second Special Event and after that it really starts to lag extrem, goes back to normal for some Time and then starts lagging again. Played now 1.11 and 1.11c several Times mainly with four people on E2-E4 and it always happens for everyone (The lags).
    Maybe you could also make the Claws of Agility from the Castle stronger since they are kind of the worst Item from the three available (Only good thing about them is Attack Speed Bonus but isn't the ATK Speed gonna be capped anyway very early in the Game?) and buffing the Orbs would also be nice since there is not a single Reason to actually buy them right now and in all the Games i played this now i only saw like two people buying them once.

    Also what do the Upgrades do? Whenever someone reaches Level 20+ and above it says that they unlocked some Upgrade for the Team but what do they do? Couldn't find anything related to Upgrades in the Castle or Shops and it doesn't seem to make the Abilities stronger either (And Gamechange only mentions Wards getting better with 7th Upgrade)

    What would also be nice is making the Human Flags from the Necropolis-Spawner increase the Castle-Regeneration when you place them next to it. I heard that they are supposed to do that but whenever I place all 8 around the Castle it only seems to increase a little bit, kind of not even noteworthy when the Creeps who spawn at the Time where you start to close the Lane can basically down the Castles Health in like 1-2 Seconds when you don't pay attention.

    And also please (pleeeassee) remove the Divine Shield from the Arthas-Bossfight. Maybe give him some more Stats, higher DPS or some new fancy AoE Ability but the Divine Shield is just annoying.

    Removing the Bash from the Rock-Golems during the second Special Event would also be very appreciated. I once started to cast my Ultimate with the Kil'Jaeden Hero and instantly got stunned by them and remained stunned for more than four/five seconds. Didn't only wasted my Ultimate but also fell enormously behind with the Kills 'cause of kinda being Perma-stunned by them.

    Another cool Item to have would be maybe something like Boots of Speed to increase Movement Speed.
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2019
  3. Ricola3D


    Feb 27, 2019
    I am testing 1.12 seriously, and hope to release it before my hollidays (July 29th - August 12th) !

    It will bring the following updates:
  4. Ricola3D


    Feb 27, 2019
    Amazing feedbacks, thanks !! So:

    Naga-Myrmidon should be nerfed: okay. I already nerfed the version I copied from XHS 4.80. What do you find too OP now please ? The range of Shock ? Venus ? The damages of Realm of Souls ? Too short cooldowns ? The fact is has Cleave+Avatar ? .. ? :)

    Stone-Giant's Toss causes desync: I'll test if I reproduce it in 1.12, and fix it if so.

    Lags: yes this is my fault, I think this is a regression I added in 1.11 versions. Part of it is due to errors in my code, and the other part is due to instable code from Sogat that broke when I added mine. 1.12 should solve this issue.

    Make Claws of Attack stronger: I agree.
    For your information:
    1 - increased attack speed (IAS) can go up to +400% and down to -80%. For comparison: Lightning Sword = +400%, endurance aura = +-50-200%.
    2 - Agility also increases a little bit the attack speed
    3 - The final attack speed is also limited by the attack animation speed of the heros (each hero have a different one^^)
    So what best should we do ? Increase the IAS bonus ? Increase the agility bonus ? Increase the Damage bonus ?

    Improve orb objects: I agree too, but I'd prefer replacing them with other objects. Do you have any cool objets ideas ? (Boosts ot teleportation, ...)

    Level 21 to 30 & team upgrade: sorry I will make the text better. Each upgrade level has the following effect:
    - Ennemy heroes take +25% damage from spells (doesn't work for the spells with 5% damages)
    - Ennemy creeps take +50% damage from spells (doesn't work for the spells with 5% damages)
    - Healing spells heal +5000hp
    - Your summons gain: 175 damages, 10 armor, 2500hp, 5% IAS

    Flags healing Castle: good idea, indeed the legend was wrong, but it could be fun to make it real, + make castles not pawnable (=impossible to sell). I add it in my TODO list !

    Arthas's divine shield removal: wouldn't it spoil the fun ? Also he already has so high stats. I think it would be better to add a method to "destroy" the shield. For example: 5 crystal around arthas, destroy them = the shield breaks. No ?

    Farm event and stuns: Rock Golems have "Hurl Boulder" that stuns 1 target for 2s, and Centaurs have War Stomp that stuns the area for 2s. Both of them are boring ? Or only the boulders because they can cast many in a row ?
  5. Ricola3D


    Feb 27, 2019
    God I am spending hours to try to find all the desync issues, and I think I still have some.
    It is so difficult to reproduce them alone with 1-3 warcraft games and local network...
  6. lajr


    Jul 21, 2019
    Bon courage! The elimination of that bug would be very nice.
  7. eubz


    Map Reviewer

    Mar 29, 2011
    Are you really the creator of this map? Just curious.
  8. Ricola3D


    Feb 27, 2019
    Sogat is the creator of "X Hero Siege" maps. I created "Xnd Hero Siege" with reproducing X Hero Siege 3.33 features, and started modifying it from there :)
  9. Satariel


    Jun 16, 2019
    The Naga from 4.80 is just totally broken.

    I think the Realm of Souls Damage should be nerfed and the Avatar as well. Maybe make his Stuff get stronger through Upgrades later on as well but as it is now you can get the +10.000 additional Damage from Avatar very fast and he can easily hold several Lanes on his own in Extreme and solo the Waves with his Stomp AoE. Many people i played with viewed him as a Cheat-Hero and then leaved, calling it 'rigged', after i 'shrekt' this Soldier-Boss on E4 with just 400-500 Stats 'cuz of 10k Dmg from Avatar and Realm of Souls doing a lot of DMG as well as keeping me always nearly full Health. Didn't even had to put any effort in that fight.

    When it comes to the Orbs maybe you could replace the Orbs with some Items which increases the Health Regeneration of nearby Allies by xy percent, reduces nearby Enemies Damage by xy Percent (Kinda like passive Howl of Terror), an Item which gives Cleaving Attack, Critical Strike Item or some fancy Orb which gives you AoE Chaos Damage.

    Blink Items kinda have a twist tho since you can teleport around the Map with them. I think it was this 10.0 Vers which has Boots of TP and i once managed to blink to the Spirit Beast someone was fighting, and losing to, and then helped him winning the fight.
    You could maybe also add an Potion of Invulnerability to the Goblin Shops which give like 5 Sec Divine Shield or something like that.

    And for Arthas Divine Shield, nah i never thought that this Ability was fun, its often just annoying 'cause it has a pretty long duration. Perhaps giving him some Ability like Holy Light (Not to heal himself but to Damage the Players Heroes with some large nuke DMG)
  10. Ricola3D


    Feb 27, 2019
    After 3 tests on Bnet and dozens in local network, it seems that 1.21 fixes most of the desync issues pfiou !

    Next steps are probably:
    - Nerfing Myrmidon a little bit
    - Fixing items shuffle & stack on dual hero switch
    - Maybe decrease a bit the spell damage boost of 500%
    - Flags will heal Castle
    - Check for lag issues
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  11. lajr


    Jul 21, 2019
    There should be some way however costly to increase Castles armour so that it doesn't die so easily. A bit of carelessness and all the time you've played is wasted.
  12. Satariel


    Jun 16, 2019
    Played it once now and had no lags anymore . However the Spawn of the Creeps got a bit out of order apparently. Some Creeps spawned right out of the Place where usually the Dragon during Dragon Attack come from. As well as one Wave spawned directly next to the Castle, had luck some other Guy/Girl was standing right there.
    Also when i did the 2.000 Kills Special Event, the Soldier Boss just despawned/disappeared after someone died while i was doing the Event. He died earlier but got revived through Ankh and somehow managed to die again and then ye the Boss despawned and i had to TP out. Counted it like i would have lost the fight (Prolly thought i was the one dying and not the other Hero)
  13. Ricola3D


    Feb 27, 2019
    Nice to get it confirmed.

    Whhaaat the fuck ?! I am trying to analyze this one, but for the moment I don't see any reason in the source code for this behavior...

    Thanks for discovering it. After some analysis, this is an old bug from X Hero Siege 3.33. I will solve it in Xnd Hero Siege 1.22 :)
  14. lajr


    Jul 21, 2019
    I've got a suggestion that would benefit those of us who play extreme 100 or more.

    Just reduce the price of rings . The 75000 price tag makes so even opening all the slots, at most 4 players can play it without paladin or lich frozen armour so that they get enough gold after killing the level 2 red dragons so that they are ready for the black dragons. And increase the ring stock, in extreme 100+ players sometimes have the money but other player bought and while they wait they get killed.
    A 20000 or 25000 would be ideal. That way even 8 players can succeed at extreme 100+ without paladin.
    Similarly to the potions, it would be great if multiple rings stack on one position. the same for the swords.
  15. Satariel


    Jun 16, 2019
    Reducing the cost of the Ring would make the Game to easy on the other Side for lower Difficulties like around E1-E10. At least 20.000-25.000 Gold is way to cheap. 50.000 could work with a lower CD.
    Or make it possible to change the Difficulty after Level 2.
  16. Formidable10


    Sep 7, 2013
    Hey Ricola it's been a while, I love the new changes to potions, but I do have some requests for changes.

    1. Get rid of trolly finger of death. It's really annoying to deal with especially in the early game.

    2.Enemy heroes drop more gold, this is mostly referring the the enemy heroes that spawn with the attack waves on extreme difficulty mode. Especially as someone who believes that the reward should scale with the difficulty in games, I believe in strongly that the enemy heroes should drop more gold upon death, especially since they grow stronger based on the difficulty. Somewhere in the range of 150 to 300, with the gold bounty scaling with the difficulty, say 50-100 per level.

    3. The Druid of the Claw hero is kinda a joke in this map, he almost never sees play even with the spell changes. Now in fairness, he's a really good tank, but the big issue is his spell damage abilities are kinda lackluster or nonexistent. Making him more of a wall rather than a true fighter. I often have to ask for help from the other players to clear enemy waves, which is really a feel bad moment for me. Note, I am not saying he should be a blood mage or lich levels of spell power, just enough aoe damage to make his viable. Yes I am aware he has a passive that lets him deal aoe damage on basic attack but that heavily relies on RNG, which is way too situational.

    Here are some suggestions

    1. Give the Druid hero a dedicated AOE damage spell, I am sure there's a lot of nature themed spells you could use, maybe a bear roar shockwave ability, up to you.

    2. Have entangling roots target air, I bring this up especially since Dragons are among the most important kills in the game, since they have some of the best gold drops upon death, don't get me wrong, entangling roots is good against bosses, but it's really lackluster in the early to mid game, which is the most important phase on the game when you play the map on higher difficulties.

    3. Change the name, I don't get why he was named Malfurion in the first place, since Malfurion wasn't a true Druid of the claw. If you need a suggestion for a new name, I suggest Broll Bearmantle. He's a popular druid of the claw character from WoW and would fit the hero really nicely.

    Anyway those are my thoughts, if I have any more notes or feedback i'll let you know.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  17. greedySloth


    Jul 29, 2019
    Hi Rucola,
    made an account just to say this. Love what you did with the map. Great to know someone is still putting the work in.
    I'm having a Problem with the 1.21 version, though. When the game starts i stay next to the castle and buy the first furbolgs as soon as they are available. I then spawn one Furbolg to hold my lane and instantly go to start the Heroimage event. But before the event can start i get kicked and just see the scorescreen. I tried to reproduce the bug when i was alone in a game but it didnt work. Seems as though multiple people are needed to trigger it. Also: i was hosting all the games where this happened and all of them were either in extreme 2 or 4. Dont know if it matters, just want to give you all the information. Hope you can sort this out and keep up the great work!!

    Also the 2nd: i just reached 2000 kills at the same time as the 2nd Special Event started and the Dragonattack afterwards could move freely despite me being in the arena. They ended up killing our base
    Last edited: Jul 30, 2019
  18. lajr


    Jul 21, 2019
    You are exactly right i forgot about lower difficulties, so I think that the choice should be that each enemy hero killed on extreme 1, 2 + drops lot of gold, the greater the level the greater the gold.
    That'd be an incentive for high level early game difficulty, say: extreme 15 so that by level 2 everybody has enough gold to buy ring and then increase difficulty to extreme 100+.
    At very high levels the ordinary enemy heroes are more difficult to kill than the special events captain heroes.
    At extreme 100+ the creeps to farm just before the final wave are weak and drop too little gold, why not make them more challenging depending on the extreme level and also more rewarding, more gold, so that it makes sense to farm.

    After final wave Illidan remains impossible to kill at ex100+ without Lich, priestess or return damage aura.
    The Panda brewmaster that has as ulti the earthwake and special and level 21 is the most useless hero late game. its ultimate doesn't damage air units that is dragons at level 2, which makes sense since is an earthquake, so useless. And the Storm 21 level special skill immobilizes the hero, much better some sort of avatar with vampiric aura or critical.
    Does Maiev avatar of wrath minions have splash damage? it would be very usefull for level 2 event.
    Please increase the range of the 2000 kills event ring's auras otherwise there is too much difference at the special event 2.

    P.S. The desyncing issues remain, it's not so bad like before but there they are.
    btw, change title Xnd Hero Siege 1.11c to 1.21. I've seen some people still playing the old version.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
  19. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Please remove the Tower Defense/Maul tag. You could replace it with Offense.

    1. Weird Warcraft III hero names on models that have nothing to do with the original hero models to match those names.
    2. Destromath has Chaos Attack Type. How is that balanced? Same: Arthas.
    3. How do you know what spells each hero has? What about sharing control so you could see or some text on the screen when one is selected?
    4. Many heroes don't have glow. You could simply add it: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
    5. Warcraft III spells. Why not some custom ones? Spells | HIVE
    6. Terrain is very bare, monotonous and flat. See some guides below to improve it.
    7. Why not QWERTY spell hotkeys?
    8. Spirit Towers have Wave Kills instead of Food?
    9. Jacky's Clone doesn't cost any mana.
    10. Life Regeneration Aura has an active ability icon. You can make it look passive with this: Button Manager v1.8.2
    11. After finishing the 3 minute survival arena the camera went to Magtheridon instead of the castle where the hero previously was. Illusions/Clones were not also teleported back.
    12. I feel like there should be more items, some boots of speed, something more than just two shops.
    13. What after the final wave? Muradin disappeared and nothing else happened. After 1-2 minutes the hero was teleported to Magtheridon.
    14. Why is there also an enemy Arthas hero?
    15. What's upgrade level [number]?
    16. Magtheridon is weaker than the final wave.
    17. Afterwards, what? No text about anything or a countdown timer, just like after the final wave. The door to Arthas isn't opened but only the one to the shops and fountains. Same thing, wait for some minutes and then suddenly something happens.
    18. Then, after killing the Ghouls and Revenants, nothing.
    19. Created a clone behind the door to Arthas and brought the boss down to the gate, then started shooting.
    20. Killed the boss, nothing.

    So while this is supposed to be an improvement of the classic, it still needs some work especially on the visual aspect.


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  20. lajr


    Jul 21, 2019
    ricola3d you should update the page title to 1.21, some people still play the old version 1.11c. I think they believe you haven't updated it.