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WoT - Mushroom Land

Submitted by Haoxys
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
-War of Tribes-

Created by HIJ

A new age has just begun.
A new age, where every races evolved for the sake of survival.
But nothing was settled, they still can't overcome the difference matter.
That's why they still fight.

-Time for War-

War of Tribes is an altered melee map with many custom units applied to each races, using modified terrain of blizzard maps. This map contain a new race, naga, which replace night elf race. There are 3 different maps to try, which are Mushroom Land, Frozen Isles and Elven City.

  • Human
    - Arcane Guardian (New Unit)
    Heavy melee unit. Can be upgraded to have a chaos attack. Can learn Self-Destruct and Reintegeration ability.
    Sorceress is no longer usable, it is replaced with Arcane Guardian.
    - Steam Fortress (New Unit)
    Heavily armored vehicle, effective at destroying buildings. Has Cargo Hold ability, which can transport units. And the Barrage ability, which fires rockets at nearby enemy ground and air units.
    An upgraded version of Siege Engine.
    - Sun Wagon (New Unit)
    Heavily fortfied vehicle with Spell Immunity. Can initially cast Heal, which increases the life of wounded units. And Replenish Mana, which restores a unit's mana with its own mana. Also has the Repair ability, which repairs mechanical units and structures at the cost of resources.
    - Decimator (New Unit)
    Super long-range siege weaponry, which can only attack when morphed into its immobile form. Has initially Forked Lightning ability which calls forth a cone of lightning on a target enemy unit. Can also learn Dispel Magic and Inner Fire.
    - Gilneas Mothership (New Unit)
    Heavy combat spell-immune flying air-transport which has Auto-Cannons that automatically fiires down cannons to nearby enemies. Has Cluster Rockets ability which bombards an area with rockets, dealing damage to nearby enemy land units and stunning them. Also has Call Reinforcements ability which calls an army of Miniships that shoot nearby enemy units.
    Only 1 unit allowed at a time.
    - Farm can now produce sheeps as a temporary food resource.

    Fel Orc
    - Most of Orc units' skin are replaced with fel orcs' skin
    - Fel Orc Horse Rider (New Unit)
    Moderately mobile horse rider. Has the Bash ability, which has a chance to stun enemies. Can learn Berserker Strength.
    - Hellbull Tormentor (New Unit)
    Heavy melee warrior. Has Howl of Terror ability. Can learn the Shockwave ability.
    - Doom Guard (New Unit)
    Heavy ranged unit that can cast Dispel Magic, Cripple and Rain of Fire. Can learn War Stomp.
    - Queen of Chaos (New Unit)
    Heavy melee unit with Blink, Unholy Aura, Charm and Finger of Death.
    Only 1 unit allowed at a time.

    - Abomination model is replaced with flesh golem model
    - Meat Wagon is replaced with Undead Juggernaut, gather corpse ability is replace with pick up unit ability. And has a fire blast ability.
    - Crypt Archer (New Unit)
    Basic long-ranged attacker. Can gain the Improved Bows upgrade.
    - Overfiend (New Unit)
    Heavy ranged flying creature. Can learn the Flame Burst ability.
    - Undead Sky Barge (New Unit)
    A massive air transport. Has the Death Coil ability, which can heal a friendly Undead unit, or deal half damage to an enemy living unit.
    - Ravager Battleship (New Unit)
    A massive air transport which can attack multiple unit simultaneously, and also with incredible troop summoning spells. Has the Raise Dead, which Raises skeletons from a corpse, Animate Dead, which Raises dead units in an area, and Requiem of Souls, which creates a swarm of souls that hanut and attack nearby enemy units.
    Only 1 unit allowed at a time.

    - All naga units are amphibious or air units.
    - Wisp replaced with Mur'gul Slave
    Basic Worker Unit.
    - Archer replaced with Mur'gul Reaver
    Light melee amphibious unit.
    - Huntress replaced with Naga Myrmidon
    Powerful melee unit. Has the Submerge ability, which allows this unit to hide in water. Can learn the Ensnare and Bash ability.
    - Dryad replaced with Snap Dragon
    Light ranged unit that has a poison attack which slows and damages enemy units. Has the Submerge ability, which allows this unit to hide in water. Can learn Abolish Magic and Spell Immunity ability.
    - Glaive Thrower replaced with Dragon Turtle
    A powerful Turtle that can devour enemy units. Good at destroying enemy buildings. Has Hardened Skin, which reduces damage taken. Can learn the Spiked Shell ability.
    - Hippogryph replaced with Couatl
    Medium flying unit that can learn Shadow Strike and Meld.
    - Chimaera replaced with Hydra
    Heavy ranged amphibious unit with War Stomp. Can learn Corrosive Breath ability.
    - Druid of the Claw replaced with Sea Giant Behemoth
    Melee spellcaster unit. Has initially Anchor Smash ability, which gives a chance to cleave nearby enemies. Can also learn Roar, Rejuvenation and Hurl Boulder.
    - Mountain Giant replaced with Naga Royal Guard
    Incredibly powerful melee unit. Has the Submerge ability, which allows this unit to hide in water. Also Crushing Wave, which deals damage in a line, and Summon Sea Elemental, which summons a ranged attack unit. Can learn Resistant Skin ability.
    - Faerie Dragon replaced with Tide Dragon
    Flying creature adept at dealing multiple damage to enemies and avoiding damage. Has Phase Shift ability which can evade damage from enemy. Can learn Forked Lightning ability.
    - Naga Incursor (New Unit)
    Monstrously powerful melee unit. Has the Submerge ability, which allows this unit to hide in water. Also has Breathe of Frost, Blink and Ice Impale ability.
    Only 1 unit allowed at a time.

    - Each race's altar contain 5 custom heroes.
    - There are 12 new custom heroes at Tavern.
    - Draenei mini race can be used at Mushroom Land map, by buying the worker unit at the center of the map.
    - 2 different Warlocks can also be captured at Mushroom Land map at the east and west side of the middle of the map.
    - Night Elf race can be used at Elven City map, by capturing Tree of Life at the center of the map.
    - Night Elf UI, Flags and Cursor was replaced Naga's theme.

  • [​IMG]




  • [2016-08-20] Map was uploaded
    [2017-04-24] Map was deleted, fixing progress for the map.
    [2017-05-31] Map was reuploaded, adding severals new units and heroes. Replacing Corrupted Night Elf race with Naga race.
    [2017-06-10]Fixed minor bugs.

  • - Deolrin
    - AndrewOverload519
    - General Frank
    - Daenar7
    - Kwaliti
    - WhiteDeath
    - Ujimasa Hojo
    - ~Nightmare
    - Just_Spectating
    - Tarrasque
    - armel
    - -Grendel
    - Misha
    - Tranquil
    - CloudWolf
    - HerrDave
    - Kam

  • Hi!
    This is my first map uploaded to the hive. Hope you like it and don't forget to tell me what you think.
    This map took me several years to create, but I'm finally done!
    PS: This map is not protected. Don't ever use this map without my permission. Thanks.

WoT - Mushroom Land (Map)

Please create a pack/bundle with your map series instead of uploading each of them separately. 1. Archimonde and Kil'jaeden as a level 1 neutral hostile heroes just don't cut it. The Forgotten One works somehow as its one and in the middle. 2. Goblin...
  1. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013
    I recommend to merge the three maps into a bundle. Anyway, worth checking out.
  2. Wardota2 Gamer

    Wardota2 Gamer

    Jan 7, 2017
    [​IMG]Make a pack with this one
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Please create a pack/bundle with your map series instead of uploading each of them separately.

    1. Archimonde and Kil'jaeden as a level 1 neutral hostile heroes just don't cut it. The Forgotten One works somehow as its one and in the middle.
    2. Goblin Fire Machine=Far Seer. The hero description, I mean. Engineering doesn't require mana.
    3. Axemaster basically has Bladestorm which the other hero has as an ultimate... Plus, both heroes have Critical Strike.
    4. Most units in the Orc faction are just edits. Same for Human
    5. One hero from the Human faction has Frost Nova as one from the Undead.
    6. Requiem of Souls is the same as Locust Swarm and that spell the Human airship has.

    Overall not enough changes to make a proper altered melee map with different factions from the original ones.
    Many alike spells are seen on either more heroes or on heroes and many units.

    Set to Awaiting Update.


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