WoW: City Raid 1.0

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An adaption of my "WoW Arena Allstars" map. Features the same WoW classes, spells and items, but has a totally different gameplay. Its more like an AoS map with lanes and creeps where you can farm, to ultimately destroy the enemies city. Has only one lane for constant fighting action.

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WoW: City Raid 1.0 (Map)

21:31, 9th Mar 2014 Hell_Master: Fix your descriptions. Either use Map Description Generator (requires java) or Map Description Templates. Set to Awaiting Update.
You need a map description. Telling us why you uploaded it does not describe the map sufficiently to warrant approval. Map descriptions should contain information about how the game is played, what the victory/defeat conditions are, complete credits, what the terrain looks like (setting), whether it contains custom or imported spells and background story (if applicable). Without a description even the best map would get rejected.
Level 4
Apr 7, 2009
i assume you wont name the classes after wow due to copyright issues, mind posting a blog or smth anytime soon regarding the game?
Level 1
Jan 26, 2015
i will make a community page once i have found a good name for the game.

Oh my lord I can't wait! At ALL!

I'm in such deep sadness that barely any one plays WoW arena these days. Been hosting games for months now, best I had was a 4v4, rest was 2v2 and rarely a 3v3. Even did some 1v1s because reasons. And everything except monk is fun to play (I just can't play as monk xD)

I really, REALLY want to see this dream come true :eek: