WoW - Icon upload

Level 5
Jul 17, 2013
Hello, i found on the internet one guy, who exported all icons from WoW Cataclyst. (Something about 7.000 icons) He is not any more online or active, but can i upload here into Pack section his icon pack? I will give him credits and link under post. So can i? or it is illegal or something? Thank you
The "packs" section requires resources to be approved individually (which means you would have to upload all the icons to the icons section individually). I don't think it is worth it. You might want to just upload the pack to pastebin and link to it in some post in the forum. But even then, whenever I want a WoW icon, I just find it one wowwiki and use borderizer on it. :p It beats browsing through 7000 icons, IMO. But maybe it will be useful, those are just my 2 cents.


Level 69
Oct 6, 2004
There are many artists on this site and they don't like browsing through icons not made by other artists. For a future system I am planning on a system where certain things are hidden unless directly asked for (Like a category for WoW icons). By that time perhaps we can upload them all. In the mean time I would like to download a copy of this archive you speak of. Can you upload it to the pastebin?